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Roseanne to TMZ: Tell Me How My Ass Tastes!

8/19/2008 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

RoseanneRoseanne is pissed over public reaction to her blog blasting Brangelina -- and somehow it's all our fault.

Roseanne feels she was justified in calling Brad "vacuous" and Angie "evil." She wrote on her blog today, "The media's images of [Brad and Angelina] are smelly and vile, and I must always attack the media's representation of what is good or cool."

Roseanne capped off the rant with an offering of sorts to us, saying, "Taste my sandy buttcrack, tmz!"

We'll pass, butt thanks.


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She's a bitter, angry, self-absorbed loser, just like Sen. McCain. Imagine that!

2256 days ago


I would not touch that big fat Azz for nothing! Leave Angie and Brad alone Bitch!

2256 days ago


just like rosie o'donnell, she's no longer relevant so she has to do something to keep her name out there. she is way over estimating the publics interest in anything she has to say.

2256 days ago


And, who is she to judge who is evil! She is the biggest evil woman in the world. She needs to get a grip! Leave people
alone. I never liked her. Now i can't stand her! Bitch!

2256 days ago


But Brad and Angie ARE fake, and all their 'goody goody' deeds are just press releases and
photo ops.
I bet they go orphan shopping any day now~!

2256 days ago

Law Witch    

She's still news worth?????????????????

2256 days ago


What gives with women comedians with the NAME ROSE??? Roseanne and Rosie O'Donnell both become bitter and hateful with anyone that doesn't totally agree with their extreme liberal causes. I have enjoyed both of them as they are talented but they both should stay the hell out of politics and shut their hateful mouths on certain subjects. Roseanne especially hit hard and cruel regarding the innocent children of Brad and Angelina. It is not TMZ 's fault that Roseanne is a twisted, bitter, and hateful woman.

2256 days ago


Such a class act. And she's probably sitting at home wondering why she has no career except for a blog that no one give a damn about. Perhaps if she did even a fraction of the good works that Pitt and Jolie have done over the years, she might have something to be proud of other than a foul mouth and nasty attitude. Do us a favor Rosanne and crawl back under your rock.

2256 days ago


Oh my GOD I LOVE Roseanne. You guys just can't stand her because she tells the truth! I always have and always WILL like Roseanne! And please...go ahead and talk sh*t now because I have an opinion.

2256 days ago


Who cares? She's so last century!

2256 days ago


I'm no Rosanne fan, but I REALLY wish AJ and BP would just vanish. I don't care how, I just want them gone. Is there some place with enough room for them PLUS The entire Simpson, Spears/Federline, Jackson, Hilton and Hogan family?!?!

2256 days ago


Roseanne is such a vile excuse for a woman...she should be asahmed of herself!!

2256 days ago


Okay, I don't really like Brangelina. I used to love Brad, but I can't stand Angelina at all, despite all her good-doing. I respect that she does realize that there is poverty and trouble in the world and I do think she is trying to fix it. Even so, she rubs me the wrong way. Maybe because she used to be so darn creepy.

Anyway, I love how Roseanne acted like they were terrible people for only giving 3 mill out of 40 mill (or whatever it was exactly) when I'm sure SHE hasn't given 3 mill to charity. Of course, no one pays her to be in anything, so that could be part of the problem.

Roseanne is clearly a angry, jealous woman, and as much as I dislike Angelina, I dislike Roseanne even more. At least Angelina is doing something for someone other than herself instead of blasting other people on her blog.

And, speaking of that, who actually reads Roseanne's blog anyway? I'm shocked TMZ did.

2256 days ago

US/STAR Lies    


Things are looking up in the Lower 9th Ward, as the first of many Make It Right homes is nearing completion Tuesday, August 19, 2008By Katy Reckdahl (

Workers in yellow hard hats swarmed a few blocks in the Lower 9th Ward on Monday, as contractors with Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation hurried to build its first houses by the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Gertrude LeBlanc, 72, rocked gently on her front porch and watched construction workers smooth cement and nail spans of wallboard inside a handful of partially finished houses, most of which rise on one-story-high concrete pillars.

It was "much busier" Monday than it has been since construction began two months ago on the houses, said LeBlanc, a retired postal worker who has lived on this block of Tennessee Street for 41 years.

While complaints of bureaucratic sloth persist, Pitt's foundation instead provides a striking example of a private entity taking the simplest of plans -- build houses where the flood knocked them all down -- from idea to execution in a relatively short time. As of today, Make It Right has raised enough money to build at least 84 houses, with an ultimate goal of financing at least 150 houses in the Lower 9th Ward, said Tom Darden, the foundation's executive director.

Crews are hard at work on six homes, two of them modular designs, with hopes of finishing at least one by Aug. 29 and having the others near completion by that date, Darden said. The six houses will go to the first six families who closed on the foundation's forgivable loans; 20 other families have submitted applications, he said.

Early last year, LeBlanc was one of the first people to return to this colossally damaged section of the Lower 9, not far from the Industrial Canal levee breach.

"When I came back, they put up a banner in the post office near here, saying, 'Miss Gert's back. Deliver her mail,' " she said.

LeBlanc has been keeping close track of who has returned to the neighborhood. Within the next month, she said, mail service also should resume at Make It Right's six houses, thanks to "the answer to our prayers -- Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie," LeBlanc said.

On her block, two of her longtime neighbors are coming back, thanks to the foundation. As she drinks her coffee in the morning, LeBlanc soon will be able to wave to a woman three lots down, who she has known for decades as Ms. Guy.

LeBlanc and her family also are counting the days until the return of their next-door neighbor Melba Barnes.

"She loves to cook," LeBlanc said. "There is nothing Melba can't cook."

LeBlanc pointed toward Barnes' home on stilts. Barnes' house and the others have solar panels and environmentally "green" amenities, and they look different from what LeBlanc is used to, she said.

Still, she and her neighbors plan to be neighborly, just like the old days, she said.

"We told Melba, 'Just put that food on a rope and drop it down,' " LeBlanc said.


2256 days ago

Dave the pig    

I was just a little girl when this nasty and tasteless c&nt came on the scene. Just the sight of her fugly face made me dislike her. Thank goodness I never watched that show of hers.

Isn't this the same woman whose ex-husband took her kids away from her - way to go you old bitter hog! You waste of space of a mother.

How about giving away some of your millions if you want to make the world a better place ....... I just love how these liberal fools think that they can run their diarrhea mouths off about doing this and that when they themselves have done nothing for the world!

STFU - you wrinkled, old. bitter biatch .... go swim in the ocean so we don't have to ever hear from you again!

2256 days ago
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