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Shauna Sand's Stripper Heels ...

8/25/2008 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Never leave home with out 'em.


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hell with them all    

I like the legs, how much to have sex with the legs only. You keep the flat ASS and Face

2249 days ago


What the f*ck is up with her ass, is it trying to run away from her body?

2249 days ago


Bisquick called. They want their batter back....

2249 days ago


She doesn't even realize that she looks like a moron. It's laughable really, to see her parading around thinking she's sexy, when in reality everyone is just pointing and laughing.

2249 days ago


#67 You're a pathetic waste of oxygen

2249 days ago


Where's her pole?

2249 days ago


Someone get this girl a cheeseburger, something besides a cigarette and a diet coke, she looks awful! PAINFULLY thin!

2249 days ago

nira k    

I agree, this woman has an obsession with these shoes. And that is because WE do. She knows that if she were in a photo just walking on the beach about 6 people would say "so what". But put on those hooker shoes and look at all the responses. Mark my words, those damn shoes are going to be seen in stranger and stranger places guessed it.... they get their own reality show- "Shauna and the Shoes" where we follow her in the shoes all over town. Also the shoes call attention to the fact that it's "Shauna" and just not just some other flat assed bitch. Ah publicity....

2249 days ago


where did her ass go?

2249 days ago

you really should...    

Wow ! I never really paid her any attention at all and thought the whole stripper shoes ting was a one-time deal overkill...
but seriously?? Big, giant, plastic, clear, stripper heels at the friggin beach??? Ya gotta be kiddin, right??

Okay TMZ...that is it with this chick...

can officially her 15 minutes be up now?

Not even a real pro would wear her heels in the sand!!

2249 days ago

Kelowna BC    

My dads girlfriend has a saggy ass like that. She's a near anorexic 63 year old chain smoker who walks around in a bikini suit thinking she looks hot I suppose. My old man thinks she's hot so that's all that counts I guess. Whattya gonna do?

Sands has got brains and brawn enough to milk whats left of her relatively marginal body within the next few years before it really goes South. Good for her if she can make a few bucks dressing like that. TMZ would'nt be giving her air time if she were volunteering at the library and wearing baggy clothes. There's alot tougher ways to make alot less money. (just ask former Bass player Bonaducci, Build that nest egg honey. You'll be glad you did. xo

2249 days ago


Where did her body go?

Answer: Right to HELL!

2249 days ago


Rumor is that in the next Star Trek movie, Shauna Sand is playing the leader of a civilization and they are experiencing an expansion of awareness as their universe rapidly approaches the edge of our universe (see "multi universe theory") and Shauna is our first contact with that other universe. The Star Trek crew uses Spocks logic to understand how best to identify and assure safe communication with that other species. Shauna travels into our universe in a lucite caravan of universal love and an entire planet is set up for bikini beach parties. Carmen Electra provides lycra teams of exercise instructors so that everyone is whipped into top condition ASAP, since fitness is the universal language, not English. The danger is that pap photographers piss off Shauna, but James T Kirk is brought out of retirement to apply some dinner table charm to Shauna, who then agrees to hold off her attacks on pap photogs as long as everyone is grooving to the music on the beach. Then Shauna is taken to Earth, heals the environment, extinctions and climate change are reversed and in the sequel, we'll find out what happens to the humans who go to Shauna's planet in a friendship trip. Rumor there is that Data gets it on with a 17-sex critter in 8 dimensions, WITHOUT fusing any circuits!

2249 days ago


God bless her and those shoes

2248 days ago



2248 days ago
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