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Heidi to John: I'll Be There For You

9/10/2008 8:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you're John Mayer, what better way to get over breaking up with Jen Aniston than enjoying a late night in the Big Apple with a bunch of friends, including married mother of three Heidi Klum.

After having dinner and hitting up a club with a big group, longtime pals John and Heidi were snapped leaving a hot spot latenight. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


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Toby...It's called a typo, or you could call it a mistake that I put your name on my post and no one cares who you agree with. Karma will take care of you baby...something bad will happen to you today & I want you to think of me when it does....have a nice day

2172 days ago

Toby Christensen    

To Cake:

Is "Karma" your mom's name?
Cause if it is, she already took care of me.

And I thought of you while she was taking care of me.

2172 days ago


Toby, are you 12? That was a really original post! And no my mom's name is Fred...does your butt hurt?

2172 days ago

Toby Christensen    

Nice comeback.
So your father is a tranny?

Guess when he went into your room at night he would flip a coin and call "Heads" or "Tails".

Back to the task at hand:
I expect Hedi Klum just had cataract surgery, got a good look the the fugly Seal and is now praying she would be kidnapped away, much like a discarded Mariah Carey daydream.

2172 days ago

Vajayjay moron what it means is my mom passed away years ago & my dad's name is Fred....when you said you were with my mom I just figured from your posts that you were a retard and mis took my father Fred for a woman (even though he is 6'5 300 pounds) that's why I asked if your butt hurt....

2172 days ago

Toby Christensen    

I am sure you Dad isn't the only one in the family that is 300lbs.

Isn't that right?


Again, you fail at staying the course.
Seal looks like he got more then a kiss from a rose.
It looks as if he got slapped across the face several times with the thorny stems.

2172 days ago

Karin B.    

Was ist das???
Heidi und John Mayer.
Das ist crazy.
Heidi - John Mayer ist ein Hollywood Douche Bag.
Wo ist Seal?
Er ist ein mann.
John Mayer, not so much.

2172 days ago

you really should...    

Cake...Big Bear actually referred to Seal as a "Negro"...does that not tell you his intelligence level right there? And Seal may be scarred, but it shows just what an amazing woman Heidi Klum is...being unarguably one of the world's most beautiful women...and she looked into the heart of the man and found true love. They are so perfect together, it can make even cynics romantic...but not the retarded on TMZ!

And if Seal is okay with Heidi hanging with John, and why shouldn't he be?, then it is nobody else's business. Just because they went out doesn't make either one of them "bad" or "tramps" or an "unfit" mom.

I have renewed respect for John Mayer that he is hanging with heidi. Maybe he too will begin to look more than skin deep. we can hope.

And I was all congrats to Jennifer for landing the part on 30 Rock until I read it came in conjunction with an appearance including Oprah! She can't even get on TV again without Oprah...even for sitcoms! That is a real loser!

And John has won 5 Grammy's over the course of his career. He is NOT a one-hit wonder and he is not a flash in the pan. He is here to stay. Deal with it!

2172 days ago


A whole lotta nothing about really nothing***I totally agree with you...Heidi is amazing & I know Toby is an idiot, everyone on this blog knows it, I was simply messing with him...people who talk about other people with deformities in such a way have MAJOR issues with their own selves, but in the end, all that matters is that Heidi & Seal love each other & their children & that is VERY obvious!

2171 days ago

JM too    

#53 Size does matter-- LOL! ;) He's a rock star. Women love rock stars!

2171 days ago


Heidi Klum gives John mayer a piece of advices : "John, trust me, you really have to date outside of your race!"
So now John , just "TRY!" lol.

2169 days ago


you must be crazy hedi

2168 days ago
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