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Brit's Mom Didn't Spill Beans

9/7/2008 8:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More on Lynne Spears so-called "tell all" book about Britney. Lynne supposedly says a few days before Brit went completely mental, Sam Lutfi said, "If you try to get rid of me, she'll be dead and I'll piss on her grave."

Here's the deal. That story has already been told and, by the way, it's true. Lutfi even told us what he meant was that no one cared about Britney and she'd be dead without him. And, for the record, we never bought Lufti's story.

As for the London Sun getting an advanced copy of Lynne Spears' book -- something's rotten in Denmark. The Sun has said the book claims Britney lost her virginity at 14 and started taking drugs at 15, etc. etc. We're told none of that appears in the book and it's more about Lynne being a heroic mom. For the record, we're not buying that either.


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I actually wanna read that book. But whats up with Lutfi?

2215 days ago

Big Bear    

Britney never had mental issues she is just dumb as a box of rocks. They have medication for mental illness but there is no cure for stupidity!!!! Britney acts like she is Forrest Gumps twin sister!!!!!!

2215 days ago


Doesn't the Spears clan every SHUT UP about themselves? Talk about attention hungry crybabies.

2215 days ago


I have no desire to read how Lynne has pimped out her daughter since the Mickey Mouse Club days. As far as I am concerned, she is no better than Lufti.

2215 days ago


Okie Dokie #2 Kelli, nice to meet ya.

2215 days ago


who gives a crap what white trash from the south think????????????????/
please, get rid of this family

2215 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Al the dates and allegations are probably spot on, but the only bull is about Lynne being any sort of hero! She pimped out her daughter who took it to the next level and totally embraced her dirty Ho-ness. If Jamie and a bunch of people weren't around, there is little doubt she would still be doing all that stuff on her own. What's really scary is people idolize them!

2215 days ago

ANAL DriP    

Those were the days........... Bring back crazy Brittany! Entertainment every day . I really miss it!

2215 days ago


I would never comment on Brittany, but this story really takes the cake. It is amazing that Lynn Spears blames managers, and society in seeing Brittany as a sex symbol. It is a wonder why Brittany turned out the way she did. It appears that her mother basically rode her coat tail, until Brittany shut her out completely. I don't know their relationship as mother and daughter while Brittany was growing up, but was Lynn a mother or a "friend"? She knowingly allowed her daughter at a young age to have sex, take drugs, and become a popular sex symbol....and never publicly stood up for her daughter against society's evils. So what is a “tell all book” going to do, tell her side of the story? GROW UP LYNN. Be women enough to realize your wrongs, not whine and write a book. You as a mother are a travesty, due to the fact that you are currently putting your daughter's private and serious business at a time where she is attempting to heal. Who is stupid enough to believe this is from your heart and soul. This book is basically for profit only, not to show the world how much "you tried" as a mother. GIVE ME A BREAK! To be honest you'll have a few people who may be interested, but most of society really doesn’t care about your mothering ways. Basically I believe people are more interested in Brittany's comeback, instead of her past falls. I may not know the whole story, but a mother who can put her daughter’s business out there, and have a picture on the cover as if you are a hurt little puppy really takes the cake. In laments terms, as a woman and a mother, you really suck!

2215 days ago


Gee Kelli, full of yourself much? There couldn't possibly be another Kelli on here, now could there?

The mother doing this is so wrong...(as if she were ever right about anything) She looks like the world's worst mother.

2215 days ago


Gia, I said hello to the other Kelli? Get over yourself...

2215 days ago


The public is not NAIVE. We are not believing Lynne's crap, any more than we are buyin' Lyin' Biden, Krazy Kwame (Kilpatrick, Detroit's EX-MAYOR), or any other BSing public figures. You do not have to have a College Degree (although it helps), to see through all these freaky deaky idiots.

2215 days ago


Lynne spears the hero to her daughter? Yeah right. Look at what she has accomplished, one daughter a mother at 17. The other with 2 kids she has no capabilities of raising. Neither girl has any kind of education. Yeah Lynne, you really did a job on both girls. Rather than protect them and nurture them, you played the oldest game in the book with their lives and pimped them both out to the Hollywood system. I for one will not read her book. I would believe her as much as I would believe Lufti. Or Bin Laden. Already Jaime Lynn has problems, a guy who wants no responsibility for a child. Doesn't surprise me. And she thought it was going to be easy. What she is going through now is nothing...wait until the infant begins to talk and learns the word no. then comes the hard times..the teen years. Lynne, you will never be mother of the year but you definately are a "mutha".

2215 days ago


I wish this idiot Spears bunch would just disappear

2215 days ago


someone seems guilty (tmz) trying to cover up your sleezy coverage.Everyone knew this sam was a bad person but whatever get your rating up. She,s back and thank goodness sam is out of her life. can,t wait for the vma,s

2215 days ago
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