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Matilda Ledger Gives Mommy the Runaround

8/27/2008 2:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle Williams got her cardio workout in by chasing after her precious daughter Matilda down a NYC street on Wednesday.

Heath's little lookalike turns three in October.


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No I dont have kids but I have nephews and neices and they know to stay put while out or they get repermanded or a spanking. So Smelly oops typo I mean Shelly put that in your pipe and smoke it! Also to the young lady who said it would be a racist statement if she said the same thing about other races..... no it wouldn't unless you called them out of character. I never once in my post said keep your tribes or little savages in line see that would come off as vile and racist. My statement was just a warning to watch out for your little ones so there wont be any panic like in Miss Michelles face up above........Statistically speaking I've seen way too many Caucasion people at malls going through a ton of unnecessary procedures just because they
were way into their shopping or conversations to notice their child walking away towards the candy aisle or whatever shiney object caught their attention off in the distance......

2217 days ago


the kid is probably glad to be out of that stroller for once.

2217 days ago


That picture made me smile, as I was just doing the very same things a few hours ago with my 2 year old. Too cute.

2217 days ago


My autistic son did this when he was three, They bolt so fast. Mine chose to dart into a Victoria's Secret and then ducked into the nightgown rack. He started darting from under long nightgowns and then I couldn't find him at all. Turns out a salesgirl located him without myknowledge and took him in a back room to call security. Meanwhile I was in front of the store talking to security and freaking out. Then the place was then surrounded by three security guards calling and looking everywhre. If the sales girl had kept him in plain sight, it would have been a lot easier for everyone. Needless to say it was terrifying.

So to the ppl saying keep you kids close - It's not always the parent's fault! I was holding my son's hand when he bolted.

(This pic of Michelle and Matilda is really cute, and I love Matilda's name)

2217 days ago


Run Forest Run!

2217 days ago


CC - does it look like Michelle was shopping? Didn't think so... I've worked around kids of all races, and besides the habitually abused or neglected, all kids have a 'free spirit'. ALL PARENTS

2217 days ago


CC---You're an idiot. This isn't limited to white people. I can tell you PLENTY of times when African American and Mexican (I limit to just those two races because they're the only one's I've seen) children walk around aimlessly on the sidewalks of their neighborhoods on busy streets. What kind of parental supervision is that?

2217 days ago


Cute picture.

CC, I have seen parents (all races btw) walk out of grocery stores pushing carts, with the children following way BEHIND like little ducks, where the mom can't even see them. I can't fathom why the parents wouldn't have the kid by the hand, in the cart, , holding on to the cart, or being held by someone else. Especially in a busy parking lot! I've seen this quite a bit though.

2217 days ago


I would imagine that at the time it wasn't "cute" to Michele, probably scared the #$%^ out of her!! Looks like she has her hands full with that little one.

2217 days ago


Adorable little girl.

2217 days ago


No. 20 CC: My guess is you don't have children and you are a member of a minority, an isolated member of your minority. There is no other reason I can think of for such an ignorant statement. Of course you could also just be trying to stir up sh*t. Whatever, you sound like an idiot. That's OK, idiots have the right to be idiots in this country.

2217 days ago


CC - I wasnt offended by you saying that caucasion (or white) kids are running around. I was just saying that if I had made the same comment you made and said "black" kids are running around, you would freak out and call me a racist.
It is besides the point of the post. I DONT CARE that you mention WHITE kids specifically. If I had made that same comment, mentioning black kids, you would call me racist. Thats the point i am trying to make - i do not think nor am i saying you are racist. Its just funny to me that other races can get away with saying things like that (things that arent meant to be racist) but a white person cant becuase they are automatically judged as being racist.

I am in more disagreement that you are judging moms then the fact that you mentions white people. I really dont care about that.

2217 days ago


CC, one other thing. You are as racist as they come but you don't want to admit it. You sound EXACTLY like a "Caucasion" racist who swears up and down they aren't. Yeah, right. Racism—it comes it all colors.

2217 days ago


P.S. I reprimand my child when he runs away or is disobedient, but it doesnt matter. Some children are born much more stubborn than others.

2217 days ago


This picture made me laugh out loud. Poor Michelle. Matilda looks like she's in heaven while her poor mother is experiencing one of the nine circles of hell right behind her.

2217 days ago
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