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Kim K to 911: I Gotta Dance!!!!!!

8/25/2008 2:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Kim Kardashian was "freaking out" after cutting her foot, calling 911 and later telling the EMT's she had an "emergency" because she was on "Dancing with the Stars."

We're told that the doctors (yes, plural) decided to glue rather than suture the cut on Kim K's foot ... so the wound couldn't have been that deep. BTW, it's surgical glue that holds the wound together.

We're told Kim wanted the glue because stitches take too long to heal and it would interfere with her mambo.


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Did they call out the tow truck?

2248 days ago

I Love her    

Just because it is surgical glue, don't mean it is not deep... I was cut open like a science project for open heart surgery, and they glued my skin back together with no sutures.... I'd do her..........

2248 days ago

Just sayin.....    

I hope she does well on DWTS I will be looking forward to seeing her on there. I'm sure her HATERS will even try to sneek a peek as well....

2248 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

Black Girls hate kim because she has good hair, a big booty and can take their men...LMAO Go Kim!!! Make all the black girls jealous!

2248 days ago

Triple Play    

Her poor feet. Do you think thatit is easy on them trying to hold up the Big Fat no Talent Ass?

2248 days ago

hell with them all    

Number 14 put your head in a tube please.

2248 days ago


I'm surprised she wasn't hospitalized for a few days!

2248 days ago


Another show I won't be watching!!!!

2248 days ago

Triple Play    

What aspoiled fat ass Douche Bag she is. She has never done anything on her own and doesn't deserve to be on any television show. What a horror trying to get all of the junk in to one of those tiny dancing costumes. I hope that she is related to Omar the Tent Maker, he could priobably make her something that will cover up that monster ass. Hopefully she will be voted out first so we won't have to see her

2248 days ago

Just sayin.....    

I don't get why people keep sayin this "No talent" girl. Since when do you have to have talent to be on T.V? Or to be a celebrity? Supermodels are sometimes famous celebrities what talent do they have?....(walking the runway?) She had a reality show....that's all it takes these days.....Enough said!

2248 days ago


She wants to be famous SO BAD. It's like a disease. She thinks she will be nothing unless she is admired in the media and married someone famous.

You'll never be happy my dear.


2248 days ago


11. Are you delirious or just stupid? Most women don't do sex videos for instant fame, nor do they allow men urinating on them, nor do they have implants put in their ass, (lopsided even) because the cottage cheese is not drawing enough attention to a no-talented, nasty, fat, immature, wannabe-celeb, circus elephant!!!! She is a joke!!! And not even a good joke. So, enlighten us all please, how has she made amends for the sex tape? Being a dead lay? Ray J urinating on her on tape? The video tape is mistakenly given to the media. STFU, she is the biggest, skankiest, fat ass, fake, wannabe celeb-u-not, streetwalking, tranny looking mess in the business!!!! I don't know why she got married the first time anymore than I wonder why she's marrying again! My brotha Reggie, she's not the ticket man!!!!!!!!!!

2248 days ago


good! glad she was taken care of

2248 days ago


I hope she got a shot of penicillin to help clear up the STD's she has. I sure wouldn't want any other star on the show to get sick from this trashy whore. I wonder if the Dr's peed on her too.

2248 days ago


How's she going to dance with the EXTRA WIDE LOAD sign on her ass???

2248 days ago
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