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Clubber: "Bad Girl" Popped Off, Broke My Face

8/28/2008 7:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The craziest, most violent and baddest "Bad Girl's Club" member of them all is under serious fire for doing what she does best -- poppin' off and puttin' some fool on his ass!
Tanisha Thomas: Click to view!
Tanisha Thomas is being sued by a guy who claims she bashed him in the face with a beer mug during an eye-bangin' smackdown at a Hollywood nightclub back in November. According to the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Kenneth Corrales claims he was just hangin' out when Thomas acted "in a manner not conducive to normal society" and caused a "deep laceration" to his forehead with a beer mug.

The entire brawl was caught on tape by the "Bad Girls Cub" camera crew, promoted, and featured in an episode -- in which a medic can be seen pressing a bandage against the guy's forehead. After the fight, Thomas was arrested, booked and locked up for a few days.

Corrales is suing Thomas and Bunim-Murray, the company that produces the show, for an unspecified amount of cash. Calls to their reps have not yet been returned.


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What a stupid ghetto bitch. She deserves it.

2224 days ago


She needs to date S. Knight.

2224 days ago

Deliman in the 206    

With a name like "TANISHA" her parents never gave her a chance I know that feeling and 1st

2224 days ago


That is stupid, I saw the video and she did not hit the guy. The fight was caused by some stupid girls who were desperate to get on camera and a fight broke out and Tanisha was trying to get some of her girls out of there. She was not trying to fight.

2224 days ago


I am almost embarrassed to say I saw that show (not the whole season, the one in reference) and she didnt have anythign to do with the fight at all. She ripped one of her girls out of the fight. She was just the "big black girl" they assumed did it. I can't believe after watching the episode the guy is still suing her! Now keep in mind, she was trash to the fullest and has probably done something like this before but this dude is in the wrong, and being a sissy for getting in the middle of a bar brawl. Too bad if she woulda kept her mouth shut instead of yelling and carrying on it could have been resolved.

2224 days ago


Well what do you expect? They glorify these worthless trashbags and seem to send out the messages it's okay to be a stupid loud-mouthed pig. I mean I guess it's okay in the sense it gives me some funny creatures to laugh at.

2224 days ago


i seen that episode i thought the outcome was she didnt do anything thats why the charges got drop....that guy is stupid i hope he just makes an ass out of himself... tanisha was ghetto and annoying but come on this ass was all up in the mix if he didnt want a beer mug thrown at him he should of got the hell out of the way,,,,

2224 days ago


i saw that episode, she was like the ONE girl NOT involved in that fight. that's messed up. Hope the film gets her off-it really seemed like they only arrested her bc she was the black one, so she must have done something. Can't believe cops really stereotype like that! I was thinking that SHE is the one who should have sued for unlawful arrest!

2224 days ago


and damn, some of you people are so racist! what ugly people-PLEASE don't reproduce!!!

2224 days ago


Some White people are still so racist!! When can we move on from this..I am sometimes ashamed of my people.
Black people have been through so much and we still continue to make it hard for Obama said we need to CHANGE I can't wait til Obama is president..I believe he is the one to UNIFY us. (this girl may have been loud..but she is not the one thats wrong here)

2224 days ago


Why do young woman speak or any one speak with this ghetto accent? And it has nothing to do with being black, white, spanish, asian,..etc. Will they talk like this when they are 50, 60 or 90? They all seen to have bad attitudes and she had the biggest mouth out of all. Maybe she should have shut up and gone home if she had a bad feeling about her night out. Bunch of losers, very sad.

2224 days ago


This woman is an overblown, big-mouthed, bully! She desperately needs someone to kick her fat butt.

2224 days ago

Crack is WHACK!!!!!    

I seen the episode and TANISHA HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GLASS BEING THROWN AT THAT IDIOT....apparently the rest of you who cannot not get that through your THICK STUPID heads are you all from the same planet as this idiot who is trying to sue someone who had nothing to do with his skull being bashed in...I wonder if he was damaged before or after that glas was bashed to his BIG head......geeez!

Stupid TMZ

2224 days ago


Who is Tansha Thomas? Really I have no clue? If someone could tell me I would appreciate it? A lot of the people that are apparently famous for going to clubs I don't have one clue who they are.

2224 days ago


I you guys or the judge, attorneys whatever, go back and watch the episode, Naveen did the smashing...all she did was try to pull Naveen out of the rumble. I don't know why people have to always assume the black girl did it. But the episode itself says it all. Yes I've seen all of that season more than once and yes tanisha does pop off all of the time, but the only person she actually hit was that nasty-a** sorry excuse for a mother jenna. I will go to court and testify on her behalf for that.
Okay people, i want you all to go back and watch the episode with an open eye and you can witness it for yourself. That's why tanisha was so upset at naveen and the hanna....she knew and even said in the episode that it wasn't her and she was a product of unfair racism. I'm telling you folks, watch the episode.

2224 days ago
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