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Hayden's Birthday Suit

8/26/2008 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hayden Panettiere continued celebrating her birthday (it was Thursday) by pouring her 19-year-old body into a gold bikini.

From the looks of her hot bod, Hayden can have her cake -- and eat it too.


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She is a beautiful girl but her thighs are monstrously large! She's going to be HUGE when she's 30! Someone please get her a cover-up and fast!

2258 days ago


P.S. For those who think people on here commenting about the "state" of her thighs and that the commenters on here don't look as good as Hayden, you are truly delusional. I'm a 35 year old mom of two and my thighs have NEVER been that big in my life; not when I was 19 and certainly not now! Why? Because I don't want to be fat and make damn sure I do what I need can to maintain my weight! I work full-time, am in school part-time, married, don't have a personal trainer, I cook all my family's meals, and I STILL make time to take care of myself! There is no way in hell I could be jealous of her body. Her money, yeah, but THAT little squatty body? HELL NO!!! I'll take my long legs, taut tummy and slim thighs over a fist full of cash and family drama any day!

2258 days ago


She actually has a very healthy, proportioned body. This is a bad camera angle and virtually everyone would look less-than-perfect in this shot. Now, if you see 25 other pics of her looking the same, perhaps that would suggest she's gained some weight. But when all of the other pics of her look good, you have to assume it's just a bad shot. I've seen pictures of myself that don't even look like me. It happens. All that said, even if this pic is true too size, she is still weighs FAR less than most Americans and is still in good shape.

2258 days ago


All those complaining about her "fat thighs" are probably used to banging girls that look like 10 year old asian boys.

2258 days ago


i think she has a swimmers body,, not sexy!

2258 days ago


I'll bang her for her birthday!

I'll make good use of those thighs - wrapped around my face.

2258 days ago


she's short and chunky. can't help being short, but she sure could go on a diet.

2258 days ago

The Truth    

Hayden has a great body . Any guy that says different , shows of How these guys like their women to look like little boys, skinny with no meat on their bones, wonder if they're afraid to deal with their own truth.... Appreciate the curves that women naturally have...

2258 days ago


yeah, its a bad angle. she has shapely thighs, but they are by no means fat. has anyone seen an episode of heros, and seen her in her cheerleading unifrom? hardly fat!! she is cute.

and to all the old ladies who are posting comments about how you are a mom of 2 or 3 or whatever, shut the f*ck up!!! if you guys are moms, then what the f*ck are you doing on tmz at this time of day? shouldnt you be with your kids, instead of posting comments on tmz? and what kind of role model are you being for your kids? letting them know that they need to be straight stick and bones for you to approve of them? great, and we go and blame young hollywood for eating disorders when in reality, it their own mothers. what a horrible mother you all are. what a shame. you should have your kids taken from you, then i should beat some common sense into your shallow little heads. you give all moms a bad name.

2258 days ago

Mike B    

You half to have a little meat on your women. To skinny is not good.

She will be fine.

2258 days ago


#36 Brooklyn - ROFLMAO at the "old Ladies" comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too funny!

2258 days ago

Yeah Right    

To any one that thinks she looks fat... Get a life! It's people like YOU that drive people to anorexia and/or drug use, then turn around and say they look too skinny or call them druggies... She's a young girl! GEEZ! :(:(

2258 days ago


I think she looks great and it is very easy to make cracks about her behind a computer screen...most of us have that body but unfortunately we are so shocked to see that, we just criticize on others... good for her! she is young! The mothers out there complaining about how they would never let themselves go like that...WOW... feel for your kids...shame on you. never ever talk about somone's child like that! again...easy behind a computer...

2258 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

All you haters out there need to get a life...there is absolutely nothing wrong with her body and she probably looks 1000 times better than yours on any given day, and at any given moment.

Healthy looks better than jealously, so go back to the mall and eat your sno-cones ya dumpy uglies.

2258 days ago


" if you guys are moms, then what the f*ck are you doing on tmz at this time of day? shouldnt you be with your kids, instead of posting comments on tmz?" - No, Brooklyn. Some of us are smart, hot and PAID enough that our whipped husbands are willing to stay home with our kids while we work - or rather, play while at work. See, when you have an education that affords you a career instead of just another dead-end buger joint/car wash job like you have, you can roll like that. Don't be mad at me that you can't and never will! I can sit in my office ALL DAMN DAY and play online and STILL get work done, make my clients happy, and laugh at pooftas like yourself for having obese moms who proudly accept your obese, uneducated arses! Oh, and Hayden is still a chunk, so while you may think of a 35 year old as being old, it still doesn't dismiss the fact that THIS 35 year old is STILL hotter than the little chubbette who's well on her way to looking like Britney 2.0!!

2258 days ago
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