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Brady's Baby -- Already Playin' the Field

8/27/2008 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gisele allowed Tom Brady to bring his kid to work a couple of days ago, when the beautiful people hung out on the grass at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro.

Moments after this pic was taken, Gisele sent the baby to run a few errands.

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2254 days ago


haha, you guys are too much. giselle looks fantastic as usual and tom and his kid are both cute as a button. they're spending nice quality time together. what's the problem again?? oh yeah, the real mom and dad aren't together anymore - like 80% of all families in america. you people who are still bitching about this must not have many friends since you act like this is unheard of and look down on people who are not together. this is an everyday story people. where the hell do you live that it's such an anomoly that two people had a baby and broke up? haha, what a bunch of freak bitches! hate on haters. tom and giselle have a beautiful rich life that is not affected in any shape or form by your hateful comments.

2254 days ago


This scarecrow, aging (badly), arrogant, self-absorbed bitch has got to go.

Tom Bardy should be put out to stud and that's it.

Move on. Enough of these two already!

2254 days ago


These two could easily be mistaken for Heidi and/or Spencer's parents. Always uninteresting, self-absorbed and SPOOKY!

2254 days ago


I love how some people think they know what goes on in these people's lives as if they know them personally!! Who really knows what happened between Tom and Bridget. Women get pregnant and sometimes it doesn't work out for the couple. Whatever. It happens. It doesn't mean that Tom should have went rushing back to her if he didn't love her anymore. As for Gisele, it seems like she's also trying to be involed in this little boy's life. The pic was just taken at a bad time people. Get over it. And, who knows how often Tom sees John? I'm sure his visits aren't always photographed and what not. Just a thought.

2254 days ago


I think Jet is a way better nickname for John than Jack..heehee

2254 days ago


haha, for someone so over and "uninterested in them TONY, you sure are fixated on this story...

2254 days ago


Does she always have to look like such a bitch?

2254 days ago

Phillies #1    

Gisele looks like a selfish bi***; there's no way that whore would ever get pregnant and mess up that body of hers. Good thing though; couldn't imagine what hers and TB's babies would look like. Between her man face and his Frankenstein head, they would probably have goofy looking offspring anyway. Can't stand either one!!


2254 days ago


i think gisele is beautiful. ;-) and she's one of the top paid models in the WORLD. lol, someone must think she's beautiful. people who post on tmz are mostly hateful idiots anyway. i almost forgot that i'm on tmz - the land of haters and ass clowns!

2254 days ago

What Spice?    

This is just one photo out of six. In one of the others, Tom is carrying the child in his arms across the grass...alone in the pic. In another pic, Gi is giving the baby some water to drink, and in another photo, she has her arm around him and smiling. In another photo, it looks like she found the shooter and is not happy about that.

Give 'em a break. BM wanted a family as the clock was ticking away. What a great sperm donor, don't ya think? They didn't even live together, that's how unsure he was.

I'm a woman, and I still blame BM for this mess.

2254 days ago

Vix aka Team Aniston    

Gisele isn't even pretty or beautiful. Personally, she looks like a dude to me. Her body shape is straight, she has no waist. She has a big nose. I even wonder if those breasts of hers are real. Plastic surgery in Brazil is a huge business. If she doesn't have a natural deep cleavage, then for sure those boobs of hers are fake. She knows how to photograph well, that's all. I wish the fashion rags would find another model to plaster on their covers and photoshop them.

2254 days ago

Capt. Bone-a-Hoe    

10. Daaaaang!! Retract the claws people! The truth is, Tom and Bridge had broken up and Tom had already begun seeing Giesle when Bridge dropped the baby bomb on him. They had been having problems for a long time. So you think he should have dumped Gisele (who had nothing to do with their break up) and gone back to Bridge just because she was pregnant? Seems to me that people should be wondering about the timing of the pregnancy.....seeing as I'm sure Bridge knew her days were numbered. I'm just sayin....
This soumds like a job for Maury Povich.

Maury Povich: When it comes to your 1-year old son, Tom you are...

2254 days ago


goddd, you people make all these quick assumptions about what went on with tom, gisele and bridget. get over it cuz NO ONE except the people involved in the situation knows what truly happened.

you are all being sucked into believing everything the media says which is completely and utterly pathetic.

get a life, and go complain about something else other than this.

on another note, his son is absolultely adorable

2254 days ago

the hogans are umpaloompas    

of course it's a photo op...look at the bottle of water (with the label even facing toward the camera) she is holding. it's the same brand that brady endorses.
strategically placed kid too....up front and center, so people will stop calling him a dead-beat dad. they have been at training camp for how long and THIS is the photo that miraculously gets leaked to the press......gross and completely transparent.

by the way, isn't that the same dog G lost and offered a big reward for, then when someone returned it to her she refused to pay.
she sound like a really wonderful person.

2254 days ago
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