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Kim K -- It's Like Manson Came for Dinner!

8/25/2008 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ obtained photos of the aftermath in Kim Kardashian's hotel room, where she cut her toe on a glass mirrored coffee table (see photo).

Our spies say Kim described it as looking like a murder scene. If so, it could be one of the cleanest murders ever.


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I actually like that Kardashian show    

Who walks around just bleeding all over the place!? Has she never heard of Put a damn cloth or paper towel on it and apply pressure.

2258 days ago


I smell a big fat excuse coming as to why she's going to suck at dancing on DWTS- just like her mom did with that over 40 cheer dancing thing. Sudden knee surgery- lame....

2258 days ago


No talent skank.

2258 days ago

Mary Pat McCabe    

No one even heard of this bitch, it was her father who unfortunately brought her notoriety due to the fact that he defended and befriended a murderer none other than OJ Simpson.

2258 days ago


So. I've been cut like that washes glasses in the sink. It happens, she is nothing special.

2258 days ago

Please Ignore Parasite Hilton    

So, tell me Harvey, are you an old family friend who is helping this skanky family get as mych publicity as possible??? You are, aren't you?...
The reason so many people hate on her is simple: she is very pretty but completely talentless. She was envious of her friends' (Paris, Nicole, Brittney, etc, who, btw, are also talentless like her) and her extended family's success and devised a plan to get her own infamy ( the sex tape - Ray J claims she had the tape and she wanted to be famous, and I believe him more than I believe her). I am not sure if I dislike her more or the stupid people who helped and continue to help her get that fame. She is the perfect example of how the moral fibre of our American society is disintegrating right before our eyes!!!!

2258 days ago

Please Ignore Parasite Hilton    

NIce Hammer toe, Kim!!!!

2258 days ago


Histrionic, drama queen. She shouldn't be allowed on Dancing just because she's pathetic.

2258 days ago


Well that's what happens when you kick a glass table with your bare feet. Kim Kardashian is a stupid woman.

2258 days ago


Thank you, NomDePlume. I wholeheartedly agree! She is a talentless fame whore. When you cut yourself, you're supposed to apply pressure with a towel or something to stop the bleeding, not prance around purposefully dripping blood to make it look worse than it is. You've got to be kidding with this crap.

2257 days ago

Please Ignore Parasite Hilton    

Please go to us/Dancing With the Stars , and let the network know you'd like to have KK removed from the cast of this show. Thank you!

2257 days ago

Please Ignore Parasite Hilton    

To All the Intelligent KK "Haters":

Please got to - click on "contact us" at bottom of page - in middle of the page, choose Dancing with the Stars - Complaint - send message to network executives that you are disgusted by their choice to cast KK alongside Grammy winning artists and Olympic champions, all truly accomplished individuals. What kind of message is this sending to millions of young girls growing up in this country?!!!

Thank you!

2257 days ago

Spare me!    

And to think DWTS declined TARA REID'S request to be on, because she wasn't "FAMILY FRIENDLY".

And Kims is?
For goodness sake, her own rmother convinced her to pose for Playboy, after the Sex tape.

2257 days ago


She went to the hospital for THIS?!? Come on y'all. Clear out the critical care patients! GSW's clear the ER! Laboring women, hold it! Kiddies with broken arms, go cry to momma! Butt-lady is in da house and needs TLC! She was weeping on E! entertainment with a big, ol' bandage on the toe. >> Guess what? I do believe this was a publicity stunt! Wait until she really needs help. There was once a tale called "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." In it, the little boy got attention when he wanted it, so that it disappeared when he really, really needed it. When she gets her ass implants taken out, call me. THAT I'd like to see.

2257 days ago

Spare me!    

@75. I'm sure it didn't feel good and I am sorry she cut her toe, but girl, get a grip. It is an insignificant cut.
1. Any normal-thinking person would have immediately sat down after such a cut - right in their tracks.
2. Any normal-thinking person would have grabbed a wash cloth, or had someone else grab one, wrap it around the toe, then decide what to do.
3. What to do for a normal-thinking person in this case: put a band-aid around the toe and go on about your business.
4. If the bleeding wouldn't stop with that: normal-thinking person goes to the ER for a couple of stitches.
5. With the toe wrapped in something, normal-thinking person hobbles in the ER, then hobbles out when stitches are done - no wheel chair.
1. This business of spreading blood all over the floor is ridiculous. No one would do that. It had to be done for effect - no other reason.
2. This business of taking pictures had to be for a lawsuit - no other reason.
3. This business of leaving the ER in a wheel chair over a tiny toe cut had to be for publicity - no other reason.
And FINALLY - this woman SHOULD be embarrassed by her ridiculous actions in light of the fact that almost everyone who learns of this story and sees these pictures and her in that wheel chair is laughing at her. Perhaps next time, madame, you might want to behave like a normal-thinking person. As it stands now, you look like a fool.

Posted at 4:39PM on Aug 25th 2008 by Joan Short



2257 days ago
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