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Crappy Quarterbacks Want Their Dollarsback

8/26/2008 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who helped Tom Brady become Gisele's bitch wants to make a major Swiss bank his bitch.

Drew Bledsoe -- forever famous for relinquishing his job to Tom Brady in 2001 and never getting it back -- says UBS swindled him out of a wad of cash. Here's why: Drew says he invested a bundle in a company called Pay by Touch through UBS, but the bank concealed the criminal past of John Rogers, the founder of Pay by Touch. Rogers raised $130 mil from investors -- but made a grand total of $700K.

Here's the funniest part, though: Drew's co-plaintiffs are a hilariously C-list group of NFL QB failures, including Rick Mirer, Craig Nall, and Alex Van Pelt. No wonder they're gunnin' so hard for UBS' dough.

UBS didn't have any comment.

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He gave up his job to Brady in 2001, Dumbasses...research does a body good.

2252 days ago

I'm just saying is all.....    

Well, I for one hope they get their money. Good Luck guys!
Who cares if they are the "C-list group of NFL"

2252 days ago


Drew Bledsoe was trying to be an "angel investor", because there's a huge profit that can come from that, but even with UBS representing this John Rogers it's still a helluva risk to engage in (and that's still without the whole felony thing). It's always a BIG risk to invest in any up-and-coming companies. Drew might as well be operating in futures and backing those up with mortgage options while he's at it. Poor guy, he should've stuck to a well-managed portfolio instead of venture capital.

2252 days ago

Cindy Lou    

Very few athletes become even "C" list quarterbacks...Well written by a bunch of ex high school "athletes".

2252 days ago


Stoopid Jocks, if they don't loose their money with restaurants, it's pie in the sky can't loose money investment schemes.

Just buy a couple of freaking ETFs, is that really that hard?

2252 days ago



Let it go and shut up! You guys are nothing more than D-list journalists. These guys did more in one play or with this one bad investment than you've done in your entire career.

2252 days ago


When a brokerage house like UBS backs a comapny, you would expect them to have done some due dilligence. And whether they are c-list qb's or not ( and Bledsoe was not Top 10 in many passing categories). They are still entitled to full information disclosure before making an investment.

you guys are a bunch of no-talent hacks!

2252 days ago

Former PBT Employee    

Hey Drew, Just imgagine how us employees feel. We did the work, but didn't get paid for it. Atl least you can afford it.

2252 days ago


Drew Bledsoe wasn't a "c list" QB. He led his team to a super bowl in 1996 and multiple playoff appearances including coming in for relief for tom brady in the 2002 afc cg and leading them to another sb. Do your homework next time tmz

2252 days ago


IF, and I say IF, UBS did not disclose to Drew Bledsoe & others that John Rogers had a criminal record, and UBS facilitated the transaction, then UBS finds itself in a desperate situation. The lawsuit will be judged in the favor of the quarterbacks, and UBS could go down for this. Especially, given that the investors ponied up $130 Million, but made only $700k back. If a company like UBS hid the fact that someone they were selling their transaction for was a criminal, the entire board of directors and the criminal and my UBS contact would find themselves in cement shoes very quickly, missing their privates...

2252 days ago


Hey TMZ dumbasses, did any of your so-called "reporters" play a down of football? No? I didn't think so. So, who are you to call anyone a "crappy quarterback" or a "c list quarterback"? Try talking about something you know about, instead of talking out of your ass...

2252 days ago

so what    

So what if they are "C-list"? They don't deserve to get their money back? It was an investment that was probably a good idea (or else they all wouldn't have invested) but weren't told a freakin' criminal was runnin' the show! Not their fault! And all these guys are not crappy...the fact that you printed their names means that some people know them. And if you know their names then they MUST have done something right at one time or another. This MUST have been written by a band geek who got bullied by the big football players in high school...

2252 days ago


Drew Bledsoe Career:

4-time Pro Bowl
1 Super Bowl Start
5th passes completed
5th passes attempted
7th passing yards
13th TD's
13th passing yards/game

Yeah, he was horrible...

2252 days ago


Classifying Alex Van Pelt as a failure (along with the assertion that D. Bledsoe was a C-Lister) is silly. Alex Van Pelt is still IN the NFL as a quarterbacks coach, and thus even if his career were a failure to this point (which it isn't) it still would not yet be over and would be unclassifiable. Longevity is the biggest measure of success for an NFL player and neither Bledsoe or Van Pelt qualify. This is pretty general information, and the willingness to report in this brazenly mistaken manner calls into question all of your other "news" pieces.

2251 days ago


I see some pretty successful people there. In fact, I looked up the stats of Craig Nall (one of the least recognizable names on the list) and although he was stuck behind Brett Favre for a while he has been impressive whenever he's played. Probably just a matter of time before he is playing for somebody. I also googled and saw that he had a "strong" workout for the Lions, but they took Drew Henson of Michigan, hardly a surprise. NFL stats for Nall. 30 of 48 (62.5%), 402 yards,5 TDs and 0 ints., 123.8 QB rating. Looks like 5 or 6 appearances here and there. Not a bad outing in the bunch. My guess is that he's on speed dial of a few GMs. He probably won't be a C-list journalist anytime soon.

2251 days ago
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