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Crazy Is Really, Really Expensive

9/8/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New bills in the Britney Spears conservatorship case -- No, she's not really crazy, but she's forced to spend like a crazy woman.

According to court documents, Britney's court-appointed attorney, Samuel Ingham, billed her for 663.4 hours over a seven-month period. Grand total -- $248,625. Who says you can't put a price on a mother's love?

In a separate filing, the attorney for Britney's dad, Geraldine Wyle, wants herself some reimbursements -- including $655.50 for photocopying and $25 for a private room at the courthouse. Every little bit helps.


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Attorneys. Pah! Lizard-lipped liars.

2204 days ago


Absolutely everyone wants a piece of Brit...esp. her $$$

2204 days ago


I work for divorce attorneys and $250,000 sounds like a reasonable amount for that much work. It would've cost twice that at the firm I work for...

2204 days ago

Big Bear    

The money is a drop in the bucket for Britney. Britney has fans who would buy recordings of her throwing up and call it music to their ears. The average Britney fan is not the brightest bulb in the package but they have lots of money to spend. May be a kind of sick relationship but it seems to work great for all concerned. Little people with no life can look up to a person like Britney and the mess they are in day to day. The day to day drudgery goes away for a moment while they listen to and watch Britney. I am not knocking either side because it is working for all parties!!!

2204 days ago


Maybe she can give them one of her fake awards she got last night as payment. BRITNEY SUCKS.

2204 days ago


you dont get uncrazy!!!! LOL geeeeeeeex

she's still a fruit loop and her career is about over
i'll jus wait for the englsih accent to come back

2204 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

#7's post needs to be taken down and I'm not Jewish btw...with tht said...lawyers need laws to protect the public from the gouging they ALL do.

2204 days ago

big momma    

I love Britany!!!! With all the crap she has had to go through in just the last two years its amazing that she isnt really crazy!!! Thats enough to drive a saine person crazy!!!! I would like to see any of you do a better job given the same certs! Britney is a beautiful young mother that at every turn has a camera shoved in her face so you go girl!!! You have my respect!!!!

2204 days ago


A lot of the expense she brought on herself by NOT showing up for court dates or being hours late for appointments. So dont' blame it allll n her father and the attorney's trying to straighten out HER mess.Part of her rehab should be for her to get an education and to learn to be responsible for herself.

2204 days ago

kitty cat    

according to my math - his billable hours only equal just over 4hrs a day - and let me tell you - THATS NOT THAT BAD!!! AT ALL!!!!! our legal bills (we own several oil and gas comanies) total 250k in ONE MONTH...... maybe I should contact HER atty... he actually sounds cheap.....*note to self*

2204 days ago


ha ha # 7 called himself a moron.

2204 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

Get a rich and / or famous client, pad the bill. Staff meetings will uneeded interns and jr. associates, and bill full price per hour for each. Client has now easy way of disputing nessecity

"The first thing we do," said a character in Shakespeare's Henry VI, is "kill all the lawyers."

2204 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

no easy, i mean, not now easy

2204 days ago


I'm not an attorney, but I KNOW for a fact that $375 is extremely reasonable considering the scope of the case.

2204 days ago


This girl is getting so screwed by a lot of people. GayFed how about you getting a job and quit relying on your ex wife to keep your sorry ass up. What a low life.

2204 days ago
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