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Akon -- I Didn't Smack That on Purpose!

9/9/2008 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New video has surfaced from Akon's girl-smacking concert in Guyana -- and A's people claim this footage tells a much different story than the shorter, edited version that's been heating up the blogosphere this week.
Akon: Click to watch

This version shows what happens directly after Akon nails two women who got too close to the singer. If you've seen the original, you know it cuts off right after the whacking. We're not sure this completely vindicates the guy, but check it out and judge for yourself.


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2203 days ago


never seen the short footage, but i can assume its cut after he swings and before he realizes it and helps her back up.. just an instinct move to swing when grabbed..

2203 days ago


I care Archie, because without this version of the video, pale faces all over America would want to lynch him. This clearly shows him being pulled down from the small perch and inadvertantly pulling the two women with him for balance only to come to their aid when he was more steady. I'm sure this comes to some dismay for Harveystein, who without a doubt was trying to create-a FOX-like scandal.

2203 days ago


You can clearly see that he smacks her and pushes the other one.....he knew it was a woman who was grabbing him but he should be used to fans doing stuff like that so it was uncalled for to smack her , what a jerk!!!!!!

2203 days ago


Matt Weiss, put up a poll asking our opinion!!

2203 days ago


Quetou ~ A lynching! WTF are you talking about? Really, when was the last time YOU witnessed a lynching? I suppose that was your way of inserting a racist comment towards my race!!!!! Please do youself as well as others a favor and EDUCATE youself!

I have seen this footage on another site and it did STOP after he slugged the woman. Thank you TMZ for showing all the footage. It does seem as though he is very quick to start swinging!

2203 days ago


OCD....did you even watch the video or are you talking about some other video?

2203 days ago


These girls don't look like they care at all.. What the hell are they doing jumping on stage anyway??
The other one kept on dancing..

2203 days ago

My favorite part is that this facility is almost empty. Does anyone else notice the rows and rows of empty seats streatching to eternity behind the small crowd of people immediately in front of the stage? This guy is a douche and a poser whose songs could have been written by a four year old. Move on, Akon.

2203 days ago


the first hit looks like an accident since he was falling and being pushed around. The swing around I really don't understand. Unless he was falling and swung to catch his balance how was it an accident?

Those girls should know from past videos not to get on stage with this guy! Lesson not learned I guess

2203 days ago


no it definitely looks like he knew who it was grabbing him. and why would he be pushing, shoving, or hitting anybody at a concert period! but if you look at the tape closely it looks like maybe it's been edited. like someone played the video in reverse and taped it to make it look like he picked her back up.

2203 days ago


To # 4 LIESE

I saw this video. I was also referring to the other video where he threw the young man from the stage. To be honest, I don't see the point of inviting women onstage to dry hump them, throwing people off the stage because you are having a diva hissy fit or putting yourself in a position to physically interact with concertgoers unless there is some sort of crowd control.

It's great for a performer to interact with the concertgoers within reason, but there are a lot of concertgoers who are drunk and/or high and act like idiots. A performer should consider their own safety as well as that of the crowds. Masses of energized, doped up people are not ever going to be totally under control. What you don't want to do is throw gasoline onto the coals.

2203 days ago


#13 that was a very lame attemp at a racist joke..shame on back to akon...i dont undertstand the whole vid...he looks pretty drunk or sumthin acting crazy....

2203 days ago


I'm not even a fan of this guy but it's obvious he did not smack her on purpose, tho maybe he should have for getting just a little to about violating someones personal space!!

2203 days ago


For the posters out there who are blatant racists, or those who are "acting out" and posting slurs to incite other posters, all I can say is this: I truly hope that TMZ gathers IP addresses and enough information to turn you over to the authorities.

It's one thing to have an opinion and voice it, since that is a sacred Constitutional right in this country. It is another to spew hatred or to condone or incite the taking of a life because of racial, social or political bias.

And there is nothing even remotely cute or funny about it. Those people are either disturbed, or are simply vacuous asses. Take your choice.

2203 days ago
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