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Gloria Swings Lowe

9/4/2008 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman accusing Rob Lowe of all sorts of sexual misdeeds has made an unusual legal move.

We've obtained an appeal filed by Jessica Gibson's ever-shy lawyer, Gloria Allred, asking the higher court to reinstate some of the claims her client is making against Rob Lowe. It's unusual for two reasons. One -- Gloria claimed victory when the judge threw out portions of the suit and countersuit on both sides. Never heard of appealing a victory.

More significantly, by filing appeal, it freezes the ability of the parties to take depositions. Gloria basically said she was living for the moment when she could put Rob's ass under oath and take his depo. That could now be delayed for a month. It raises the Nancy Kerrigan question -- whhhhhhy?

UPDATE: Gloria just told TMZ although they can't take Rob's depo because of the appeal, "we can still obtain statements from witnesses informally." Maybe they'll try the case at Starbucks.


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Where was your proof reader when this was posted?

2204 days ago


I can't respect Gloria. It's one thing if you fight for your client's rights and judicial justice. It's another to win by any means possible. Trying her cases in the court of public opinion, inflaming the general public with alleged occurrences and manipulating the system is not what the judicial system should be about.

Unfortunately, in this day and age it is all about the win and spinning to the media. Whatever happened to ethics?

2204 days ago


see #2 you made a slight mistake.

you thought Gloria ever had ethics.

2204 days ago


To #3 Waggy

*snork* I was giving her the benefit of the doubt. Ha-ha-ha!

2204 days ago


God I wish Gloria would just fade into the sunset. Her poor family, having to put up with her must drive them nuts!

2204 days ago


Gloria is nothing but the equivalent of an ambulance chaser. Except there are no ambulances...its cameras and microphones. If you all notice...any case that's makes the news but is totally b.s., she's involved. Real clients with real cases go for real attorneys.

2204 days ago

Knock It Off    

Do you know what a female lawyer is? A well groomed street hooker.

2204 days ago


Isn't Lowe's attorney also David Duchovny's attorney?

Is their attorney the go-to guy for PERVS?

Wonder if he dreamed of defending skeezy pervs when he was a little boy. Now that's a whore.

2204 days ago


It seems pretty obvious theres one whore"The Nanny" and her media crazed lap dog washed-up lawyer Whoria Allred!

2203 days ago


Gloria Allred is a t.v. whore a witch bitch and not a very good lawyer she has a big mouth ( along with outher body parts ) and never wins her case's she just sucks the money from her clients and go's away, I wish she would go away forever.

2198 days ago

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