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Terrence Howard -- Full of Soul or Full of S**t?

8/21/2008 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After having to sit through Terrence Howard's first ever live musical performance last night, our spy in the crowd gave us the impression that his show was more torturous than Abu Ghraib -- but shockingly, not everyone in the TMZ newsroom agreed with the negative review.

In his shoot report from Maryland concert, the cameraman writes: "Some people should never quit their day job ... Terrence Howard could not hit the proper notes as he butchered every song. A noted fact, the liquor sales went up that night in the club as concertgoers needed some type of distraction."

Give it a listen -- is it really that bad?


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this guy sucks...bloated ego....marginal actor...had one lucky role...playin a pimp...typical role he could understand and grasp....a cultutal connection im sure...and everything else he has been in,he should be a bit player as opposed to leading man.
jodie foster blew him off the he is singing?
go back to the ghetto movies suck...and so does youe friend...the rasicst jamie foxx...the anti semite
im sure this guy is one as well...he got kicked off broadway as well.....hack
and he is ugly

2198 days ago


let dj be!! at least he's not out wasting his HARD EARNED Cash on friggIN Legal fee's. Even if he cant sing:) he not offending or damaging anyone.

2198 days ago


moshe you need help your life is full of misery deceipt and uncertainty. how many times have you attempted suicide last 2 years??????? go out for a walk you are the epitomy of self loathing and self hatred. btw he's half white lol closet bully.
jodie foster has'nt been relevant since she came out ummm i mean taxi driver.

2198 days ago


I thought it was awesome. Maybe I'm biased tho cuz I have such a huge crush on him! The TMZ camera guy who trashed it should quit being such a hater.....

2198 days ago



2198 days ago


grammatical error in this article

2198 days ago


Not so much his singing as his voice and the song itself that kills it.

2198 days ago


TH was decently good in Hustle and Flow..pretty convincing pimp. FYI ladies: if you wanna hook up with this dude, remember to wipe yourself with baby wipes..he don't like no paper stuck in the crack..LOL

2198 days ago


Terry is clearly not the best singer, but he isn't awful. I have heard much, much worse. He's creative, and he wants to try his wings and see what he can do musically. Need we forget his movie, 'Hustle & Flow". I was thoroughly impressed. Maybe more practice, but not bad.

2198 days ago


He's alright but it just gets on my nerves when actors try to do the whole singing/rapping thing. It's like they think cuz they made a name for themselves, they can do whatever they want and they're gonna be good at it.

2198 days ago


proudblackwoman calm down please . if he was white there still would be something to say thats just american culture for you. and im black!!!!!

2198 days ago


MARZBLAKMON, your right but the comments by some of these white people push me to the edge.

2198 days ago

clinton hill    

Moshe, this sounds very personal. Do you secretly have a man crush?

2198 days ago

Pip & Zastrow    

I was at this concert last night. Terence Howard was wonderful, introspective, talented and refreshing. The song in this clip was my least favorite. Others were excellent as was Howard's stage presence and story telling. We were so fortunate to see him at this venue and I totally support him talking this leap, and I will definitely buy his full album.

2198 days ago


It wasn't horrible. Maybe you all should have posted some footage of him missing notes. He's average which is about what makes it in the industry right now. I'm sure he sounds like Luther Vandross after a few crafty studio tricks.

2198 days ago
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