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Levi & Bristol: The Writing's on the ... Finger

9/4/2008 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston is apparently doodling his way to the altar, tattooing his baby mama's name on his ring finger. Nothing says love like some regrettable ink!

In lieu of a tramp stamp, Bristol Palin went with the more traditional unwed pregnant teen engagement ring.


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He didn't look happy at all at the convention - a look on his face of "what the hell happened?" He quickly learned actions equal consequences.

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TMZ you need to leave these kids alone. They are not the VP candidate therefore they are not public figures. Right or wrong, they got pregnant and need to be able to go on with their lives without the public scrutiny. You guys just make it that much worse. Please take the high road and remove this story from your site, like you did the picture the other day.

2243 days ago


Wakeuppeople..if Nobama gets in we will pay a lot more.

2243 days ago


life happens leave them alone

2243 days ago


Ok TMZ - THAT'S ENOUGH! I am a huge TMZ fan. I visit the website daily, I watch the show and TMZ is by far one of my favorites. That is until now. Bristol Palin is NOT a celebrity, so stop treating her as if she were. This kind of stress during a pregnancy can lead to all kinds of medical complications. Not to mention, TMZ repeatedly calls her names, and makes fun of her on a daily basis. I am tired of this. If I continue seeing it over the next day or two you will loose me for sure, and I am positive that I'm not the only person who feels this way. How many people on your staff or in your life have been in this situation? I can bet you there's at least a few, and they weren't tortured on a national scale by a "gossip" site or in the media. ENOUGH - she's 17 for goodness sake! She's made a terrible mistake which will forever affect her for the rest of her natural life - LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Levi is going to marry Bristol whether he wants to or not. His future mother-in-law is either going to be governor of Alaska or VP of the US. I can just imagine his parents salivating over the idea of their son having an in-law with political clout. They couldn't have chosen a better girl for their son to knock up if they'd tried! No doubt they stand ready to enjoy the perks of being part of Palin's family circle. Levi looks unhappy but then, why shouldn't he be? He's getting married straight out of high school with no career and no education. Wow, what teenager wouldn't look forward to that? Bristol is probably the first girl he even had sex with and now he's got to marry her without even having the chance to find out if she's the one. All thanks to an accidental pregnancy. Even Alaska has to have a store that sells condoms, so ther e is no excuse for Bristol to be pregnant at 17. NONE. Palin has enough to deal with having a 4 month old Down Syndrome son and now, she's got to deal with a daughter having a kid at 17. Wow, sounds like someone needs to think more about taking care of HER family than trying to tell other people how to take care of theirs. Regardless of who becomes president, I believe Sarah Palin is a poor choice for VP. Period. She alone is enough reason for me to hope McCain loses the election. The idea of ever having her run the country is just too scary!

2243 days ago


Let's See. First, he is no where to be seen, known or for that matter - obviously avoiding this fine mess he got himself into. Then the news gets "wind" of his Myspace page stating he does not want children; then ALL OF A SUDDEN he is standing next to the Palen family at the Republican Convention. Do I smell something whorishly fishy. Could it be -- do you think -- he was talked into this.... I can hear his family, "son, do this and you are set the rest of your life; and, I can hear the "McCon" camp - "get that kid out here next to her no matter what you have to do. This has to look good so the American people are fooled into believing this crap." Ain't love sweet?

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YES WE CAN!!! - "what will he do to help the economy...haven't heard a word about that". You must be as dumb as a rock to think specific details about the economy should have been outlined already during the convention. Where are the specifics for the Democrats? Give it time, we'll get a chance to compare apples-to-apples soon.

2243 days ago


Sarah Palin supports "abstinence only" birth control. If McBush/Palin are elected this will be your ONLY choice of birth control (as well as many other limitations in our choices). Apparently she couldn't educate her daughter on this form of birth control well enough to keep her from getting pregnant. We're not supposed to speak about or bring the children into the campaign yet Whalin Palin parades her pregnant kid across the GOP stage last night while poor shotgun struck Levi hunkers by. Her speech last night was scripted, snarky and lacked substance. She compared the citizens of the USA to a dog and ridiculed the working man. Whining, grating voice droning on far too long with no points or plans. GOBAMA!!

2243 days ago


Let's recap the events surrounding the birth of "Sarah Palin's fifth child". In March 2008 (just over 1 month before the birth of "Gov. Palin's" last child), 44 year old Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin unexpectedly announced to her closest staff and friends that she was over 7 months pregnant (Palin's son, Trig Palin, was diagnosed early in her pregnancy with Down's Syndrome). The news was received as an instant shock and disbelief by all of the people who work around her the most. During the same time Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, was at home from school with "mononucleosis" (according to school classmates, she was absent for almost 4-5 months). On April 17, 2008, Gov. Sarah Palin attended governor's conference in Dallas, TX. During the conference, Gov. Palin's water broke and she started leaking amniotic fluid just prior to a 30 min. speech she was to deliver. Gov. Palin chose to give the 30 min. speech (leaking amniotic fluid and admittedly having small labor contractions). After the speech, Gov. Palin reportedly contacted her physician, in Alaska, and decided to board an 11-12 hour flight to Anchorage. While on board the aircraft, Gov. Palin never notified anyone on the flight crew that she was pregnant, having labor contractions, and leaking amniotic fluid. Flight crew members have reportedly stated that they had absolutely no idea that the governor was even pregnant and showed no signs of any discomfort during her flight. Upon landing in Anchorage (the most well-equipped neonatal intensive care units reside inside their medical facilities), Gov. Palin decided to bypass any hospital there and drive almost 1 hour away to Mat-Su Regional Hospital in Palmer, AK (Palmer, AK is a small town which Gov. Palin used to reside over while mayor of Wasilla, AK) which has no NICU in case of complications or emrgencies during delivery (keep in mind this is already considered a very high risk pregnancy). On April 18, 2008 @ 6:30 a.m., Gov. Palin reportedly gave birth at Mat-Su Regional Hospital; however, there is absolutely no record or listing of the birth anywhere at the hospital. Today, the McCain campaign announced that Bristol Palin was 5 months pregnant (that would mean she became pregnant while at home from school with "mono"). McCain's campaign gave this information freely to major news networks once they found out that news investigators were on ground in Alaska asking questions (honorable of them considering that John McCain knew this information since last week even before he announced Sarah Palin as his VP pick). Gov. Palin has stated that she first learned at four months into her pregnancy with Trig that he had Down's Syndrome based off of an amniocentesis. Considering that Sarah Palin is very notably pro-life, it is questionable why did she have an amnio performed knowing that the test itself could fatally harm the child. There are many questions left unanswered in this entire matter. Voters have a RIGHT to know about the leaders being placed in charge of the lives of all AMERICANS! Don't fight truth, TELL IT!

2243 days ago


Seriously?? You guys have nothing better to do than pick on children that did not choose to be in the limelight? They F***ed up and I'm pretty sure she knows that as well as he does. How many other pregnant teens are there and yet you choose to pick on them like they were the exception rather than the rule? How unfortunate.

2243 days ago


Back off the young ones TMZ !! Whats wrong with you people, these kids aren't even a part of the entertainment world,

You guys have finally turned me off your site . . . see ya!

2243 days ago
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