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Jonas Bros

Lords of the Purity Rings

9/11/2008 2:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Russell Brand be damned! America's favorite Evangelical Christian dandy boy band virgins, the Jonas Brothers, showed off their sexual abstinence bling in London on Wednesday.

Their bodyguard, Jordin Sparks, was nowhere in sight.


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al loanese    

Jonas Brothers are nothing but a bunch of untalented homos!!!!!!

2203 days ago


Good for least they can take a joke. They found Russell Brand funny

2203 days ago


I think the Jonas brothers are much better role-models than the guys who are going out and having sex with everything that moves! They're trying to set a good example, The purity rings are great =]]

2203 days ago


Ha ha! She does look hefty enough to be their bodyguard. Maybe that should be her next career move since her music is awful.

2203 days ago


I think #1fitty scent wants him som som Jonas ass but is mad cuzz he cant have it, see the rings are a good thing!!!

2203 days ago


Good for them. Instead of making fun of their stand, we should be applauding it. I saw Jordin Sparks on tv last night and she is just adorable - I hope she doesn't end up like the rest of the pop music skanks.

2203 days ago


I'm trying to understand what is so wrong with being a virgin?? I saved myself for my husband and it was well worth the wait! I wouldn't have done it any other way...I don't see what is wrong with people who make the decision to wait. I understand it's a rarity these days, but good for them. When will we learn to encourage this and stop tearing people down about a good and healthy decision!!! Jeesh!

2203 days ago


Hey Hey freaking great....the modern day Monkees..teenie boppin talentless waste

2203 days ago


I am glad there is someone out there I can actually feel okay about letting my daughters listen too and not have to worry about them ruining their personal lives as a bad example. Good for them to not be sluts!

2203 days ago


I wouldn't make fun of their "stand" if it truly was their stand. If I believed for one nanosecond that these boys actually agreed to weary dorky "purity" rings out of principal, and not to capitalize on the "wholesome" fad. It's as phony as the rest of the entertainment business. There is nothing "pure" about it.

2203 days ago


Awww look... it's STOP!, NO! and DON'T!

2203 days ago


good for them for not being ashamed about wearing their purity rings and letting everyone know they will stay pure. there is NOTHING wrong with it and if they wait, i GUARANTEE they will have a better sex life than ANY of you that are sleeping around since you're 15 will EVER have. i just hope they keep this promise... and remain a good example for teens.

i'm wearing my ring right now. ;)

2203 days ago


I think it's great, and I wish I would have waited. But - I wonder why Joe seems to wear his on his right hand, they are to be worn on the left. Maybe he has already given it up, but is trying to be a "born again" virgin?

2203 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Britney Spears , the Jonas Brothers, & Jordan were all Great , even though Host Russel Brand tried to turn the event into a Angry Political Rally (Russel Brand is sick). Why did MTV have this person Host the show ?

2203 days ago


I heard that all three of them enjoyed a reach around from Gavin McCloud

2203 days ago
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