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McCain's VP

Miss Alaska Loser

8/29/2008 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before she was named McCain's Vice Presidential nominee today, no one except for the seven people who live in Alaska ever heard of Gov. Sarah Palin -- or that she came in second place at the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant.

Sarah Palin
Palin did win Miss Wasilla and the coveted Miss Congeniality award. So who cares what her
economic plan is?

V.P. Nominee was once Miss Wasilla, Alaska


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eric frederick    

Smart, Hot and she can play hockey and basketball. She is an Angel from Heaven!
Sorry Obama but gotta go with the hot babe. Joe Biden was a losing choice instead of Hillery. Probably the worst blunder in the history of politics. BIG MISTAKE!

2215 days ago


120. Just what we need . . . another gun shootin', white trash, bigoted Christian in office! America is so f-ed!! . . . and we wonder why people think we are a bunch of ignorant hill-billies!! It is time to move out of this terrible nation!! If these relgious people want to live in a theocracy perhaps they should try living in Iran. EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS ARE THE NEW KKK!!!

Posted at 12:53PM on Aug 29th 2008 by blonddudesf

WILL YOU MARRY ME blonddudesf?!?!?!?!!??!!?!

2215 days ago


His BARBIE DOLL WIFE? I'm astounded by the ignorance here. Cindy McCain is an accomplished businesswoman as well as a humanitarian. How totally sexist of you, judging someone on their looks? How very liberal of you. She has more experience to be the POTUS than Obama. How rich that the Obama campaign speaks of inexperience when referring to Sarah. She has more experience than Obama and he's on TOP OF THE TICKET. This was a stroke of genius, the Republicans are jazzed and you guys are going to lose.. SO SORRY! Hillary would have beat them all....SUFFER. I know you're all waking up wondering why you got married last night! It's GLORIOUS! Good always triumphs......SUFFER SUFFER SUFFER....

2215 days ago


To belittle our Alaskan Governor is a shame. Do you have nothing better to do but to focus on the stupidity of something that happened over 20 years ago. Governor Palin has done wonders with Alaska. She is a strong woman who deserves more regonition than the fact that she lost some dumb ass pageant in 1984. She has helped Alaska's economy and has helped give some sort of relief to us Alaskans here. She's been nothing but a positive role model for young children and adults alike. Why doesn't TMZ try focusing on things that matter that are positive about Governor Palin than something so trivial. TMZ has gotten low, first making fun of a young gold medalist olympist and now one of the greatest Alaskan Governors. Try being positive once in awhile TMZ. It wouldn't hurt.

2215 days ago


LOL! I can't wait to watch the vice presidential debate... It'll be like watching a one-armed man (or woman) going up against Michael Phelps on the 100M breast stroke..
What a total Gimmick on McSame's part.... You can just hear the desperation in the wind.

2215 days ago


Let us NOT forget that Obama has just over 4 MONTHS of experience collectively... LESS political experience then McCain's VP pick.

2215 days ago

McCain Voter    

Please people -Can we all agree that we need change .? It doesn't matter what color the person is, it's the views they stand for.

2215 days ago


124 oh yeah, I seriously hope you are not a registered voter. You are the epitome of ignorance. Obama love child? Hardly, you all can own that one along with Sentaor Edwards. You have no idea whether this woman has had extra-marital affairs or not. Hell, we never knew Clinton did either, until Monica swallowed and dripped on her dress. And then what did he say, "I did not have sex with that woman"! Interesting. With women thinking the way you do, it's a good thing Hillary didn't make it and America does not need nor want bitter, man hating gay women in office!

2215 days ago


Liberal/socialist seems upset with choice, wonder why

2215 days ago


Experience? You're all kidding right? Alaska is one step above a boy scout camp, with problems that in no way shape or form line up with problems/issues in other parts of the country. Irrelevant that she was a mayor in Alaska, she may has well have been a girl scout troop leader! I seriously doubt she could apply anything she has learned on the job there in Washington.

If the performance bar is so low that you can walk into it, without even jumping, being barely competent makes you look like a hero.

2215 days ago

we will miss MJ    

GREAT choice, my decision is sealed McCain/Palin 08... Obama's speech last night was boring, I was hoping he would sway my vote his way with his speech..not so much. McCain has now proved to all that he is not Bush all over again. The Bush dynasty is all about the good ole boy's club, Bush would never have been "allowed" to pick a women running mate, John went the other route and mixed it up good and has now proved he is his own man. I think Obama screwed himself out of this race by picking Biden who by the way is a card carrying member of the good ole boys club which equals no change. To all you racist idiots, Obama is half white, his white mother and white grand parents raised him, he met his black father one time when he was 10 who do you think he favors.. Like most black men his father had 6 more kids with 4 different women and he raised none of his children..Obama has more in common with white folks than black just not enough experience to be president this go around and his VP choice has lost the election for him.

2215 days ago


shmeeka "peaches" is not a black person!

2215 days ago


As a matter of fact, she has more administrative experience than any of the other three in the race. And she got robbed on that Miss Alaska thing, though the black woman there is about 50 times better looking than Michelle Obama--maybe I could throw a flag over her face and do it for "old glory" but that'd be about it.

2215 days ago


UMM isn't she AGAINST abortion???? I still want my right to do with my body what I choose, so I will pass.

2215 days ago


SHE COULD TAKE McCain over the top. 24 years ago she was in a beauty contest and so what? She's a brilliant woman who can bring to the VP office exactly what we need. Instead of Obama whose friends OVER 20 years are Rev Wright, bomber Ayers, Farrakhan, Resko whose favors they've exchanged (guy didn't sell him that place for nothing) and more. I am a Democrat for Hillary and I'm excited I'll be able to vote for a woman and against left wing tax wild Obama. This woman is a great speaker with a wonderful loving family who can fit in as VP and her experience will come to be proven as it has. She'll be a quick learner in all she does and she's been a governer who has run things and the only one to run a state. I AM VOTING FOR McCain Palin !!!!

2215 days ago
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