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Sarah P.

Haven't We Seen You Before?

9/3/2008 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alaska Governor turned VP nom media sensation Sarah Palin is a huge inspiration to a lot of women. Turns out, she's been inspired by a lot of famous women too.

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I would like to know when TMZ is going to apologize for posting photo's of "Bristol" with guns and booze when it was actually her babby-daddy's twin sister not Bristol Palin. Poor kid. Still love the Peggy/Sarah pic though!!! Politician's are fair game, kids and family aren't...even Obama believes this.

2186 days ago


C'mon guys .. I love you most of the time. This one is way off! She looks a hell of a lot more like Karen from "Will & Grace." You should be able to have plenty of fun with that one.

2186 days ago


One thing you CAN'T accuse Sarah Palin of is being ORIGINAL! Sarah Palin is not VP or President material, she's book-burning, shooting animals from helicopters material. Oh, and I almost forgot:


OBAMA/BIDEN in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2186 days ago


I think I just urinated myself... this was just too perfect LOLOLOL

2186 days ago


Yes! Let's demand that TMZ make fun of Obama!! Let's insist that he be held to the exact same standard for a gossip site that is all about jokes and holds little to no political water in the big scheme.. Then let's cry until we get off work and go home to watch Bill O'Reilly spew the most hilariously pointless right-wing crap he can pull out of his butt for the day. The GOP in all it's glory, people.. right here on the comment boards for TMZ! And, incidentally, i too think an IQ test for voting would be great.. if not an IQ test for Republican candidates at this point.

2186 days ago


On the money. When ya'll get it you get it!

2186 days ago


Amen Rachel:

"Oh TMZ...I try to hate you. I find your comments at times cruel and unjust. But this was too perfect. You made my day. Just for today I will believe you are brilliant attributes to our crazy world. Don't get too full of yourselves- I will hate you another day- but that was hilarious."

2186 days ago


LMFAO! Seriously I find you guys annoying at times but OMG! that was hilarious! But come on you guys you know she's capable of doing the job. I mean her foreign affairs experience must be through the roof! after all, Alaska is right by Russia.. Duh! She's a great mother instilling her very concervative beliefs in her children ... haven't you heard? Her daughters keeping the baby Duh! Oh and dont forget her energy experience after all she lives in Alaska... Duh! And she auctioned off a plane on Ebay! everyone loves Ebay........ :o/ wait! What is it exactly that the Vice President does again? Someone, anyone? "Bomb... Bomb... Bomb, Bomb... Bomb... Iran!" Ahhhhh I hope this McCain hail marry move comes back to bite him!

2186 days ago


OMG!!! This is too perfect for words! And that creepy old hand is McCain's!

2186 days ago

Frank Davis    

Wow, TMZ, you entered the political arena and fell flat on your face. Just another libtard rag, I see.

2186 days ago


Why would you do this TMZ? Seriously, why? Does this make you feel important? Better than another human being? Harvey really should be ashamed of yourself for allowing this to be posted. My two daughters grew up in our home where there was plenty of conversations regarding sex and drugs, what is right and what is wrong, etc. I was a stay at home mother...putting any "career" that I may have wanted on the back burner so I could properly raise my girls. However, one of my daughters "chose" the wrong path. If someone were to blame me, like Sarah Palin is being blamed for her daughter's actions, I would be devastated. I did my best (and more).

2186 days ago


Yo Anonymous- Aren't you lucky that you didn't have to work? Isn't it just peachy that you are a republican most likely because your bread-winning husband is? And isn't it funny that with all that time for raising your family that your child still rebelled and "went down a bad path"?? Hell at least Palin has an excuse, with the exception of takin a few days a year to pop those suckers out she didnt have the time to instill any of her vast knowledge on em.. you just suck. and by the way, tmz didn't knock up your kid or palin's so stop cryin.

2186 days ago


YO lizkirby....Let me straighten your sorry ass out since I'm here. I wasn't "lucky" that I didn't have to work...I was THANKFUL. "Peachy" as you say that I'm a republican as is my husband? Well, the truth is I'm NOT a republican, and my husband, well, HE DIED unexpectedly in his early 40's. That was why I was home raising my children, as I wasn't able to do EVERYTHING as a single parent. BTW...I never said my daughter got "knocked up", because she didn't. She just went down the wrong path and made many mistakes that not only hurt her, but those who love her. I know that you're a democrat, and that you obviously are hitting "the pipe" too many times each day, so why not just lay off it and do some good for your fellow man. Oh yeah, and I'm sooooo sure you haven't had premarital sex! You're an idiot! Just thought I'd tell ya, since nobody has had the guts to.

2186 days ago


Let's try Diane her thirties...a much better likeness...

2186 days ago


Yowza.. Sorry ma'am. You're so right, let me stash my bong and take a better look at that post of yours.. Okay as the child of a single mother (completely single, though i am sorry about your husband) I had a very positive upbringing and I'll admit that i wasn't always easy. Again, my wrong decisions were not the fault of silly media outlets, OR of my mother (your point was there, the wording was lame) Anyhoo.. i'll admit to the chip on my shoulder against only the fact that i never had a father or somethin like that, who knows? i'm just so completely baked that i don't have a point anymore.. Sorry again, and thanks for your very poignant verbal beatdown. I'll be thinkin about how awesome you are when i go home to the apartment i share with my boyfriend and have sweet premarital stoner sex. oh yea, Palin still sucks!

2186 days ago
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