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Reassembled Britney

9/10/2008 9:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Britney Spears Comeback Tour rages on as the conservatorship wonder continues to shock and awe -- kinda sorta.

And her weave is finally starting to look as healthy as she does.


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Way to go....she looks great!

2197 days ago


I guess comments are down for TMZ since Britney has not done anything nutty for a while. This is the best you can do?

2197 days ago

Big Bear    

Britney has changed her body and is wearing makeup but she still is mentally ill. The outside may be changed but the inside is the same old tired and worn Britney.

2197 days ago


Come back? How about she worries about those two kids she brought into this world instead of how much weight she can lose. So sad she would rather get back her respect with the public than her kids.....She is a poor example to all young girls.

2197 days ago


She Quit Smoking Crack ofcorse she looks better!!!

2197 days ago


She looks hot!

*Waits for ugly ass people to come in and say bad stuff because they're jealous'

2197 days ago


I'd vote for 1000000000 but since that's not an option I'll go with 10. :D

2197 days ago


She is just being controlled by her dad, if he was not in the picture she'd be in a looney bin. She is one mentally sick person and it's not bi-polar disorder....

2197 days ago


Good for her. Seems she's gaining health and stability. This is a very positive step toward her becoming the mother she should be.

2197 days ago


#4 you are a f-wad. She is spending more time with her kids-as much as the court allows. Kids are happy when their parents are happy-she needs to fix herself first and her relationship with her children will mend along with it. You should try to think of something intelligent to type instead of your bs.

2197 days ago


Meto- seriously- how the hell do you know what goes on inside her head? i don't think anyone does. all anyone is saying is that she looks healthy- and great. get a life and stop trying to put people down, you're not above anyone!
Britney looks amazing and was great on the VMA's.

2197 days ago


I think Britney always looks beautiful because she just happened to be born beautiful !!!!! Now thats all well & good but i think shes not stable at all inside being she tried so hard at the vma's that i think something still brewing in her !!!! Later Andrea

2197 days ago


What is so hot about fake hair? She is just an idiot....trying to make a come back when her kids should be the priority. How stupid can ya be, to go back on a show a year later, after being hauled off to the loony bin TWICE? How embarrassing. She needs to go away, and be a mother and stop her nonsense. She will never be where she was before. She never deserved to be famous to begin with...SHE CAN"T SING! She is still crazy, she is just being babysat for now. Daddy is eventually gonna have to leave and she will be back cruising public bathrooms and flashing her chubby crotch. It is just a matter of time.

2197 days ago


Britaney is so over rated. Like most singers she really has true talent. Her voice sounds good with back up instruments. She plays no instruments, does she even write or produce any of her music? She is a great entertainer when she was at her best but the last couple years she really sucks. True musicians are prince, Justine Timberlake, anyone who can write, produce, sing live, play that's talent. There is probably 10% musicians that are truely talented. Everyone hides behind instruments to make the sound good. As far as Britney looks, she about a 4 in reality. She's a mess. She needs to learn how to be a mom to her kids.

2197 days ago


You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a PIG!

2197 days ago
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