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Tommy Lee Jones: No Money For Old Men

9/6/2008 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tommy Lee JonesTommy Lee Jones is suing the makers of "No Country for Old Men" for $10 mil, but not because of that horrible ending.

Jones says he was promised "significant box-office bonuses" and claims he hasn't received any.

In the lawsuit, Tommy says Paramount Pictures paid a reduced upfront fee for him to be apart of the film -- but says the studio needs to shell out a hell of a lot more dough -- now that the film is an Oscar winning hit.

Calls to Paramount have not been returned.


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Party 'till you die!    

I've heard from a few people that he is one of the biggest a-holes in all of Hollywood! Including someone who has worked around him in the industry. Just a nasty, mean, black hearted tool!

2237 days ago


Aw, he's not mean. He's just a Texas guy. They don't take no lip.

2237 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Hey, my GF is an Aggie and sweet as anything! I don't think that acting like a prick is a stretch at all for him. Especially from what my friend said. She's not a BS slinger either.

2237 days ago


"to be A PART of the film". Not "to be APART of the film. Don't you have an editor there on weekends?

2237 days ago


He's jealous. It was Josh and Javier who made that movie special.

2237 days ago


I usually don't respond to comments but I had to respond to " He's a total douche".
You shouldn't believe everything you read in the tabloid magazines and you definitely shouldn't defame him based on negative comments someone else may have just isn't right.

Tommy Lee Jones is far from being a" black hearted a-hole" as you so eloquently called him. Mr. Jones donates both his time and money to help a very worthwhile foundation that is working on finding the cure for paralysis. Both he and his wife attend practically every function and are always willing to help whenever possible. Don't believe me? Try googling his name along with the word "Paralysis" and you'll find out yourself. He's done more to help and given more of himself to help others than I"m sure you have.

If you want to know who the real a-hole is in this story perhaps you should look in the mirror and check out your reflection.

2237 days ago


It's a shame what these greedy actors get for working on a film. Up front fees and after fees and a salary on top of that or whatever. Wouldn't it be great if all jobs were like that? Get real, Tommy. Greedy b@sturd!

2237 days ago


Nothing wrong with wanting to get PAID! Heck, I bet if you're in The Business long enough, it would turn anyone into something of a bastid, having to deal with the Suits.

2237 days ago

Bimbo Baggins    


2237 days ago


He is not a nice guy. He came into the store where I was working in Central Texas several years ago and would not even say hello to anyone. He had his driver get his coffee,,,Tommy would not even touch the door! Prima donna syndrome.

2237 days ago

Sex Slave Dave    

Jones should have looked under the "no profit participation for grumpy old men actors" clause in his contract.

2237 days ago

Triple Play    

He is pathetic. It looks like he needs that money to buy new dentures

2237 days ago


Buyer beware, if it aint in the CONTRACt then times will be tough for TLJ. Promises? Maybe he is waking up to dealing with Hollywood. Too bad, I love the Coen Bros. stuff , as well as, TLJ.

2237 days ago


TMZ: The beautifully done ending was exactly true to the book, a piece of literary fiction. Sorry if it wasn't dumbed down enough for you to understand it!

2237 days ago


You people calling him out for being greedy are complete and utter idiots. He apparently signed a contract with limited up-front money on the premise that if the film made money he would get what Hollywood calls "back-end" money. It's an actor's way of investing in the movie. Sometimes it's the main way they make money (up to 90% of their earnings). It's a RISK. It's basically a bet that the movie would profit, which it obviously has, and he's not getting paid. It doesn't matter how much money you make, it's the principle of letting someone break a contract on you. I would sue them, and so would every last person on the god-damned planet.

2237 days ago
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