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God Save the Pope from the Dope

8/19/2008 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As if the Heidi and Spencer wedding circus wasn't sacrilegious enough.... Now she tells us she's hoping to score the Pope as the priest for her televised nuptials.

Will the divorce be carried live, too?


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Black Power    

Hey Anokie, do you think what you see on TV is who she really is? Yeah she's bubbly and I think she does have a nice body, but even in joking, when you mention the Pope, some people take offense, just as you have by people bad mouthing this woman. Don't get upset by what us dopes have to say. Most are just having fun, while others just try to get a rise out of those who disagree. They seem to have gotten a rise out of you.

Clint of the mountain

2222 days ago


HAHA I love the Vampire Catholic chick. Just goes to show you how hypocrisy is the #1 requirement for being Catholic. And I actually say that without being a family is devout Catholic and I see it everyday. Its no exaggeration to say that hypocrisy + Catholicism go hand-in-hand. Where else can you find a supposedly Catholic couple having premarital sex, living together petitioning for a Catholic union of matrimony by the Pope? Where else can you find a religious passage teaching those to turn the other cheek or that only those without sin can cast judgment on the midst of Catholics condemning and harassing homosexuals? I think you catch my drift...

I LOVE that Speidi has gone all religious. I think its hilarious. Im going through a tough time at work and need some comic relief. I hope that they get married asap and that it goes on You Tube during business hours :)

2222 days ago


this whore is sooo out of touch with reality....its actually humorious

2222 days ago



Only problem... she's not famous... just a blonde skank people like to laugh at.

And televised wedding?

If any of you had sense, you'd REFUSE to watch to make sure the ratings of that will be as successful as their marriage.

2222 days ago


They make me F+++ing sick to my stomach. You know how there is always those people you can just look at and want to set on fire, well here's my two. Your mothers should have ate you both when you were born, save all of us the aggrevation!

2222 days ago


I think its funny that TMZ staff come on here and post things to get a rise out of others to increase their site traffic. Smart.

2222 days ago


The Pope has more important things to worry about then Heidi and Spencer and their wedding. OMFG is she for real? Come on TMZ get back to covering Brit, Katie, and others and leave Spencer I can't grow a beard to save my life and Heidi Oh I can shop of the Hills alone. Please this is sad and funny all at the sametime.

2222 days ago



2222 days ago


I must admit I never saw the show until last night, I just came across it. How bizarre these people are! Not sure what they are famous for or why they have their own show...seems like a bunch of spoiled brats doing a whole lot of nothing all day except party'n and shopping and fighting. Are these 2 really getting married? He seems like a complete imbecile and she looks like she has had plastic surgery already! Is this show suppose to be a joke, or do these people really live this way?

2222 days ago

frogs and gravel    

#32 (Spediman). We do not need TMZ's help in making sarcastic and outrageous remarks. Now: I hope
the Pope does stop what he is doing and marry the two of them. I think that it would show that he is in touch
with the youth of today. After Heidi and Spencer are married they could be goodwill ambassadors for America.
I am sure Heidi and Spencer could stop the fighting between Georgia and Russia

2222 days ago


All of those Hills chicks look like they wear dentures---like they have to many teeth in their mouth---

2222 days ago

northern gypsy    

enjoyed anokie vs vampire lestat banter better than this story...NEXT!!!

2222 days ago

Trooper Tom    

SHUT UP COW LIPS SHUT UP SHUT SHUT UP! Please stop giving this air head the time of day

2222 days ago

Miss Mottin    

As a Catholic, I find that patently offensive. And normally, someone as ignorant as Heidi Montag couldn't even engage me -- much less upset me -- but, in this case, she's porttraying herself as a Catholic, not a "star."
Miss Montag, .if you were, in fact, a good Catholic'd know that His Reverence does NOT administer lay sacraments to lay persons, and only *rarely* to extremely-ranking clergy. The only sacramental rite "the Pope" (your words -- classy!) oficially administers is the ordaination of a Cardinal. However, His Reverence will administer last rites, very rarely, to Vatican-resided Cardinals. If His Reverance so elects, he, obviously, can administer lay sacraments to personal friends/family -- but this is only on an unofficial basis and is generally considered malapropos. Pope John Paul II famously didn't administer last rites to Mother Theresa -- who has since been Coronated a Saint -- citing an inappropriate break with tradition.
Popes John Paul I and II never broke with that tradition, and they were considered "renegades."
Pope Benedict is staunchly conservative; I can't imagine he'll part wih Vatican underlaw to accomodate you. Oh, Pope Benedict is the CURRENT Et See......obviously, you didn't know His name???
Furthermore, Spencer Pratt is not even a Roman Catholic.
Do you know NOTHING???? It's fine if you know nothing -- I won't hold it against you. But keep your mouth shut when there's a chance you could offend the FAITH of others, if not your own.
ALl the best.

2222 days ago


Wow, her family must be devastated that she is marrying that egotistical controlling airhead of a boyfriend. She has now idea the misery that still lies ahead of her if she marries that jerk. She has to be brainwashed, how else to explain it?

2222 days ago
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