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The Great

Cougar Hunt Lawsuit


9/10/2008 9:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is the greatest lawsuit we've seen all month -- maybe all year -- and it's all over three chicks who are pissed at being branded "cougars" on national television.

Let's start with the important information. For those unfamiliar with the term "cougar," it's defined as "a sexually cunning 35+ female who is on the hunt for a much younger energetic male," at least according to the lawsuit.

Now onto the controversy: Three women are furious after they went to a club called Chapter 8 in Agoura Hills -- SoCal -- back in 2007 and wound up being featured on a G4 program called "Attack of the Show" -- in a segment called "The Great Cougar Hunt."

According to the suit, the ladies were portrayed as "older women who were attempting to pick up younger men at Chapter Eight, which was described (on the show) as a 'world famous cougar hot spot.' The segment describes cougars as the easiest and most ravenous prey for younger men."

The cougars three respectable ladies claim they were filmed without giving consent, and swear they "were not attempting to meet or 'hunt' younger men, or any men for that matter, on the day the video segment was made."

They also thought it was important to put this line in the lawsuit: "In fact, Plaintiffs do not date younger men at all."

The threesome claims the show was so "highly outrageous and offensive," that they're suing G4 and the two hosts of the show for more than $1,000,000!!!!!

FYI -- nowhere in the lawsuit do the ladies ever mention how old they are -- information that could be vital to the outcome of this highly important, extremely monumental legal battle. Calls to G4 were not returned.

The moral of the story: You mess with the cougar ... you get the claws!

Cougar Hunt: Click to view!


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The men in the video are the same age as the "cougars." Where's the story when 30 something women pick up 30 something men?

2204 days ago


I agree with #15.

I think cougar should be 40+ women and they don't neccessarily have to be prowling for younger men. They should just be hot older ladies. HOWILF -Hot older women I'd like to f*ck? I wonder if they would like that better. Anyhow, I have no idea why these take this so offensively. Men do it all of the time and women are just taking a shot at it.

2204 days ago


So why don't older men who look for younger women have a name associated with them? Not all older men are "sugar daddies". Some women may view this title as a badge of honor, but why does there have to be a title at all?

2204 days ago


"Extrememly monumental"? I hope that was sarcasm.

Oh, and to the Sarah Palin comments - she's a MILF, not a cougar. She's married with 5 kids. Cougars are single by definition.

2204 days ago


i don't mind the term "cougar". what i mind is when young men assume i am a cougar and easy prey. when i was younger i preferred older men, now that i am older that preference doesn't show anymore, but i still have it!!!!! younger men are just that, younger. i am not saying i haven't dated younger men though, sometimes they are just to hard to resist. i guess to some the term "cougar" means they are on the hunt for younger men, for me it means the younger men are on the hunt for me! this cougar thing has gotten so rampant that when i am out with my 25 yr old son people think he is my younger man, not my son. he doesn't know whether to laugh or be insulted. i can't imagine suing someone over it. they had to have seen the cameras in the club, and at that time they didn't care.

2204 days ago


I have to agree about the ridiculousness of that lawsuit!

I have always been somewhat of a cougar with a preference for younger men...even when I was in my 20's I usually dated guys a year or 2 younger: the gap just got bigger as I got older. I have several "cougar" friends, and most of us just laugh at it. We find the 20 something girls running around in "cougar in training" shirts especially amusing!!

My hubby is 7 years younger, and I have a friend that is getting ready to marry a guy that is 12 years younger. They guys call themselves "cougar hunters"...we call them "cubs." LOL!

2204 days ago



2204 days ago

oh brother    

OLDER WOMEN ARE HOT! Waaaay better than immature pimpled faced ridden youngins. Older woman are not clingy and very interesting. Just my opinion.

2204 days ago


How sad to be labeled a cougar just because you are dating a younger man. I was persused by a younger man , I did not go looking for him. It took him a long time before I gave in and started dating him. We have been together now for over 1 year and very much in love. Yes I have been called a "cougar" but dont care. Age difference 28 years. So what , get over it,

2203 days ago


Go for it ladies!! In fact, go for more $$$. I like G4, but can't stand attack of the blow. Oblivia Mann sucks. #5 - Oh Yeah!

2203 days ago


If the fur fits....

2203 days ago


I have an idea...if you don't want to be called a Cougar...DON'T BE ONE!!

2203 days ago


This is freakin' hilarious! I watch Attack of the Show all the time. These ladies are just angry b/c they're being exposed! haha! Did you see the pictures?! She wouldn't have taken those if she wasn't a cougar! HAHA

2203 days ago

forever daisy    

i don't think the term "cougar" is degrading or a badge of honor, it's a slur! i can respect single people of any age going out there and dating, and age is totally relative, but when there is an age difference of more than a 10-15 years, that's pathetic whether it's older women/younger men, or vice versus. if you're only old enough to be that person's child, you're of a different generation with nothing in common... you will never be that person's equal... they either won't be able to keep up with you, or you won't be able to keep up with them... lessons learned and life experiences will be different, as well as priorities and responsibilities. i don't want to be alone in life, but i'm not going to compromise myself just to be with someone... it's a matter of self respect.

2203 days ago


What do you call a woman who has been married to a man 10 years younger for 18 years (other than lucky, fulfilled and happy)?

2203 days ago
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