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Hillary: So Many Pantsuits, So Few Delegates

8/27/2008 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you were about to make the biggest speech of your political career, would you wear an orange pantsuit?!
Hillary Clinton
Prior to making her appearance at the DNC, Hillary Clinton's peeps trotted out four different colored pantsuits on to the stage to see which worked best. Did Hill choose or lose?


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Friday morning we'll see the same piece about Barack Obama's people choosing his tie, right? Certainly you're not doing this because she's FEMALE..... TMZ would never reduce a qualified, accomplished candidate to little more than a fashion choice, would they? Nahh.... never. ;-)

2250 days ago

Jose Ramirez    

I could careless which color she chooses or we choose for her but please just make sure she covers up that mess and is it possible to get a paper (no make it plastic) bag to cover that thing she calls a face!

2250 days ago


Bitchykins - FYI - the next election will be in 2012 not 2016. And to think you're able to cast a vote for the president of the United States is scary given you don't know your election years.

2250 days ago

DingDong DingDong    

Who the hell cares what color pant suit the woman wore.

It's what she said thats important.

People need to understand its the platform you should be voting for not the person so much. What they stand for, Yes but what the Democrats stand for is what is important.

2250 days ago


Doesn't matter what color she wears, she always look like a PIG BITCH!

2250 days ago


#32: How did Mexicans get into the mix? I am an American, of Mexican descent.My dad's side of the family was here when this was Mexico. I actually belong here, I am American and my family has been here for longer than I am sure you can go back in your family tree.

Everyone needs a scapegoat and I guess Mexicans are it. Maybe people should start cleaning their own offices and houses, stop using Hispanics as nannies and gardners, and oh yes, the majority of kitchens in restaurant have Hispanic cooks, etc. Then, I guess the world would be a better place with caucasions or someone else doing those jobs at minimum wages? I find that laughable.

Immigrant Mexicans ARE doing jobs that most Americans don't want to do. Let's see an American kid from Orange County take those wages, go in a field and pick your vegetables.

PLEASE! It isn't about being lazy or not, it is economics. The problem is, this country can't have an intelligent discussion about politics without throwing race, gender or something else irrelevant in to the mix. Mexican American, White, African American, Asian, whatever-we are all Americans and we all want the same things for our kids, ourselves and our country.

2250 days ago


She won the popular vote yet Obama gets the prize. Another example of our messed up system.

2250 days ago


Thought she looked great, loved her speech, but refuse to vote for that arrogant hater.
McCain 2008

2250 days ago


HIllary looked amazing, spoke well, and SHE SHOULD BE PRESIDENT NOT Obama. I am a Democrat who will not vote for that fraud whose 20 year friendship with Rev White, backs Farrakhan, friends with bomber Ayers, buys his real estate at way below value from his buddy Resko, and more. How can any of us Democrats pretend we didn't fail Hillary and we owe it to her to back McCain becuase Barack Husseun Obama has treated both Clinton's with contempt. Obama and his wife are liars and disgusting, Hillary looked and acted like a president, everyone's hero is McCain for he fought for our freedom, there is no other choice if Hillary is not picked to run. Obama dared to ignore Clinton for VP, so we shall ignore him for president.

2250 days ago


I thought it looked like a Gitmo jumpsuit. Maybe she's really a terriorist, God knows our Homeland Security couldn't tell the difference.

2250 days ago

Kitty Angel    

Hilary looked good and sounded great! Wondering if that would have been her acceptance speech if she had received the nod. Still not totally convinced Obama is the way to go .... but I'm even more impressed with Hilary and will vote for her in '12/'16!

2250 days ago


She has to wear those horrible double-wide pantsuits b/c she has a terrible case of CANKLES. Look it up.

2250 days ago


KFC supports Hillary b/c she has two fat thighs, two small breasts and a left wing!

2250 days ago


the orange was perfect as it matched her teeth

2250 days ago

my name is bindy not bindi    

i think she would of looked best with a bag over her head... i saw her picture on a roll of toliet paper the other day .. i think she looked best on that.....

i thought the whole thing is a farse .. VOTE MC CAIN ....

2250 days ago
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