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Lily Tomlin -- Hack

8/21/2008 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The cops have been summoned in Lily Tomlin's neighborhood war.

LAPD officers were called by Lily's neighbor in Sherman Oaks this morning, after Lily had her lumberjack goons chop down his trees. Lily has complained her neighbor's trees are overgrown and could fall on her house.

The cops stopped the men in trees from continuing. But when the police left, the tree dudes kept chopping away and the neighbor was piiiiised. L.A. tree officials came to scene and it looks like the guys Lily hired don't have a license to kill, so they've been stopped, at least temporarily.


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Stupid fugly no-talent whore. I have a fitlhy lesbo neighbor who does the same thing! I'm telling you, it's a Lesbo thing to want to hack down trees. Lilly is a stupid bitch. Will never watch her in anything again. Filthy whore.

2256 days ago

Emory Woods    

Back off the hate on Lily. The TMZ babies go after aging stars as they are more likely to appear aging (ie: not beautiful) and are beyond caring about superficial appearances. OF course, aging can't be prevented so even those beautiful freaks with camera will become old and less beautiful when they're in PJs trying to fetch the paper, walk the dog or cut down dangerous limbs. Get over it haters. Lily is a beautiful, smart lesbian...and you're not...jealous losers. TMZ is domestic terrorism at its ugliest.

2256 days ago


She hates trees. She has admitted that. She claims she has some phobia. Freak. Face it, she has been caught doing this once before and she has been told to stop cutting down branches and trees that are not on her property. Something's wrong with that woman.

2256 days ago

Emory Woods    

@8:19, you obviously hate yourself and need some love. Unfortunately for you, you're not getting it from us lesbians, you lonely, self-loathing wanker who can't get any outside of your right hand.

2256 days ago


He is in the right and will have his day in court. I LOVE this man!! Very cool, calm and funny, the last line was the BEST!

2256 days ago


Mrs. Beasley, LESBOS are INSANE CREATURES. Every lesbian I know is agressive, nasty freak who don't know whether they're male or female. Every Lesbian I have ever known casue trouble (like Lily), act tough, but then cry like bitches if you defend yourself. Freaks. Creatures. Gross. And so you know, I am a GAY MALE! And, we all feel that way!

2256 days ago


Lilly rocks. She is one hilarious human being. If Lilly thinks it's the right thing to do. Carry on my wayward wind. Get it owwwwn' Lilleh'. I think it's hilarious that she is going to get those trees down come hell or high water. Way to go Lilly my girl. You keep us laughin' sustah'. Get 'dem da*n trees down lady lady lady. Wait til' they leave the house and crank up 'em chain saws and git' er' done.

2256 days ago


Oh yeah, real smart Pam. Guess you know nothing about global warming and the very real problems of deforestation. We should be planting trees you moron, not cutting them down just for the hell of it. It's idiots like you Pam that are part of the problem. Stupid ugly cow.

2256 days ago

Knock It Off    

They will have to do without her squirrels.

2256 days ago


Boy that Lillian Tomlinson is cracked. Jeezy Peesy think of all the shopping bags those trees could produce.
What a great night I'm having!

2256 days ago


Funny how these "Big Stars" come undone when they get old.

2256 days ago


Claire you don't know anything!! She can't be Mormon if she is batting for the same team. Don't just go throwing labels out.

2256 days ago


Hey loserLesbos, You don't speak for all of us! I happen to like Dykies in Nikes. They are fun if they are not haters. They can out burp any man any time.

2256 days ago

Saw Lily    

I've seen the trees Tomlin obliterated. Beautiful redwoods, healthy eucalyptus trees. Not even over her yard, the trees were mainly along the street and the easement road next door. Tomlin needs psychological help.

2255 days ago


Lily Tomlin's tree-removal work confuses neighbor
A woman calls police after mistakenly believing that the dead trees were being cut down on her property.
By Andrew Blankstein, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
4:45 PM PDT, August 21, 2008
Los Angeles police responded to Lily Tomlin's home today after a neighbor mistakenly accused the actress of chopping down trees on the neighbor's property, authorities said.

Officers were called to the 3000 block of Longridge Avenue in Sherman Oaks about 11:20 a.m. following a report of a neighbor dispute, said Officer Jason Lee, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department.

The caller mistakenly said that one of her neighbors, later identified as Tomlin, had workers cutting down dead trees on the caller's property.

Two officers and sergeant determined that there was no further issue after "reviewing the situation and determining that the trees were within Tomlin's property," Lee said.

Tomlin has appeared in such films as "I Heart Huckabees," "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "Nine to Five."


2255 days ago
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