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Jessica Rips Carrie: Romo's Not Hung Up on You

8/21/2008 4:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The other hot blonde fighting over the NFL's luckiest bastard, Tony Romo, just turned up the heat -- calling Carrie Underwood a boldfaced liar on live radio.

Jessica Simpson just went on "Woody and Jim" on 107.5 in Nashville, telling the morning crew she and Tony laughed at Carrie's published claim that Romo is still calling the Idol champ -- and adding that everything Carrie insinuated is completely untrue.

And if that wasn't clear enough, Simpson spelled it right out for Underwood, "If Tony wanted to call her ... or wanted to be with her, he would."


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Jessica Simpson is once again trying to make a big deal out of nothing. Carrie simply said that both her and Tony came from similar smalltown beginnings and had much in common. Jessica has turned into a fulltime fame whore, being pushed out there by her perv Dad. Her "singing" sounds like she needs to be on oxygen's patheticly hilarious.

2204 days ago


Eh... This whole thing is stupid, Jessica Simpson started this whole mess, and with a new country cd dropping soon, she will be trying anything to get her name out there repeatedly by making dents in Carrie Underwood's reputation. Who had the bright idea of signing Jessica onto the same label as Carrie? Tony Romo is not the guy for Carrie Underwood, I hope he quickly gets married to Jessica Simpson. I can only think of one reason why Tony Romo is still with Jessica Simpson.... :)

2204 days ago


I think Jessica Simpson does not belong in country music. She is petty with zero class. She does belong in the Hollywood pop tart scene because that is her mindset. Carrie Underwood is highly regarded in Nashville and the music industry and Jessica is not making it any easier on herself trashing someone as respected as Carrie Underwood. I used to like Jessica on the "Newlyweds", but she's acting so trashy now, I'm ashamed of her and want her out of country music. She's a troublemaker.

2204 days ago


Bet she goes through his emails too.

2204 days ago


Savannah says in post #34 "I HATE CARRIE UNDERWOOD! She had everything handed to her. All she does is look good in her airbrushed way, and sing what other people write. She knows it too. She's a plastic fake idol."

Wow, except for the idol part, that description sounds just like jessica simpson!

2204 days ago


#13, you must clearly not understand what a "One Hit Wonder" is, because Carrie Underwood has had two successful albums out! If she was a one hit wonder, then she wouldn't be recieving awards for her TWO albums! Jessica Simpson is not all that great, basically, she sucks!! Her country song even sucks worst than the pop music. While Jessica was married to Nick, she acted more retarded than any typical blonde and she presents herself as a "ho". I don't listen to Jessica when she comes on the country station, but I do own Carrie's cd's.

2204 days ago


Please God, why can't Jessica Simpson just drop off the face of the planet? She supposedly saved herself until she was married because of her beliefs, got divorced, and as been with too many guys to count in between, but can't figure out that maybe she should just not let the public in her personal life like she did during her marriage. So much for good ol' Christian values for the Simpson family.

2204 days ago


jessica you started the whole thing with the t shirt - so shut up - and take it -

2204 days ago


It would be easy enough to prove.
Romo is a man whore who better produce in Dallas this year.
Jessica needs to go away
I wonder what their combined IQ is? Probably matches his jersey number.

2204 days ago

nira k    

If Simpson has a good relationship she should tend to it. She has a history of using the men she dates for her own publicity purposes. Get serious with someone Jess, and marry them and go away. Your fast on your way to being another Angelyne.

2204 days ago


You know, it must be me. When I read Carrie's little spill, I understood it as a hypothetical...if tony call her, she may not answer...Not he calls and I don't answer the phone.

2204 days ago


Carrie Underwood is the champ; the one with class and dignity and talent far surpassing this genre bender. J.S. moves from one style of music to another and now she's planning to bank country western dollars from her roll in the Dukes of Hazzard.
Her father is really obvious in this puppet-string-pull in this bold faced PR move for his green, (as in former-making), money machine...this audio spew is nothing more than a planned fued, (how convenient for country listeners), of a PR promo using Tony Romo. Go response is the loudest strike! Just sing it! We love you.

2204 days ago

Later dude    

Look Jessica, Tony probably is still calling her so quit being so naive about it all. Men cheat all of the time and so what... he isn't married to your dumb ass anyway , So quit your bitching about what Carrie says because it makes you look insecure...hmmm...... yeah I guess that's what you are... you're singing career is on fire like Carrie's right??? You're just jealous because you don't have half of the talent that she has.

2204 days ago

Yeah Right    

Checked his call log?! Psyyyyyyychooooooo!

2204 days ago

c'mon now    

Jessica is a needy, naive woman. She said she loves love - translation - she doesn't how to be alone and she doesn't want to be alone, so she'll believe anything her guy tells her. Stupid, stupid woman!!

2204 days ago
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