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It's Time for an Intervention!

9/4/2008 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone is entitled to a bad hair day and outfit every once in a while, but Helena Bonham Carter has completely used up all of her get out of styling cards!

After being spotted dressed like this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, the 42-year-old mother of two once again orthopedically stepped out in London on Wednesday, looking like a homeless aristocratic 19th Century vagabond loon.

Someone please tell Helena she's not contractually bound to dress like she's in a Tim Burton film in her real life too. Or is she?!


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you guys suck for all the above reasons...get in touch with reality idiots.

2204 days ago

label whore    

I love the heels on those shoes, I also love the carriage that she is pushing her baby in!

2204 days ago


Geeze, I read the comments to see if anyone would have posted what I would have, if I would have bothered to post - that this is her STYLE - only to discover that the preponderance of the posts are about the fact that she just lost four members of her family. So I looked it up on Google, and it's true.

That has prompted me to go through hoops of posting, in order to say that this is the worst thing TMZ has ever done (and there has been competition in that). In fact, this is the most insensitive, stupid thing I have ever seen ANYONE of the "stature" of TMZ EVER do.

I guess you just don't know how it feels to deal with death and tragedy. You don't understand that even going out of the house is difficult. You have the sensitivity of a toilet seat; no, LESS. Or you like to tempt karma? You can only HOPE you never go through personal devastation of this order.

I expect an apology from you, to her, on TMZ. No less. Otherwise, I will assume you are the worst dregs of the human race. Either that, or your staff consists of children with deep social adjustment problems. I've seen better behavior and sensitivity out of people confined to institutions.

2204 days ago

Lindy Lou    

WTF TMZ? She just lost a few family members...including a 14 year old. I'm done with your TV show and website, it's one thing to say this on a normal day but to show such a lack of respect is digusting.

2204 days ago


See this is why TMZ sucks. They trash people no matter what!!! I hope you all go threw what she has been threw in the last 2 weeks, and than someone takes a picture of you, than trashes it. You are trash, and from now on, I will go else where get my celeb gossip. WWTDD kicks ass, and now I have a new favorite. I want you to publish an apology, not only that but on air also. Until that happens, bye bye trash. P.S. nevermind, how am I going to hear or read it. bye bye forever

2204 days ago

cavity creep    

If I saw someone like her coming down the street towards me, I would cross over to the other side of the street. She looks weird.

2204 days ago


you're all going to hell.

2204 days ago


seriously. people making fun of a person grieving the loss of a loved one. that's where they go. hell. and that's where you're going.

2204 days ago


Not nice at all! TMZ lay off her - this is NOT the time to pick on her. And even though, I wouldn't go out like that.. I applaud her balls to do so.

2204 days ago


How can you do this?
She lost several members of her family
TMZ you have to apologize or I wont visit your site again
That is really CRUEL of your part

2204 days ago


Honestly, although it is a tragedy that she has to deal with the loss of her family members, that is not the most valid reason for TMZ to halt the bashing of Helena's wardrobe (and others, for that matter. Mary Kate and Ashley also deserve to be who they are). Helena's clothes and mourning are actually separate issues and irrelevant to each other. I am surprised that so many people seem to think that bad-mouthing another person is contingent upon their mental state. It is not; regardless of how many people in your family die, one must still be able to define their own person. She is unique and interesting and unyielding in her fashion sense. That is a great quality to possess. TMZ should be more encouraging of such individuals instead of against it. Dare I ask if you would all be as inclined to read the story if they made a positive statement about her as opposed to a negative one? I would. Anyone else?

2204 days ago


How dare you, TMZ. How many times have you recently behaved so inappropriately about a celebrity and with a complete disregard to the fact that they are humans as well. Imagine going through the loss this poor woman just suffered.

Shame on you.

Seriously, how disgusting and dispicible can you possibly be to post such irreprehensible comments about certain people.

Harvey Levin, you continue to make poor decisions with regards to the ethics TMZ continues to not uphold and maintain. Your advertisers are going to start pulling their sponsorships if you continue to allow this.

You need to print a retraction.

2204 days ago


You are so cruel she did just have I believe 5 family members including children die in an accident. Find someone deserving of criticism such as one of our lovely politicians! God Bless you and your family Helena.

2204 days ago


OMG i had to join just so as to comment on how truely low the media have become to be mocking a woman who has just lost her teenage son among others. You are the media, surely you remember the fact she just lost them all????!!! back to perez for me, at least he has some shred of decency!

2204 days ago


Because she don't dress like a Califorinia Barbie you bash her? At least she has a sence of indivisuallity and decorum. She knows she's beautiful and don't have to put it all out ther to stroke her ego!

2204 days ago
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