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Jonas Bros Blow Off Beatles

8/18/2008 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The pre-teen hysteria caused by the Jonas Brothers has been compared to Beatlemania -- so we challenged the boys, who weren't even fetuses when the Fab Four were huge, to name just one -- ONE -- of the Beatles.

It didn't go well ... but we're just surprised our photog knew all three Jonases by first name.


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Ms. Behavin    

I think they were ignoring your photog because they realize what unimportant asses you are! Sorry about your luck TMZ!

2259 days ago


These kids' music sucks. They're only popular because the tweens need something... anything to swoon over. It's the late 90's with the backstreet/NSync all over again, just a different flavor of music this time. One thing they have though is that all the money stays in the family. That's gotta be pretty sweet.

Now I wonder how long before they collapse like the BSB/Nsyncs. One will lose his virginity, one will go into rehab and the other will just vanish off the planet (like anyone not named Justin or Lance from NSync)

Enjoy it while it lasts, kiddos.

2259 days ago


these three gays need to disappear

2259 days ago


That's right, this is the Guru, son. You need to find a photog that isn't a stuttering idiot then perhaps they might respond to your stupid queries. People wonder why paps get a bad rep, but all you have to do is study this photog's body of work to realize they inhabit the lowest depths of humanity. I ask you, is there a dumber individual employed anywhere in this great land?


2259 days ago

By the way...    

I have 2 daughters that love the Jonas Brothers and I must admit that their music is not that bad. Sure beats the rap c/rap that is out there

2259 days ago



2259 days ago


They probably couldn't understand a word the photographer was saying. I know I couldn't.

2259 days ago


I think those smart azzes need to go dust off their Bibles and read Matthew 25:40.

2259 days ago


OGFG! they r so GAY! Rap Rules Beyatchez!

2259 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

Why do the PR machines keep trying to sell these kids as the next Beatles?? There is absoulutely no resemblence to them or their style on any level. The teens of today act no different that the teens of decades before, these groups, bands or whatever u call them, come and go.....and the teens grow older and look for different music. Nobody will ever be another Beatles , so this hype just makes me laugh everytime I hear it.

2259 days ago


I mean really, these pathetic wannabes are only popular because a bunch of twelve year old girls need someone to drool over, and with their supposedly "clean" image, they are the perfect candidates.

But really, they make the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC look good. It's really sad how easy it is for some of these brats to be famous.

It's not going to last. They never do.

Listen kids, learn some REAL music, get familiar with some REAL ARTISTS and grow up a little bit - make that A LOT- and then MAYBE you'll have a leg to stand on.


2259 days ago


There will only be one group as good as The Beatles--- The Beatles. They are and will forever be, in a class by themselves... The same for Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. A class by themselves!! Please don't compare them to the Beatles...

2259 days ago


HELLOOOO TMZ! they were not blowing off the beatles, they were blowing off you! LOL its funny how you try to twist it...lets hope most people are smart enough and not easily influenced by tabloids! You can tell they really love their fans and appreciate them!

2258 days ago


There hasn't been any group,to be as good and last as long as The Beatles. But these young men, seem to have a good head on their shoulders. They are respectful and humble,plus the tweens love them. I think they will go far,in the music business. I wish them the best!

2258 days ago

Ice Water    

True music fans know these wankers will be gone off the radar screen in 2 years. What a JOKE.

2258 days ago
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