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Rampage Charged in Insane Chase

8/25/2008 6:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ UFC former champ Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has been charged with six crimes in connection with the epic car chase in the O.C.

The Orange County District Attorney has charged Rampage with one felony count of evading while driving recklessly, one felony count of evading a peace officer, three misdemeanor counts of hit and run, and one misdemeanor reckless driving. You'll recall Rampage was driving a monster truck with a huge image of himself plastered on the side (always a bad move when you're evading police) when he allegedly struck two cars on a freeway, hit another car on a surface street and sent pedestrians scurrying for their lives.

If convicted he'll face three years in prison.

Now, shock of shocks. He was NOT charged with DUI. And, a few days after the incident, a pregnant woman in the car he hit on the freeway lost her baby, but Rampage was not charged for that after an investigation revealed that the miscarriage was unrelated to the accident.


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2247 days ago

Choppy McButtstink    

Roid Rage gone amock.

2247 days ago

Justice Needs To Be Served    

I can't believe they charged him with all that, and nothing for the poor innopcent baby he killed! That is ridiculous and wrong! I hope they amend the charges to add that, otherwise there will be some severely angry people out there!

2247 days ago


It's my understanding the only damage to the pregnat
woman's car was was the side mirror fell off. And she lost
the baby 2 weeks later not days but weeks. So that is probally
the reson he's not being charged w/ that. My husband just saw
him last week at the gas station he said he was doing well.
So hopefully he just had a meltdown and got the help
he needed.

2247 days ago


This is disgusting... it just shows what happens when you have a big name in the world. You can get away with a LOT more.

2247 days ago


one felony count of evading while driving recklessly, one felony count of evading a peace officer,

Is'nt that the same thing.

i hate hollywood --died slow hope you catch the cancer----filthy pig!!!!!!!!!

2247 days ago

laguna beach    

Rampage on a rampage in Costa Mesa!!! NICE!

2247 days ago


If you have made as much money as this fool and you're still acting like a useless, disgusting thug then all your assets should go to charity and you should be locked up for good.

2247 days ago


Through the book at the pig!

2247 days ago

brazen weep    

Could his truck be any tackier? What a dork!

2247 days ago


this and the incident the following day was a publicity stunt. the police and victims were, obviously, not in on it. they were just the victims. but rampgae's team cooked up this idea, so he can "live up to" his name. they felt he needed to do something kinda crazy, since he had just lost a major fight.

personally, i think its a disgusting thing to do. they should have hired some people to play the victims, because innocent bystanders were affected by this.

2247 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

For all that he'll only get 3 years? That's ridiculous. He should be serving much more time for 6 felonies.

Go Sox

2247 days ago


what the fruit what was he thinking man, celebs really need to get it together and yeah the government needs to treat the celebs like regular people I'm tired of all this bull crap

2247 days ago


PUBLICITY STUNT the man thought he was a god cause his mentor stole is money and he read if you dont eat for three days you can get the devil....well he went a little coocoo...not first time either his second so now it suppose to go on your permanent record that your a loony toon. i like rampage so good luck and joe rogan was the one who told the story of his trainer/mentor/spiritual advisor stealing his money...He has faith and the man who teaches him steals. Just like the ids in a catholic church trusting those priest...

2247 days ago


get the devil *out*

2247 days ago
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