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"The Office" Guy in Ecstasy Over Drug Case

8/20/2008 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Craig RobinsonThe guy who plays Darryl on "The Office" has just copped a plea in his hardcore drug case.

We've learned Craig Robinson has just entered a "tentative guilty plea" to possession of ecstasy, a felony. The other charges against him were dismissed outright. Cops said he had meth and ecstasy on him and had cocaine and amphetamines in his system when he was busted in Culver City in June.

Robinson will enter a drug counseling program and if he completes it in 18 months, the guilty plea will be withdrawn and dismissed and he'll be back to work at the Scranton Warehouse. And he won't have a conviction on his record.

Robinson really dodged a serious bullet, thanks to Blair Berk, who could win gold if lawyering were an Olympic sport. We learned Robinson was on probation for a DUI he got in 2006. But here's the deal ... since he's already completed the terms of probation for that case, it's highly unlikely prosecutors will go in for the kill and ask the judge in that case to drop the hammer.

Berk told TMZ, "Mr. Robinson really appreciates and takes seriously the opportunity which has been given to him by the court and the prosecution to have all of the charges against him dismissed, upon successful completion of a counseling program."

That's what she said.


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wow,big surprise another "celebrity" gets off with nothing.i think he should get the same time in jail as anybone else outside of the "biz" would.

2254 days ago


Amazing, anyone else would be in jail for at LEAST 1-5 years..

There truly are several different justice systems in our country, and the system for the "common" people certainly gives its Plaintiffs the shaft...

2254 days ago


Thats not celebrity justice, thats pretty standard for California. I had PC1000 programs reinstated 4 times before I actually took them and I did no jail time and my record was cleared once I took the classes, same thing for everyone else. Unless you were SELLING then the punishments here are pretty lax. Even for felony drug convictions. But thats not fun to talk about, is it? :)

2254 days ago


THIS IS BULL! The entire entertainment industry constantly gets "a pass" with regards to serious crimes. We ALL know if this happened to anyone else, they'd be in jail right now with bail set, waiting for court dates and eventually getting sentenced to "real time".

2254 days ago


If you have enough money, you can get away with anything. Just ask Harvey Levin.

2254 days ago


It's not celebrity justice, it's just regular old everyday justice. This happens every day all across the country. They don't call it a revolving door system for nothing. Accelerated Rehabilitation Dispositions, plea bargains, etc. I agree first-timers should get the benefit of the doubt (and most programs are in place for first time offenders) however, subsequent offenders sometimes qualify as well. So what, he popped some pills, big deal. Did they charge him with possession with intent? Besides, I HIGHLY doubt that's the end of the story. What happens if he fails a drug test or gets in more trouble in those 18 months? Probably a sentence more severe than a typical pedophile would get. But you can't report that part. It wouldn't make the story as interesting as tricking people into believing this sentence is special because he was the third dude from the left in a recent Subaru commercial. 77% bought into your rubbish. People are so gullible

2254 days ago

tattooed white trash...    

Sounds standard to me. Good old Prop 36.

2254 days ago


this isn't a celebrity getting off easy - this is the standard Prop 36 that any non-violent drug offender gets in California

2254 days ago


Kim is right - this is NOT Prop. 36, it's Deferred Entry of Judgment (DEJ) under Penal Code Section 1000. Everyone would had gotten the same deal, with or without Blair Berk. But then she wouldn't have been able to speak to the media, her most favorite thing.

2254 days ago


Just another LOSER!!

2254 days ago


I was going to comment, but #5 are my thoughts exactly...and Run Forrest Run said it much better than I would have. So...what he said.

2254 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Too bad he didn't kill someone while driving high. He would have received a medal, a plaque, and a cash reward.

2254 days ago


More felony/misd caes ( espically drug related cases ) in most jursdictions get plea bargined. You plead guilt or no conteston to the intial charge and if you have other charges, they will be dismissed........BUT....people should remember that if you do not follow thru with probation etc, the original sentence wich is always held over you, can be re-imposed and you the have to do the WHOLE sentence.

The california jails and prisons are sooooooooooooooo over crowded, the DAs have to plea bargin a lot of these types of
cases because there is no room for these people.

2253 days ago

John McCormick    

Why is this such a shock? Simple possession of XTC is not really acrime ... Its just a simple drug with NO ONE getting hurt buthimself.. I live in FL and if I was caught with this (and I am nocelebrity).. I would be out of jail within a day and getting ready topay a big fine,.... You all should really be going after the REALcriminals (pedophiles,rapists,murderers etc) , not drug USERS.... #3 - what country did you come from that you get 1-5 years? oh yeah ... to ALL - -In the state of FL (where I am from) . .All nonviolent drug offenders go to drug court and either get probation orhouse arrest ... .again not the 1- 5 yeasrs #1 - he is getting what everyone else would get I should not be surprised that the people here go overboard ... doesanyone watch the show (i do once in a while) and the people are sojudgemental and moralizing against EVERYBODY...

2252 days ago

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