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Oprah Caught Between Barack and a Hard Place

9/5/2008 11:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is a war brewing behind the scenes at the Oprah Winfrey show, one that could force Oprah to break her allegiance with Barack Obama -- so Sarah Palin can get some face time.

According to the, members of Oprah's sharply-divided staff are putting serious pressure on the talk show queen to book the first woman on a Republican ticket -- but not everybody is on-board.

A Winfrey insider tells Drudge, "Oprah's website is getting tons of requests to put her on, but Oprah and a couple of her top people are adamantly against it because of Obama."

But after Sarah's star-making coming-out party, how can Oprah NOT book her? Decisions... decisions...

So far, O's peeps refused to comment.


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Young voter for Mc Cain/Palin ticket
she's hot

2242 days ago


Mary 64...mentally disturbed people such as yourself should not play on the along now and go pick your nose in the corner....

2242 days ago


Mary, do you really believe all wars are going to end on November 4? Ha that must be a joke right? Our country has always been in a war and it will never change. The world is corrupt and we cant do anything about it but protect it and serve it. Obama has no experience. What makes a woman real? REAL women use guns if they need to. They like to hunt for food, they play sports, they PROTECT themselves from criminals. REAL women will take a stand. REAL women will turn to God and guns anyday if they need to. All the while, giving as much as they can. THAT IS A REAL WOMAN! BANG!

2242 days ago


Oprah doesn't have to be fair or balanced; it's her world and we're just playing in it. We don't have to watch if we're offended. That's what I plan to do. Hurray for freedom of choice.

2242 days ago


#61 cheryl right on
i,m with you

2242 days ago


dot e: No one said Palin was the first woman VP candidate. She is the first REPUBLICAN woman VP candidate.

2242 days ago

Kitty Angel    

Oprah decided to use her show to endorse Obama, making it a political forum ... so equal time should be had by Palin.

2242 days ago


Surprise Surprise!!! 2008 Journalism DIED this year...unfair, dishonest, biased....same ol same ol.....

2242 days ago


Let's get real, it is her show, she should be able to do as she wants. You think Obama will be invited to be on Rush's show?? Palin is not entitiled to be on her show, that is just the facts. If you want to see Palin, then find her somewhere else, but Oprah's show, is well Oprah's show, leave it alone........

2242 days ago


Aja, Walter Mondale picked the first female for ticket.

2242 days ago


Who ever said Oprah was fair. She throws party's for blacks only. She doesn't care how crooked Obama is only that he is black. She has never backed a political person in her life until a black came along, excluding JJ and AS cause they were big jokes.

2242 days ago


If I were Palin and received an invitation to be on Oprah or the View
I would graciously decline
they have an agenda that is obvious -ratings and putting forward their own political passion at each and every opportunity-talking over each other all the time

I would not let them do it at my expense
about all they want to get across their points and will not give her a fair opportunity to discuss things

with all of the channels and shows available-many of them cable and political-she will be able to go on venues who at least try to maintain some objectivity and the best way to see her in action will be the debates

2242 days ago


The liberal left are clearly a bunch of hypocrits and they can not help but reveal their true colors. What is ok for them is NOT ok for you. They are as racist, sexist and elitist as they come. Dont be fooled America !!

2242 days ago



2242 days ago

FOR HOWARD THE BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!    

I can understand the logic behind Oprah not to put Sarah Palin on her show. But, I think she and her people should consider because of this following reasons:

More than 40 million people watch Sarah Palin's speech, on 6 commercial networks ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX NEWS CHANNEL, MSNBC, 37.2 million. PBS estimated their audience at 3.9 million. Neilsen does not count the audience for C-Span, which also showed the speech ( By the way I saw the speech on C-Span, no commercial) according to Neilsen Media Research on 9/5/08.

Barack Obama's speech was seen by 38.4 million people on 6 commercial networks (see above) along with other networks , BET, TV ONE, UNIVISION, AND TELEMUNDO. PBS added 4 million viewers.

So here's a summary:

Sarah Palin--- ----41.1 million viewers on 6 commercial channels only

Barack Obama---42.4 million viewers on 6 commercial channels plus 4 other networks for a total of 10 channels

A difference of 1.3 million in favor of Obama, not much considering that Obama is already a "Rock Star"

In my opinion considering Sarah Palin is unknown, running only for V, and Barack Obama running for President is already a "Rock Star" I think she has become a "Rock Star" herself.

Nearly 2 million more women were watching Sarah Palin than men, according to Neilsen Media Research

Joe Biden VP speech was seen by an estimated 24 million million .Viewers were far more than interested in Sarah Palin.

The audiences for the Obama and Palin speeches were bigger than the ones this year for the Academy Awards, the finale of "American Idol" or the Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing.

Good luck to Republicans and Democrats this coming November!

2242 days ago
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