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PETA to DMX -- We Hope they Ruff You Up

8/30/2008 10:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DMXRapper DMX aka Earl Simmons won't be looking to PETA for support when he faces felony drug possession and animal cruelty charges in Arizona.

The animal rights group has written prosecutors, asking the judge to throw the book at Mr. X, urging that the sentence include a psych evaluation.

Authorities say DMX had 12 pit bulls, all of which showed clear signs of neglect. They also found three dead dogs, buried on his property back in 2007.

This is his second run-in with authorities on animal cruelty charges.

PETA is wants the judge to make D's world a pet-free zone for as long as possible.


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I think PETA talks out of both sides of their mouths however, DMX, needs to be hung up by his balls!

Just a total waste of sperm!

2191 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    


Dude. Why does this guy keep getting arrested?

oh. screw peta.

2191 days ago


DMX is just a moron and wannabe hard man rapper. He needs hard time to smack some sense into him. He should also be banned from having an animal for life.

2191 days ago


I'm with PETA on this one. Animal cruelty is never acceptable and he should spend a few years in prison. Anyone who could abuse animals would have no problem abusing humans.

Useless thug.

2191 days ago


PETA should have a heyday with the new VP candidate Sarah Palin. Can't wait for them to take her on!

2190 days ago


he deserves to have his balls chewed off by a rabid pit bull.

2190 days ago

blue pen    


*hands DMX some lub* Mr bum-bum is going to need it!

2190 days ago


How about teaming his ass up with Michael Vick? These two animal haters/killers deserve eachother.

2190 days ago


The thug life.....what a joke. Why would any young man want to imitate this? These rap stars get a chance to better themselves in the world, yet never step away from the ghetto trash attitudes. Someone asked "why does he keep getting arrested?",,,,,how obvious does it have to be? The man broke several laws and is not above any of them, no matter how much money he might throw around. He will become just another imate number without an entourage. Poor thing.

2190 days ago


I wish this loser would get some real jail time. He'll probably get a fine & probation because the laws against animal cruelty just aren't strict enough. I support PETA in their endeavors.
And he sucks as an actor.

2190 days ago


If PETA didn't insist that EVERYONE who doesn't agree with their crazy ways to get a psych evaluation, then when they were right about someone needing one, no one will listen to them. PETA is a prime example of the 'boy who cried wolf"

2190 days ago


Wow all these comments.....Eddie Griffin was right.
OJ Simpson.....acquitted for killing a white woman and her white friend.
Kobe Bryant....accused of raping a white woman, gets off the hook.
Michael Vick....let a few dogs fight each other, he gets 23 months

Moral of the Story......kill a white HUMAN,but don't dare kill a four legged animal.

2190 days ago


Screw you "Sickening"
I hope the judge throws him in jail and he is never allowed to own a pet again.
Abuse and animal, go to jail

2190 days ago


Another uneducated low-rent thug. Send him, away and we're all better off.

2190 days ago


i supported dmx via buying his cd's over the years - now i've tossed the cd's, lost the love for the "man" aka PUNK, and i'm helping to support the puppies and dogs he left to die, by donating to the maricopa sheriff's MASH unit - thanks, sheriff joe! dmx should be subjected to everything he subjected those dogs to...he needs serious psych help...

2190 days ago
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