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Mackenzie Phillips


8/27/2008 2:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mackenzie Phillips has been busted at LAX for allegedly possessing heroin and cocaine. She's in custody right now.

At 10:00 AM, officers responded to Terminal 4, where 48-year-old Phillips was being screened by TSA. During the screening process, some baggies and balloons believed to contain heroin and cocaine were recovered.

The former "One Day at a Time" star has had a long history of drug abuse.

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I'm just going to use the F word- felony. Just because somebody is famous doesn't make them above the law. Maybe some time in the big house would make her think twice about using drugs again.

2244 days ago


Dear old friend,
Your voice mail is full because of all of us who care about you. I'm not the only one who has been standing on the sidelines waiting for you to come around. I know that you know who we are. Here's a hint...think of someone on McCormick. I'm here for you and Shane too. I've missed you.

2243 days ago


This is for comment # 102. Mackenzie's mother is not Michelle Phillips. If you're going to comment, get your facts first.

2243 days ago


WOW some truly hateful people out there. And some warm hearted as well. I've known Mac for years although we haven't been around each other for a long time. I personally know without a doubt that she did get clean and stayed that way for a long time. I was truly shocked and saddened to hear the news.

She is a wonderful person that has had a hard life. I wish her all my best

2243 days ago


post 274

From your post I can tell that you really know her. I met her years ago at a mutual friends wedding and we were in contact on and off over the years. I was saddened to hear the news. She truly is a wonderful person with a huge heart. I haven't seen her in years but write an email every now and then. I wish her all the best and hope she once again can clean and not slip back into the void.

L - Get well my friend and disregard all the haters out there. Take to heart all those that have wished you well including me

Yet another friend of LMP

2243 days ago


There are probably others that I missed but if you are going to make public comments you should know what you are talking about. Mac’s mother is not Michelle. I know because she is a friend of mine and I know her mothers name.
Post 102 you ust showed what an idiot you are. To the others no harm no foul, you are just mistaken.
My thoughts are with you LMP

102. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody. Her parents were big time dopers. Saw Michelle Phillips on a PBS show-she still looks stoned. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Posted at 4:17PM on Aug 27th 2008 by NoPity

135. same old habits of her mom too bad.. Posted at 5:21PM on Aug 27th 2008 by rose

185. Mackenzie Phillips is an offspring of one of the girls who sang with " the Mamas and Papas." Posted at 7:53PM on Aug 27th 2008 by Dave

209. remember the mamas & the papas? mama cass? please dont forgert her..michelle phillips? aka her mom Posted at 9:28PM on Aug 27th 2008 by Doreen

243. To the person who signed her/his name "Bonnie Franklyn"....Mackenzie's father is NOT one of the Beach Boys, lame brain. That would be the woman who lost over a hundred pounds (I forget her name). Mackenzie Phillips is the daughter of a singer from the Mammas and the Papas. I know because I'm 5 yrs younger than Mackenzie and remember this. Posted at 4:25AM on Aug 28th 2008 by MJ

2243 days ago


So many of these people relapse after getting clean and sober because the treatment they get in rehabs is based on a lie.
The therapists tell them that they're 'powerless' and have 'a disease' that makes them use drugs and alcohol; so even though they stop for a while they still believe they're powerless, and diseased, and this inevitably leads them back to using.
If they only realized that they do have the power to stop, they would, and stay clean.
'Treatment' does more harm than good in the long run, because it feeds them the idea that they're powerless.

2240 days ago

Friend of Denny's    

Sure are alot of people on here that don't know who Mac''s parents are? John Phillips and Suze. I hope she can get help and get clean and sober. Some people believe if you quit drugs you can still drink. I don't think that is possible and I know Mac has quit drugs but would still drink and the next thing here come the drugs again. She is a very nice person. Even when she was on drugs she was nice to people. She is a very caring person. Now Mac come on and get it together. People are pulling for you.

2239 days ago


Wow. I know how hard that addiction is. been there. done that.
it's never easy. sometimes the obsession is gone, but then one may turn to eating, to illicit sex.
It's a daily repreive and thats all it is.
I wish her all the best.
She will be welcomed back with open arms into NA or AA. At least they are supposed to welcome her back.
It's an allergy of the body and an obsession of the mind. Those who actually stay clean are getting a gift from God.
No one can take their recovery for granted.
Some believe that relapse is part of the disease. Not everyone. However it's usually those who have never relapsed.
Get up, dust yourself off Mac and get back at it, and hold your head high.
Just do the best you can...

2239 days ago


Post 283

You are what is wrong with this world. Just jump on the bandwagon when someone is down. I've posted before I'm a friend of Lauras and she is a warm hearted person and a wonderful friend to all that know her.

Post 281
I knew Denny too, not as well as Laura. she introduced to him years ago when they were on tour. I was around him and John and Spanky for about a month. They were/are really great people. I am still in contact with Laura every now and then and even less with Spanky but love them both.

2232 days ago
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