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The Fox and The Mounds

8/20/2008 6:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For someone who's been (how do we put this gently?) "underachieving" in the looks department recently, Vivica A. Fox made one hell of a comeback in the world of competitive hotness last night.

Lean, mean and green -- homegirl looked damn good!


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First to call her a stck-up skank, on this post anyway...

2254 days ago


ium still upset about the jamie fox anti semetic statment he made by renting that surf board,and we should ban her as well...they probably are friends, and i know they did some movie together...she is just as guilty...tmz should run that picture everty we never forget..are they related....she should be ashamed of herself

2254 days ago


Vivica looks good, always has always will. Now this is a real woman. Very pretty girl. AuNatural, much better than plastics & motor oil lubed frozen faces. Love the dress & hair!! Underachievers are like Heidi, Spence, Audrina, Paris, Lindsay & Sam, Phoebe Price, Mickey Rourke, Shannon Doherty, Verne Troyer, Christopher Knight, K-Fed, Haylie Duff, Anthony Michael Hall, Lardasshians, and the list goes on.

Look at Joan Rivers and Priscilla Presley!!!!!!! I don't think they even have the capability of blinking anymore.

2254 days ago


She is way overrated.. Not as hott as she thinks she is

2254 days ago


Wow, we have alot of angry, bitter, envious, miserable people on here today. Fugly Afrikanner? What does that mean? Oh, so because your life is f'd up and lacking, you feel the need to pick another person apart? 250 people saw the same board, and how many of them had different opinions on what was what? The man was obviously learning how to surf, he didn't write graffiti on the board. The rental shop should have taken care of that problem, it's their equipment. Besides, I mean let's be serious for a minute anyways, how many blacks surf? So it was problably someone with the likes of you or perhaps even more ignorant than yourself, who did this!!! Pipe down Moeshe "do you want some WHINE" w/that cheese!!

2254 days ago


Moshe -- a swastika is not strictly a Nazi symbol. It's been an ancient symbol for thousands of years before the Nazis. Stop thinking it's all about you. It's NOT.

2254 days ago


Please be kidding. Why should she deal with people like you because someone she knows did something stupid?

2254 days ago


3. Moeshe, my mistake....would you like some "Cheese with that WHINE"! Oh, go away already!

2254 days ago


She has a receding hairline. Big forehead on her. So slap on a wig and pump up the boobie's and presto, She still notihing even with the wig and boob job.

2254 days ago



Your probably the same person that tells blacks to get over it when something racist happens on this site.GET OVER IT!

2254 days ago


I think she is quite pretty without her make-up on.

2254 days ago


FYI: Vivica Fox DOES NOT HAVE BREAST IMPLANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As are Queen Latifah's & Scarlett, Jennifer Love Hewitt!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG people, like she really cares what the haters say! You people are really pathetic. Walking fake ass wannabe Barbie's are, as we speak, getting botox, tanning, or undecisive on whether they should get bigger boobs or smaller, but big enough to be noticed boobs! Butt implants, bee sting lips, frozen face syndrome, and on and on. SUPERFICIAL - SUPER FAKE - SUPER SKANKS!!!! Truth be told, it's a hell of a lot more of you fakers running around in circles, because it's never enough, you always want more no matter the risk. Think that's the problem or are you people just down right, dirty, nasty, unsatisfiable, ignorant, greedy, selfish, wannabe perfect people? OMG, get over yourselves, And for crying out loud, why haven't you fixed Paris's eye yet!! There's something for you to do!

2254 days ago


moshe whiner - Are you STUPID, SLOW OR RETARDED?

2254 days ago


u guys r hating on viv because u cant come close to her #12 quit compaing(this is all u people do) maybe one day if u r lucky enough one of your kids will end up with someone who looks half as good as she does

2253 days ago


I heard from an LA radio station that she is getting married to David Caruso at the end of the year...anyone else hear that?

2253 days ago
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