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Sienna Keeps Top On, Married Men Off

8/24/2008 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lucky for Sienna Miller, she can hop on a plane to Ibiza, kick back on a yacht and pretend she's not a "homewrecker" over the whole Balthazar Getty fiasco.

Getty -- a married father of four -- on the other hand...


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Am I the only person who is absolutely sick of reading stories about this arrogant and self-centered young woman?

No. 23 - I agree with you 100%. Women also have a responsibility for their actions and their relationships if only because a lot of women are hurt by getting involved with married men. Of course he is totally responsible for the brutal and blatant way that they have carried out their affair in public and the appalling humiliation suffered by his wife. However Sienna Miller is an actress who is interested in her public image and as such, she has behaved with stupidity in believing that she could continue to flaunt her new relationship without any negative feedback from the public.

She hates the papz (understandably) but uses the media to her own use - hence the new photoshoot from Ibiza. Who goes to Ibiza if they want to avoid the media?

They are a disgusting pair and truly deserve each other.

2220 days ago

Knock It Off    


2219 days ago

nothing better to do    

23, 26 & are SOOOO right.

Sienna is a whore to the nth degree and he is no better.
She gives women a bad name and he gives marriage a bad name.
Shame on both of them.

Sienna, my mom would tell you that you made your bed, now lie in it.
If someone calls you a home-wrecking slut, you nod and say yes, I am.
You are obviously proud of being a home-wrecking slut or those nude pictures of you and your soft core porn antics would have never been public because you wouldn't have been flaunting it outside where you knew people would see and photos would be taken. So, don't try and act all saintly now. You are what you are.

2219 days ago


So Sienna aka kaley thought she'd pull a fast one, huh? Are you really so stupid sienna that you didn't think anyone wouldn't figure out that the only people p*kish enough to defend you are yourself and your putrid friends. I hope you get a massive sun burn while on that boat or better still I hope you slip and fall into the water and wind up far out at sea......(SIGH!) We can only hope. I hope meantime that ROSETTA will keep the kids as far away from your skanky wh*re of an a** permanently! the kids should never be exposed to someone as toxic and selfish as someone like you....of course the poor dears have to be exposed to their equally worthless father. I hope their fellow students will let them know when they are older like 12 or 13 that it was YOU Sienna who broke up their parents marriage. Any problems they had before could have been worked out but NOOOOOOO, you had to follow your brain between the legs not to mention your gold digging heart. WHAT A SL*T!!!!!

2219 days ago


skankety skank skank SKANK!

2219 days ago


Again I ask: why is Sienna labelled a homewrecker while Angelina is dubbed some kind of saint? because Angelina already had Maddox and was shrewd enough to immediately allow herself to get pregnant, that's why. If Sienna got pregnant everyone would start fawning over her. If Brad and Jennifer had children people wouldn't have been so quick to jump on the Brangelina bandwagon. What a hypocritical world we live in.

2219 days ago


#35. Angelina and Brad were NEVER photographed together before he divorced Jennifer Aniston. Any rumors that an affair occurred could never be collaborated w/photo evidence. Who knows maybe they did, but were just too damn smart not to get photos taken of one nursing on the breast of the other!!! Not even a CLOSE comparison. But nice try, Sienna and Balthazar are STILL filthy, self centered monsters who deserves all the criticism directed at them.

2219 days ago

Joe Rockhead    

What is it with you people who try to divert attention with irrelevant points like, "why is Getty not getting as much flak", or, "what about angelina", etc. WTF does that have to do with ANYTHING! OK- if you insist, Angelina was wrong & sucks. Brad was wrong, & sucks. Getty is wrong & sucks! Sienna is wrong, & sucks! Feel better now? Or should we start grading them on a scale of 1-10? What earthly difference does it make who gets more heat? They are BOTH f'd up, amoral a-holes, but Sienna is getting more heat, because she loved playing VICTIM when she was betrayed by Jude law. So to go out & do this to another woman, WITH 4 KIDS, is what really has people steamed. I will NEVER pay to watch another project that has Sienna Miller in it! I don't watch Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Tory Spelling, and others in the homewreckers hall of shame! It's my perogative as a customer, & I exercise it whenever I can. They won't see a penny of my money if I can help it!

2219 days ago


Good point #37---

2219 days ago
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