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Joe Makes Mountain Out of Mammary Glands

8/19/2008 2:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One day, you're shooting chicks and their boobs -- and then all of a sudden you're the freakin' A-C-L-U?

Apparently that's what Joe Francis thinks: He's going after the judge who threw him into jail last year for filming underage girls (a charge to which he plead no contest), and he's calling his crusade "an important First Amendment battle."

Joe insists what happened to him could happen to you, too. You mean, like, making hundreds of millions of bucks by videotaping drunk floozies? Sign us up!

We called the people he's ranting against -- haven't heard back.


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This guy needs to slither back under the rock he came out of

2254 days ago

Keifer not ok    

I see TMZ is spinning this already but it will be funny the day that *one* judge decides to make an enemy out of TMZ. Then you'll see what absolute power feels like -from the wrong end. One judge can go against the entire legal system, can make something personal, and this is apparently ok with TMZ. I'm surprised Harvey Levin is just fine with this. This should be a cautionary tale if anything.

2254 days ago


Nordic, slithering under a rock is too good for this LOSER, he needs his a$$ kicked and he needs to get a real job where he doesn't exploit those on this planet that are to drunk and lacking in self respect to think for themselves.........

2254 days ago


I would have shot myself if I were this guys mother! I would definently concider myself a complete failure as a human being if this "man" were my spawn. Does he even have a mother? Or is it just him and his father....satan? He is the epitomy of everything that is wrong and nasty with this world!

2254 days ago



2254 days ago


How arrogant that he claims to speak for all Americans. No pornographer speaks for ME. Nice hair. Is that a comb-over? LOL

2254 days ago


Go Joe! I back you. So what if you are profiting from stupid drunk sleezy girls. Their pictures would be all over the web anyway. I wouldn't do it myself, but I actually have some self respect!

2254 days ago

Layla Rose    

Fellow Americans: No matter WHAT you might think of Joe Francis, we all have a civic duty to protect our Constitutional rights. If Francis can be railroaded, then believe me, no one is safe. So set aside your biases and dislikes of him and really listen to what he is saying. He is making a lot of sense. All it takes is one corrupt judge or law enforcement official to make the average person's life a living hell! It just so happens that Francis is more high-profile than the average person, which makes this travesty of justice all the more real and frightening.

2254 days ago


I am a born and bred Panama City, FL native, and in all my 36 years here, never have we had to deal with an a$$ like Joe Francis! Panama City residents were told about this absurd lawsuit last night on the local news. He's trying to sue, according to the local paper, "Panama City residents and officials", ok, whatever Joe!

Francis was warned BEFORE he even came here for Spring Break that the police would be watching him, and in Panama City, if the police are watching you, they WILL find something to bust you on, but, no, idiot man had to come on with his private jet, fancy sports car, etc.! He's the one that filmed 13, 15, 16, and 17 year old girls naked and in various sex acts, he's the one that didn't bother checking ID's (note to Joe, if the girls are standing outside the club you're in, they are probably UNDERAGE!), he's the one who threatened lawyers, and even the girls during the lawsuit mediations, and he's the one who disobeyed the Judge's orders! I don't recall the residents of Panama City telling him to do the things he did. He should be happy that he wasn't sent to prison on his original 40 felony charges, if that would have been someone who was poor or who had a "Public Pretender" as we call them here, they would've been in prison for a LONG, LONG time!

Joe Francis needs to get a life and leave the city of Panama City alone! I mean, a $300 million dollar lawsuit when he knew what was going to happen before he came here, get real Joe!! Francis is a boil on the butt of humanity that needs to be lanced!!

2254 days ago


Joe: I don't think what you're doing is what our forefathers had in mind when they created the constitution.

2254 days ago


What an ignorant, stupid little man. He abuses teens and thinks he speaks for me? What a dirt bag. Go the hell, Francis.

2254 days ago

Miss X    

He looks insane. He acts insane. He is out to make money. Hmmm. I'm just curious. What if his job was to tape boys. Just a thought. And some came up 13, -17?? What would you think then?

pedophiles look like everyone else. Sociopaths look absolutely normal. He has no concious.

He is no Larry Flynt. He wants people to support him like they support Larry.

Maybe when he suffers and is put in a wheelchair ..I'd think about it. This ass hasn;t gone without anything. He puts out retarded video clips of drunk girls obviously under the influence. A predator.

What if it were yo9ur sister or even brother. Or you in a stupid moment. People aren't evil becaus ethey are stupid. they are evil when they are predatory.

2254 days ago



2254 days ago

chris m    

Is this an attempt of Joe to make himself out to be like Larry Flint? I think not......He got what he deserved....Larry Flint on the other hand was not a pedofile, and child pornographer.....He can't equate what he's gone through as the same thing...Larry had a legitimate claim.....Joe Francis does not....If he had done his homework instead of getting drunk with those minors, he wouldn't be in the position he is in now....I have now problem with what Joe does, but he did nothing to actually verify those girls ages, he was looking out for himself....This is why he has all the problems that he has.....He could have not gone to Florida in the first place.....He was warned about his past conduct..... With all the money he has, he should have hired someone to research the people he signed up.....Just like ALL nude models that are in the porn and nude modeling industry.....Joe thought he was above the law, and thought with all his money, he could get away with what he wants.....I hope he loses his case, and is forced to pay for the courts time, along with all the other expenses involved with this frivilous case.....Joe, you are nothing but a child pornographer and got caught at it, and you couldn't hide behind all your attorneys and money........

2254 days ago


I think we are all jealous of Joe Francis, that we did not think of his multi million dollar empire first. Joe Francis or any of his associates, never forced anyone to do anything. When you decide to drink or get drunk, you are still responsible for your own actions like drinking and driving. You never hear of the police taking advantage of drunken drivers.As for the Judge. He voilated Joe Francis's civil rights. Joe Francis never recieved due procces. A right to a speedy trial. Bail cannot be used as punishment. This is America not Mexico

2254 days ago
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