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Blasted for Cherry Pickin'

9/8/2008 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jonas Brothers all wear purity rings -- but VMA host Russell Brand got in some serious hot water with his extremely impure jokes about the Disney virgins.

Russell Brand: Click to watch
Humorless "Idol" champ Jordin Sparks ('memba her!?) defended the boys after Brand bragged he'd bag 'em all by the end of the night. Hope he stayed away from Nick -- that kid's only 15!


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I hope, from now on, all these award shows will have a Plan B. In other words, another host who can finish the show. I didn't watch the show, but it seems Plan B would have worked out better, than to have someone with NO CLASS and a potty mouth stay to emcee the whole show.. Please, I repeat, send this guy back to England...

2203 days ago


And ya'll forget..he doesn't write all of the things that he said...the MTV writers do.

2203 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I cannot stand anything about Bush, but even I thought Brand sucked bad! They weren't even worthy Bush bashing jokes! I really thought he might be funny, but he wasn't. He probably did waaaay too much coke before going on stage. And 3 out of 8 awards? Tell me that's not completely staged! I now know why I quit watching MTV at least a decade ago and this confirms why. MTV should just give up any pretense of being a 'music channel' and just rename themselves RTV-Reality Television.

2203 days ago


Making fun of KIDS because they don't want to have sex yet.....calling the President of the United States retarded....Yeah, that's "hilarious". How about some jokes about drowning kittens?

2203 days ago


Russell Brand was hysterically funny, albeit, his monologue was completely off for the audience.

I'm positive the teens in the audience and watching on television didn't get the humour. The pans to some of the singers like Britney were textbook," huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". Joking about current events to an audience that has never read a newspaper is a waste of time. He should have chosen Beavis & Butthead jokes, THAT they would have appreciated.

Sophisticated acerbic wit is wasted on the VMA crowd. They simply cannot "get it".

2203 days ago


Well, he's certainly a trash-mouthed, hair-blasted idiot.

2203 days ago


lighten up people! It seemed to me like Brand was actually making fun of his own sex addiction..... and if the Jonas Brothers don't want people commenting on their decision to stay virgins, they shouldn't have revealed that info to the public in the first place! Definitely agree with the person who wrote the VMA's were rigged. Britney Spear's winning for best female video? Give me a break! Hers was the worst video she's ever done!

2203 days ago


I had to turn off the TV after watching him. He had no class whatsoever. His jokes weren't funny and insulting a young boy band about their purity was completely distasteful.

Oh and Russell, go back to Britain where you're actually wanted.

2203 days ago


Guess what? MTV ain't the F'N Disney Channel!!! Back in my day MTV was playing videos about kicking ass, getting drunk, and getting laid. You've got McLovin getting drunk and saying the F word on stage and those stupid teeny boppers want us to not joke about purity. Bring the real MTV and get rid of this tween sh*t! Oh and Jordin babe I had sex before marriage & I ain't a slut. Good luck findin someone to bang your Fat A$$.

2203 days ago


Geez who knew how many little conservative tight-wads rread tmz. Get over it people! Russell Brand is amazing and was just telling the truth about whats wrong with our country. Wake up!

2203 days ago

Glo P    

I really liked Russell Brand.It was nice not knowing what might come from his mouth next.I am guessing that if The Jonas brothers had been teasing him..or making fun of him..that would have been fine with most people..because they seem more "normal".

2203 days ago

Lenn K.    

You got to remember this is what Hollyweird and the music business is all about. They have never cared about any kind of moral values, that's why most are on drugs, alchol or just plain crazy. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison all die from drugs and there are countless more actors and so-call singers that have too.

2203 days ago


I thought he was way out of line. I wasn't a huge Jordan Sparks fan before, but I totally respect what she said and how she stood up to him. I'm definately a fan, now.

2203 days ago


Jordan Sparks's comment on promise rings was right on. It wasn't offensive at all. She was defending those folks who choose to wear one. If you don't wear one and are still a virgin, there's nothing wrong with that either.

What's wrong with waiting until you are married??? hmmmmm,maybe it's not getting HIV, HPV, or and STD for fooling around and passing it on to the next person. you play, you pay. Sometimes with your life. Go Jordan!!!

2203 days ago


We Brits find promise rings hilarious, it has to be said.

2203 days ago
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