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McCain's VP

Miss Alaska Loser

8/29/2008 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before she was named McCain's Vice Presidential nominee today, no one except for the seven people who live in Alaska ever heard of Gov. Sarah Palin -- or that she came in second place at the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant.

Sarah Palin
Palin did win Miss Wasilla and the coveted Miss Congeniality award. So who cares what her
economic plan is?

V.P. Nominee was once Miss Wasilla, Alaska


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If you listened to Jeremiah Wright's sermon then you would know he wasn't speaking hate or racism he was speaking truth. I love my America but America is racist get over it.

2180 days ago


Palin is an excellent choice for VP she is smart, agressive, and fights for the rights of the people she is championing at least she has experience as a LEADER granted Obama has Washington experience but was the last real thing he LEAD? She has more international and miliatry experience than Obama. Vote McCain Pailin 08!

2180 days ago


McCain/Palin are supported by slimeballs Newt Gingrich and Tom Delay at the RNC. McCain/Palin are SLIME.

2180 days ago


That Traitor Lieberman gets along well with all the sleazeballs at the RNC.

2180 days ago


Let's be truthful - when I first heard the news about her daughter
being pregnant - I thought - "Oh No". It bothered me because I knew
it was going to give the hateful liberals more ammo against her. I
imagine there are some conservatives who also will no longer vote for
her because of her daughter's situation. The more I have seen,
however, my support for her has only strengthened. She's not only
talking the talk - she's walking the walk. I can sincerely identify
with her - having children 13 years apart. One could make me a
grandparent any day - one is in elementary school, and although I
have preached "abstinence" and "safe sex" for years, my oldest child
is beyond my control - despite his upbringing. Now if Sarah were a
liberal, she would've ended her own pregnancy when she found the
child had Down Syndrome, and she would've taken her daughter to get
an abortion as well. It would've made her life and her daughter's
life so much easier. But she didn't. She's pro-life - so they both
had/are having their babies. THAT is the courageous choice. To have
the child and raise it takes much more courage than driving up to an
abortion clinic. So......I support Sarah, I support her daughter,
and I support both their choices. No one is perfect. Let the first
one who IS cast the first stone. Can't find a rock, can you? I
didn't think so.

2180 days ago



2180 days ago

Hadit Repub    

McCain committed political suicide when he tried to pander to the wouldbe Hilary voters instead of a person that would run the country if something were to happen to him. What a bonehead. She's hot also....women (feminists) HATE that. Nobody wants to hear about someone masturbating to pictures of our Vice President. Average American women don't trust hot chicks - - especially in a powerful position. I don't blame them. McCain is repeating history. He will receive the same results of the Mondale/Ferrero ticket. He is putting too much trust into his lame political handlers. If he is receiving bad advise as pre-president, what kind of advise will he receive when he is president?

2180 days ago


SHE WILL MAKE A FINE VP....SHE HAS A it and weep LIEberals.WEALTH of experience more than the muslim candidate.and he picked a baby-killing plagiarist

2179 days ago


She will have to choose between politics and family. With five kids and one a special needs child and one on the way. There will not be quality time for family or country.

2179 days ago


Sarah Palin is getting raked over the coals and for what? In regards to Sarah Palin's pregnant 17 year old daughter Bristol, does it really matter? It is not Bristol who is McCain's VP running-mate. In regard to Sarah Palin's husband, Todd, does it really matter that at the age of 22 he got a DUI? Look at Ted Kennedy's past bouts of alcoholism and the incident leaving one lady DEAD, and ALONE! Remember, Mary Jo Kopechne being left in Ted Kennedy's car July 18, 1969? Was he not also intoxicated, allegedly. In regards to Sarah Palin's ability to be a mother of five, does it really matter? Isn't it a fact most women in America who have children work outside the home? Either to bring more money into the house or because they are women raising their children alone? And so many women have to work, because "Child Support" has failed so many children. It is so easy to pass judgement onto someone else, but look around your own backyard, before passing judgement on someone else's life.

2179 days ago


Wow, after reading through these comments maybe we have brought all of this on ourselves. No qualified person want's to run for office. From reading these comments we want to elect an angel and throw them in to a den of devils. We deserve better than our choices but who wants to live under a microscope that has been placed upon anyone who wants to serve publicly when all the extremest liberal and conservative bases do is jump on one sensational item after another. It is clearly limiting the candidate pool and any factual discussions and debate. I hope you all understand you are being manipulated by the political machines of either the liberals or the conservatives. The moderates of this Country need to start speaking up as both the liberals and conservatives have to date not served us well. We as a people should start demanding what we want as a qualified candidate. I don't believe any of the candidate's to date make the grade for various reasons. What a shame! Also, McCain is not Bush and Obama is not a Clinton. They are who they are, a moderate who is bending to the conservative right and a liberal who is bending to the moderate, both respectively to get elected. It has all become a game because we have allowed it to become one. We are witnessing the dumbing down of the American public and they are going like cattle. Wow! Shame on us.

2179 days ago


Sarah Paiin may be a very capable,very smart young Governer of Alaska with a very promising future .But, I feel it is an irresponsible choice of John McCain to choose her to run with him as his V P. She has so little experience in Government and National and World Affairs. Heaven help our Country if something should happen to McCain (should he be elected our next President) and this young woman is catapulted into the most powerful job in the world.. the Presidency of the United States.!!

2179 days ago


I vote yes for Mrs. Sarah Palin. She is terrific. Breath of fresh air. Can't wait to vote for this outstanding ticket.

2179 days ago


Another far-left bottom-of-the-barrel puppet group for "Change".

2179 days ago


Yes, I would.

2179 days ago
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