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The Ultimate Mayer Hoax?

8/27/2008 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe Jen Aniston and John Mayer are pulling the ultimate prank.

Sure John blabbed all about his breakup with Jen to our cameras, but what if it was all a clever ruse.

How else do you explain the ring Jen was sporting last night at Madeo?


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I don't understand the comments about her hands. She has the hands of a woman who is in excellent shape. See, the way it works is, when you exercise a lot, your veins get larger because you are exercising your heart and the more you do that, and the better shape you are in-the larger the veins in your hands will be. Not rocket science here. If you have ever seen her arms, you would understand it. She has amazing arms. And for the person who said she is flat chested-have you ever really looked at her-the woman has an amazing body. She isn't a favorite of mine but talking about her hands like they are disgusting is just dumb. She has the hands of someone who is in great physical shape.

2247 days ago


She is a pretty private person I doubt she would be in on any joke TMZ,

Her hands show the stress and smokes she's gone through, he isnt worth it, he is a waste of time and even he admits it.

Good artist yes, good man not so much no, he needs to grow

2247 days ago

2 cents worth    

Oh for heaven's sake, it's just a RING!
And it doesn't look like an engagement ring anyway.

2247 days ago


Forget the ring, look at her hands. The bod is young looking but the hands are not. Better take Diane Keaton's way out - gloves!!!

2246 days ago


She's one hot and pretty woman. We all have veins in our hands or at least I
hope you do. Take a close up and enlarge it a bunch and see how your
hand looks. She looks busy, happy and going on with her life. She is
probably a lot happier than all of us people than sit here on the computer
running people down all day. She made a heck of a lot more than I
did last year and she didn't even need a man to do it. It's just a ring.

2246 days ago


Bend your hand, take a close-up and then enlarge it. I hope
you have veins cause if you don't you are in trouble. She
is going to a business meeting, maybe it's a good luck
ring. She a good looking woman. You don't have to
have a man to be happy, busy and live your life. Some
times it is better not to. A cheating one is worse than
none at all.

2246 days ago


She has old hands

2246 days ago


Much ado about not a damn thing! So she bought herself a ring. Whopee! I'm with the person who said she probably deliberately wore it on her left hand, just to get some attention.

2246 days ago


MY GIRL IS STILL FLY ( for a babe in her forties or getting there) and only brad pitt could leave a fly girl for an even flier one.!! ~Angelina is one hot mama!! no way is brad ever going back there, but at the same time.. jennifer got stiffed good and proper by brad's "pitting" behaviour...proving that all men are dogs cos they like to bark up any old tree.!heck , it doesnt matter how fine you are.. even kate moss got her ass wooped by that junkie wassuhisname..

2246 days ago


whats with the hands obsession.. she has the hands of a woman who works out a lot .. its not about being thick or whatever some idiot was saying on here.. its about physiology.. you can be skinny and have big hands and fat or obese and have very slim hands..angelina jolie has similar hands very bony and skinny looking..jen is fine and takes care of her body.. end of story what has that got to do with the price of potatoes on this particular topic..and of course john mayer gets away with his dog gone behaviour too..

2246 days ago


all you haters should leave jen alone and go look up brad's pitts or something... when the time is ritght she will find "the one"... having not done any harm to anyone i dont understand why there is so much hate for anyone..she didnt take any one's husband, she is no sienna miller.. she just wants to find a man to love her .. i think she needs to think outside the box and stop dating the usual suspects cos they will let her down.. she needs a real man from the real world out there.. one who may be in show business but not be a performer.. and she should not be so clingy it scares men off... no matter how fine you are.. men run from committment .. maybe jen has to get thru her own issues and sort out what she really wants in her head before she moves on to the next guy....

2246 days ago


OMG! Jen and Angelina have the same hands!

2246 days ago


What is wrong with this Girl...Find someone and have babies!! Please get those genes out there.

2245 days ago


Where did she get those hands...
Even E.T. hands are better than hers...
hey by the way, despite her eyes and her hair trying to hide her chin... what else is valuable in her body.
Her boobs? Her large legs?? C'mon , please open you eyes!

See, there is no need to workout , if you smoke at the same time lol!!

2245 days ago


look at AJ hands how old does she link. love you jen. leave her alone

2234 days ago
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