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How the Kanye Arrest

Went Down

9/11/2008 1:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Erik, our cameraman, is on his way back to our offices now, after being interviewed by LAX Police. Here's what happened that led to Kanye West's vandalism arrest at LAX.

Erik says he was at Terminal 4 (American Airlines) when he noticed a still photog taking several pictures of Kanye West. Erik says West rushed the photog and grabbed his camera. A struggle ensued and the still guy was screaming, "Police, help!" Erik says Kanye then took the still camera and threw it on the ground, breaking it into pieces. (Click here to see the video)

Erik then went over to Kanye, his camera rolling, when Kanye's bodyguard walked up to him, realized Erik was taping, and said, "Give me the camera, give me the camera." Erik responded that he had a press pass and had a right to shoot. The assistant then grabbed the camera, ripped off the mic and viewfinder and smashed it to the ground.

Erik says Kanye then tried to leave to board his plane, but cops stopped him before he got to security. The cops then interviewed Erik, the still photog, Kanye and his assistant.

This is where it gets crazy. The cops asked Erik if he videotaped the incident and Erik said he had. That's when Kanye lunged toward him and said, "Give me the fu***ng videotape." Cops had to restrain Kanye as he tried coming at Erik.

The videotape is on its way back to our offices. We will post shortly.


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I live in and have always been from CHICAGO!!!! It may be that you west sider Californians, don't appreciate his sense of style in both music and fashion. Yea ok photographers take pictures and thats their job, but dam when a person wants to be left alone a person wants to be left alone. No charges are gonna be filed...its petty. No one really wants a camera shoved in their face, famous or not. You don't know what he was going through personally before he got to the airport, he could have been mad to begin with and ya'll invaded his personal space......everybody needs at least 3 feet. TMZ ya'll are cool but sometimes you just gotta let people be...if you listen to his lyrics ".....I hate paparazzi's more than the nazi's....."

2233 days ago

Choppy McButtstink    

I guess he does not fly around on a Boeing Business Jet as he did on Entourage.

2233 days ago


A thug is a thug is a thug.

2233 days ago

reality chk    

If they were closer enough for them to grab the camera then ........That's toooo damn close. I'm tired of seeing these
people blocking the way of whatever celebrity they are Stalking all in the name of THEIR freedom. Every
day citizen's are appalled by the mob mentality and sense of entitlement that these photo togs display. I think it is
understandable that this constant pressure would make anyone snap. I hope he gets off and new laws are enacted

2233 days ago


People who say...
Typical black people
Typical white people
Typical mexicans
Typical asians
... are Typical Racist Azzes, that dont NEED to be in America and, SHOULD go back to their country of orgin!!

2233 days ago


It's not like we didn't know this guy was a complete moron to begin with. Only a matter of time before he screws up again. He may be successful professionally, but emotionally he appears to be a borderline infant.

2233 days ago


LOL you thought he threw a hissy fit when he didn’t get his awards………well just wait till the camera hits him when he gets out of jail!! Kanye acts like a little girl every time he realizes he didn't win or didn’t get his spoiled brat

2233 days ago


I guess flying commercial is not something that he is ready to have out in the public. Loser.

2233 days ago


Remember when he was on Punk'd and he stole the video and tried to run from the cops?
This isn't a TV show Kanye...this is real life now bud!
And I agree..why are paps allowed in the airport? That is uncalled for

2233 days ago


We all know paps seek out celebs because they get $$$ for pics and video. Celebs in turn know this and act like morons when confronted. If celebs don't want their pictures taken...become like the rest of us...happy doing what we're doing because we don't like to be frickin' photographed all the time. Next time, kanye...stay home and give the world a break.

2233 days ago


Kayne is a fake!! He cried at the last awards... I acnt stand him.. He thinks hes better then everybody and that hes unstoppable!!!!!!!!!!!

2233 days ago


what a bitchass
why is guy famous. i cant stand him.

2233 days ago


This guy is SUCH a tool!!!!!!! Jail his ass!!!

2233 days ago


I think he needs some cheese to go with his whine.

2233 days ago


you people who are trashing the paps are the same ones who just can not wait to watch the video of what went down!! STOOOOOOOOOOOOPID!!!

2233 days ago
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