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Mark Spits on Phelps -- I Could Take Him!

8/21/2008 7:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Never the most modest guys in the world, Mark Spitz and Spencer Pratt now share something in common: they both think they could school Michael Phelps in the pool.

Spitz told pretty much everyone who would listen yesterday he would "know everything about how to beat Michael," and he would at least tie with Phelps. Let's be fair: Spitz also added Phelps will probably add more bling to his medal haul in London in 2012.

Spitz was in NYC to promote a Hyatt Resorts vacation package. Anyone wondering what it is with swimmers and hotel chains?

Britney No Longer Fruit Loopy

Britney Spears has officially branded sugar – in all forms – toxic.

She tells OK! magazine she's forsaken any kind of sugar – even in fruit or fruit juice – because of the calories. If you're wondering how it is she got back to fighting trim, she says it's all about chicken and salmon and rice and avocados. "I'm the healthiest I've been all my life," brays Brit.

Now if there was just some way to do something about those extensions.

Fiddy Won't Put Feet to Fire?

The buzz is 50 Cent won't talk to investigators probing that big fire at his baby mama's house back in May. But we're hearing it might be because he doesn't have much to say about the thing, not that he's avoiding it.

The Dix Hills house burned to the ground in 45 minutes, and ever since, 50's baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins has accused the rapper of trying to kill them, a charge Mr. Cent denies (and sued her over). We're told that while it's true Fiddy hasn't talked to the authorities, he really doesn't think he has anything to tell them.

Tompkins and 50 are due back in court in September to resume hostilities.

Party Favors, Obstetrics Desk Edition: Matt Damon Gets Another Gal ... Angie Harmon Bringing Another One ... Jen Garner Ready to Unveil Another Impossibly Adorable Child

Matt Damon and wife Luciana just had another kid, a daughter named Gia Zavala. That makes four femmes in his household. ... Angie Harmon and ex-footballer Jason Sehorn are expecting their third kid – they also have two daughters. ... And Jen Garner says she's "so excited" about her latest arrival, her second child with Ben Affleck.


No Avatar


I think Mark Spitz is a really good looking guy - he's aged very nicely!

2224 days ago


Spitz has such a big head now, if he jumped in a pool there wouldn't be any room left for water.

2224 days ago


Don't get me wrong, I am stoked for Brit that she is getting it back together, but I have a problem with the "I'm the healthiest I've been all my life," quote. Did she quit smoking? That has a bigger impact on your "health" than what you eat and how much you work out. Maybe she means she is in the best shape of her life? Not the same thing at all.

2224 days ago


Watch out TMZ, you almost said something nice about Britney - she's traveled a hard road, came back strong and still you make rude remarks. Rag!

2224 days ago


...and so do your readers

2224 days ago


The OK magazine interview was a bunch of hooey. I'll never belive she is 'well' until I see a live interview. Notice that you can only read about her or what she said. Nothing live, hmmmm. Anyone who gives up their children willingly and happily is not well, they may have a great body, but health physical or mental is a misnomer.

2223 days ago


Good for Britnay, there must not be a lot of sugar in her diet of cigarettes,starbucks,cocaine,vodka,vicodin and risperdal. Serously, why does that village idiot open her mouth.

2223 days ago


Mark Spitz is a sore loser!!! He should just be happy for Phelps and leave it at that!!! By the way, at least you can reconize Spitz unlike Bruce Jenner!

2223 days ago


Why can't Mark Spitz just be gracious and congratulate Michael Phelps on a job well done and leave it at that? Spitz was an arrogant jerk back when he won his gold medals, and time has done nothing to mellow him. If he were to get in the pool now, he would displace most of the water with his massive ego. Enough already Mark! Your record stood for a long time, now show some class and let Michael have his moment.

2223 days ago


Seriously, can Spitz just let Michael enjoy his moment without the constant commentary?? He broke your record, now get over it and sell those time shares!!

2223 days ago


Congratulations to Matt Damon and his family. I am confused, is Ben and Jen having another one? Matt and Ben seem to do everything together.

2223 days ago


seriously? healthiest youve ever been? no sugar and junk food? the orange soda and cheetos in one of the pictures tells a different story brit. but hey - you've come a long way - and you look amazing.

2223 days ago


i had to read that twice (brit-brit),what do you think an (avo) is ???. it is a fruit with carbs, but the real killer is that it is almost 50% fat!!!!. and sugar is a carb, and what the heck, do you think rice is???. it is (99%) carbs!!!!!!. good luck, trying to lose body fat, with this menu!!!!!!!!!!

2223 days ago


Spitz must be delusional.

2223 days ago


Brit is still fat, still can't sing and still hate her.....

2223 days ago
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