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John Mayer: I Didn't Want to Waste Her Time

8/17/2008 4:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're guessin' if John Mayer keeps his subscription to Us Weekly, he'll only use it if Jennifer Aniston ever comes over again with Norman and the pooch does his business.

Mayer was indignant at reports his relationship with Jen was torpedoed because he cheated. He says, "I ended a relationship to be alone, because I didn't want to waste someone's time." All the "cheating" stories are cheap lies, Mayer says, adding, "It's the most normal thing in the world" when a relationship runs its course.

And he challenged 20% of Americans who are too wussy to get out of relationships that don't work.

After railing on the mags, Johnny boy has some serious superlatives for Jen.


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He is an idiot...but he must have something going on to get all of the women, but I do not see it

2256 days ago


I'm with John. Why do you people waste time printing rumors? You have NO IDEA of why these people parted and the reality is just what John pointed out! Millions of people break up each day and it's not always because someone cheated or lied or anything. It's because the chemistry is just not there and that person isn't the one. John is a YOUNG guys already had him married, with 2.3 kids and a range rover the moment he started dating Jennifer.
Jennifer is not all of's true that she may be all the wonderful things he said but what he is saying is that SHE is not the one for him...he was just dating her. He's young....he can date...he's single..she's single...they were dating. They weren't getting married, they weren't living together. They were dating and having a good time while it lasted.
Kudos to John for being HONEST.
It's true..when he's dating Jennifer the cameras are all over her NOT because she is some huge celebrity because she really is not. It's simply because Brad left her and people want to see her get revenge by marrying and living happily ever after. It's ridiculous. People feel sorry for this old ass woman. There are millions of women like her in the world.
It didn't work with Brad, It didn't work with whoever she dated between and it didn't ( it really ever was going to) work with John Mayer..........Maybe one day she'll find a relationship that works for her......obviously she has some issues because she can't hold on to a man it seems. We don't know what she is like behind closed doors........She definitely doesn't have that fire that most young men like John would be looking for........
Thank you for being Honest John!

2256 days ago

northern gypsy    

i'm diggin j.m. vibe...what he's sayin rings true (to me anyway)...might be a song in there somewhere...

2256 days ago


I cant hear anything? What about you guys??

2256 days ago


Another one bites the dust for Aniston.

2256 days ago

Cherry Cola    

Although I agree with what he's saying, I still think he's a walking STD in need of antibiotics.

2256 days ago


grrr...still cant hear anthing but john looks like my neighbors son (he isnt tho!)

2256 days ago


John, I believe, is just being truthful. It didn't work out, why keep the relationship going. The only problem is that these celebrities live in a fishbowl and every rag mag wants to make more out of it than it is/was.

2256 days ago


Did anyone notice how many times he said that he ended the relationship? I think he really just wanted to make it clear that he broke up with her.

2256 days ago


I agree 100%. He did her a favor. If it's not right, it's not right. . I'm sure that one day you will find the right person that you will want to spend the rest of your life with, if that is what you want. The hurt is there on both sides, and I'm sure more on Jennifer's. But time heals all wounds. We've all be there; just not in the fishbowl that these celebrities live in. Frankly, I wouldn't want paps following my every move. I cherish my privacy too much. Money doesn't mean that much to me. Kudo's to you John for being so honest. I commend you.

2256 days ago


She needs to figure out why she dates these type of men. She has the issue. It's who she's picking. At least he was honest. He's a player anyway.

2256 days ago

No Granny Clothes For My Baby    

I think post 2 was written by John Mayer, himself. Why? He is very into what the PUBLIC THINKS OF HIM and his image and he quickly wanted to clarify the point he was trying to make in his video. He does not like to be misunderstood so he quickly posted a commentary on his video, to quickly get his SPIN on record, to try to control the blogging public perception of himself. He is narcissistic and is very NEEDY of people having a GOOD perception of him as being this HONEST and down to earth guy. I think the reality is that Jennifer Aniston dumped him. He made a point to say he dumped her, to put the spin on things, that he did the dumping, because why? He cannot be perceived publically that something is wrong with him and that he might have actually done anything deserving to be dumped. John, are you so prideful that you cannot take a real honest look in the mirror, at yourself? Maybe you need to analyze your behavior a bit and realize why you cannot successfully make it with ANY woman? There is a reason WHY you were dumped by Jennifer. Yes, for the first time in your life -- YOU were dumped -- not the other way around. Say what you need to say.

2256 days ago


I like him, but I think he will be single for a long time. Jen on the other hand needs to figure out why she goes for men that will not commit to her.

2256 days ago


This guy's ego is really something, waste someone's time? Enjoying someone's company is wasting their time? This guys is screwed up, and out of his league, what a loser.

2256 days ago

ok then    

I think post #12 is Jennifer Aniston's. Go Jen! : D

2256 days ago
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