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Metallica Singer Cuts Off Hiker's Happy Trail

8/19/2008 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No dirty, nature loving hippie is going to hike in James Hetfield's backyard -- but the fence he built to keep them, and everybody else, off his property is really pissing off the locals.

Several hikers and cyclists up in Northern Cali have their spandex in a wad because the Metallica frontman has blocked access to a hiking trail by erecting a 10-foot high fence around his property.

According to KTVU, the rockstar supposedly built the barrier to stop vandalism on his newly purchased land (on which the trail runs through) -- but the fence itself has since been vandalized with the words "shame" and "disgrace."

Het's reps had no comment.


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Nor Cal Resident    

You all should actually get the news story from KTVU here in the Bay Area. Hetfield is working with authorities/land officials to come to some agreement that all can agree on, even these screamin hippies and peddle power people, and he has also given, yes given away almost 400 acres in this same area for use by all. It is his land, and he does have the right. Back off haters!!

2254 days ago

Triple Play    

WTF It is his property, he can fence it in if he wants to. Hike around it you will gwt a better workout Granola Face

2254 days ago


He does have a problem with the easement issue.
But if he wanted to, he could put a 10' fence on both sides of the trail to let people through... That is if he wanted to be a total penis about it.

2254 days ago


If it IS an easement, I hope builds walls on both sides of it. No one should have the right to hike through other peoples private property. Go climb a different tree!

2254 days ago


He is loaded! He will do what he wants, they were such great band I wish he and the others were writing songs and back on the road as opposed to building dumb fences.

2254 days ago


His property, he has every right to keep it private! I wouldn't feel comfortable with a bunch of people just wandering on my property either. And if anything were to happen to any one of those freeloaders, you know they'd sue in a heartbeat too.

And the fact that they have vandalized the fence -- well, this just shows what kind of people they are, and knowing this, wouldn't you want to keep them out too? I would. They couldn't have added more ammunition to his side of the argument of they tried. And it sounds like he's even donated some of it back anyway. Goodness, what more do these jerks want?! They already got way more than they deserved in my opinion.

2254 days ago


One more reason on my list to hate Metallica

2254 days ago


It was really smart for the idiot to vandalize his fence, thus proving Hetfield's point... brilliant!

2254 days ago

david melchor    

Hey he is the ruler of his land...Fence it ....And hell SHAME AND DISGRACE would be a great name for an overdue album...

2254 days ago

Jerry Jarvela    

This guy is a worthless piece of garbage! Don't buy a house on a hikist's trail you kook! Obviously you is gonna piss off the hikists when you erect an eyesore barrier like that... You Turkey! Take off buddy!

2253 days ago


Haters, who label millions of people, such as "Americans" as stupid... Pretty much label themselves as such by doing so.

2253 days ago


He can do what he wants with his property. Now you tree hugging idiots go find another bike trail and shot the f$%^ up!!!!

2253 days ago


Ugliest guy in rock~n~roll.....very distasteful personality....

2253 days ago


This guy is a worthless piece of garbage! Don't buy a house on a hikist's trail you kook! Obviously you is gonna piss off the hikists when you erect an eyesore barrier like that... You Turkey! Take off buddy!

Posted at 6:21PM on Aug 19th 2008 by Jerry Jarvela

He already donated 100's of acres for the bikers and they come on his property and vandalize it. THAT'S WHY HE PUT THE FENCE UP!!! He put it up AFTER they started VANDALIZING his property NOT before.

2253 days ago

farts smell    

I thought he lived in a retirement home somewhere

2253 days ago
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