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Take That, Bitch!

8/18/2008 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like the Donnie Wahlberg divorce is nastier than we first thought.

We broke the story a few hours ago that Wahlberg's wife, Kim Fey, filed for divorce last Wednesday. Right after the story went up, Donnie's rep contacted us and said Donnie actually filed the divorce papers, not Kim.

So here's where it gets good. We did more digging and we're right ... she filed for divorce in L.A. County Superior Court. The clerk stamped the papers at 1:29 PT. And then we found that Donnie filed his own divorce papers in Ventura County Superior Court the same day, at 3:46 PT.

So is this race to the courthouse a sign that each wants to make the point they're leaving the other? We're thinkin' so.


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I'm way hotter and I'd sign a pre-nup, my family probably has more money than him anyway. You're hot Donnie

2235 days ago


Damn, I wish Donnie were gay. he is way too hot to be straight.

2235 days ago


Per capita, Hispanic people ARE stupid and are the ones who continue this race crap! It's sickening. Ask a BROWN person if they can spell penitentiary and they'll spell it J-A-I-L...LOL!!! By the way, affirmative action and illegal aliens are destroying this country alone with their out of control reproducing, not a President. Blame your liberal congress...they are the most anti-American by not protecting our borders. By the way, when are we going to get WET (White Entertainment Television)? They have Telemundo Brown right? Oh, I'm sorry that would be too racist and politically incorrect. Larry Sinclair, yes look him up we all love a good sex romp, right? Let's all talk about it! I'm dying to know.

2235 days ago


GO DONNIE!!!!!!!!!!
Love you!!

2235 days ago


Great, so my divorce and Donnie's will be final...just in time for the NKOTB concert in St. Louis in November! Yay!

2235 days ago


anyway,i called this back in g/fs thought I was nuts,but I was right..I'm going to vent, first off not I am not a hater...if Slam is right and he is with this girl for a year...the 3 words were said...and there is something there..and at his 39th bday he toasted to be free and swim in the ocean of 30 something mommas and cosmopolitins...if I was that girl, I'd smack him in his damn head...but hey now he is a dauhghter wants to go and see them, well she can forget about it...and why do they have all these artists singing with them??..and those dancers are a joke...the public likes them for what they are not those houches..what are they thinking...oh well best of luck...but most of all i'll say a prayer for the kids...those are the ones that are going to be affected he most...

2234 days ago


I guess he couldn't control himself around all thse women that fawn all over him and are willing to prostitute themselves for one night of meaningless pleasure (lol), I mean come on, who cares he has kids (*sarcasm*). Seriously, the men are 40ish, I hope they act older and more mature, this is were they messed up before. But I just pray that the others that are marreid, and hope the wives hold them tight at night and make sure they are right there before and after they get on stage. And can Donnie please embrace being bald, I mean the lengths that he is going to hide his bald head is ridiculos. He's 39!!! STOP SPAYING YOUR HAIR DONNIE, IT LOOKS HORRID!

2234 days ago


It may also have to reminding everyone of the jurisdiction. The LASC judges and Ventura judges run their courts differently. Given the heavy concentration of Hollywood types, LASC judges have relatively more experience dealing with higher profile celebrity cases. TMZ'll want to park their butts in front of Hill St. instead of in Ventura.

2232 days ago

I don't know...    

Ummm, I don;t think anyone is going to be camping out over this divorce. But if they did I would think ventura county would be more low profile. It sounds like they both just want to move on. Only my opinion. Oh ya and who cares who Donnie is sleeping with. He's never been quiet about it anyways.

2231 days ago


Alright Donnie's single for his reunion tour!!!! Too bad I'm not damn he's got a fine ass for a 39 yr. old. They were together longer but only married for 8 yrs, so I guess he did get out before he had to pay her half. He seems to be a good day so no matter what the kids will be takin care of. Donnie don't care what no ones says you still fine as eva! NKOTB forever baby! haha

2190 days ago


for one donnie is so NOT fugly hes the most georgeous man in the world.also donnie is far more talented sexy and georgeous than mark. and if kym fey is divorcing him or letting him divorce her then she is as i always thought DUMB.she never deserved him anyway .shes the most stupid woman in the world to ever let him go .i hope she lets donnie have proper acess to his kids and she doesnt deserve half hes worked hard over the years .what has she done she proberly hed a nanny and went to get her nails done.STUPID STUPID woman.

2180 days ago


much respect for kim! as a former donnie's fan, I always thought she was perfect for him... I can't say the same for his new dates... and I think he should respect his past and his children more than he is doing! sorry donnie, YOU taught me to always be honest and say the truth!!

1634 days ago


The were dating each other for over 6 years before they got married and the oldest kid was six when got married. They should have known it wasn't going to work out if it took them so long to tie the knot. The wife didn't want to get married for a very long time.

1620 days ago
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