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Brad's Little Girl -- Walking is for Commoners

9/2/2008 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt arrived in Cannes holding his eldest adorable daughter Zahara on Tuesday.


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Seriously, I doubt if any of the haters on here go around with a smile on their face all the time. She's a beautiful little girl, from a beautiful family. If you can't see that, re-evaluate your own life and find out what made you so full of hate.

2209 days ago

DMX hater    

this child looks like something my dog did in the yard!! ewww!!

2209 days ago


>> That ugly kid always has such a scowl on her face. ...Bet she beats up beautiful Shiloh. They will all hate each other if and when the money runs out.. Hope Shiloh stays close over the years to her natural blood siblings. Bless them all.

Posted at 10:05AM on Sep 2nd 2008 by blaburg>>

Blaburg, Jen, TruthHurts, and the rest of you racist MoFos::

Do you really enjoy beating up on a helpless child -- just because she's black? You and people like you are the scurge of the world. Just sickening. You and your rhiny rugrats probably look like $hit yourselfs. Well, the world will have less of your kind in 2040. Can't wait until people like you with your mindset peter out. The world will really be a better place then. And until then, A POX On YOUR HOUSE !!

2209 days ago


To all the racist who are making comments on this baby's looks. Not only is she beautiful, but she is quite lucky to have two parents who love her dearly. Brad Pitt is hot and will always be. I am so sad that as an adult some of you find it necessary to put down a child. What rock did you crawl out from under. This is a child. Just because you hate her parents, for no reason, since you do not know them nor they you. I find it offensive that when ever a child of color is presented the first thing mentioned is her hair. What difference does it make about her hair. She has wonderful soft curls. Enough said. Some of you need to drop to you knees and ask forgiveness about your racist comments. You are ugly beyond words and should be ashamed of yourselves. Hiding behind a blog does not hide what your really are. Go ahead and pull out the sheets already.

2209 days ago

Ms. Smith    

That Zahara is so cute. I can see her modeling someday. I would be cranky too if folk were always taking my picture.

2209 days ago


She looks like a tough mother F%^&er!

And, can their children walk? Seriously!

2209 days ago


She looks like a little Naomi Campbell, better keep the cell phones away from her..... I'm just saying!!!!!

2209 days ago


I think she is way more beautiful than her adopted mother. She's also a lot smarter, wise and stronger than Ange. She just gets scared by all the photographers. I think Z would love a puppy for her next birthday.

2209 days ago


I'm sure the people at TMZ obviously use the term "adorable" loosely. That kid has what's called the "Pound Puppy Syndrome ", meaning she was very cute when Angelina decided to purchase.. I mean "adopt" her, then when she got a little older,not so cute anymore! Sorry "Brangelina" , no returns on these impulse buys!! By the way, her egomaniac "parents" carry her like an accessory so frequently because they know it benefits their image and makes them look like devoted,loving parents. You know that most of the time the souvenirs ..I mean adopted kids , are being schlepped around by nannies and/or bodyguards, especially during the few times when they know cameras aren't around!!

2209 days ago


What would "Z" model, maid uniforms?

2209 days ago


Thanks for reminding me that racism is alive and strong in America. And just like another poster said, the more insult you say about this beautiful little girl, the more you are blessing her. Zahara is so beautiful. She just doesn't fall under what Mainstream "White" America defines as beauty. Thank GOD for people like the Jolie-Pitt who stands for equality, love and peace throughout the world. We do exist. LOL!

2209 days ago


Dummies, Zahara is beautiful and you just wished you had what she has. Ha ha!

2209 days ago


She has that mean scowl on her face like Michelle Obama. Looks sort of like her too.
Those adopted kids are going to be zealous because the media will always pay more attention to the biological children.
It is going to be a hell on earth in that house when they get older.
Brad is sure not attractive like he used to be. He always looks so tacky and wears those stupid hats.

2209 days ago


she needs a comb, brush, and some hair grease. Some bows... better yet, take her to a black hair care stylist. There is no dang reason her hair always looks like that.

2209 days ago


There is something seriously wrong in this world when people trash a small child and call her ugly. All of you who say such things...I feel really sorry for you that your parents didn't love you enough. She is beautiful....fuzzy hair and all. If people constantly followed me around taking my picture....I'd have the same look on my face, but as an adult, I could tell them all to go &*%& themselves.

2209 days ago
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