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Kanye Attack

Caught on Tape

9/11/2008 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got the video of Kanye West grabbing a still photog's camera at LAX this morning.

Click to watch
You see Kanye (in a gray hooded sweatshirt) and his bodyguard/road manager (in the red) grabbing the camera away from the photog. It appears the bodyguard, Don Crowley, gets the camera and Kanye gets the lighting component. Crowley smashes the camera to the ground and Kanye does the same with the light.

Erik, our camera guy, then comes closer and the bodyguard then comes up and wrestles his camera away, ultimately breaking it.

As we first reported, both Kanye and his bodyguard were arrested for vandalism. They're both being held on $20,000 bail.


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Come On Now    

PerezHilton posted this up on his site but didn't give credit to TMZ....tsk tsk

2143 days ago


i'm still not understanding how and why the paps are being allowed into the airport. wouldn't hanging around all day be considred loitering? the police need to start ticketing these a-holes.

i'm not condoning Kanye's actions but what to the paps expect when they are constantly stalking celebs and shoving cameras into their faces?

2143 days ago


Are you serious? Who the hell does Kanye think he is to put his hands on someone. Kanye decide to become an international star and he doesn't want his picture taken. Then GIVE UP YOUR JOB!!!! I understand that the paps can be annoying but that is their job. I hope they sue the crap out of Kanye. Spoiled a**hole!!!!!

2143 days ago


GO KANYE!!! These paps are STALKERS.... What a bitch move for this pap to call the cops after he invades, harasses Kanye... SOmething needs to be done with the pepper army.... KANYE WE LOVE YOU....

2143 days ago


I woke in the worst mood today...but at last, Kanye has brought a smile to my face. Actually, the cops did by arresting his stupid a**! I suddenly have the urge to pick up a camera and photograph him, just so I can be that person that gets him that annoyed. I wouldn't stop 'til I gave him an ulcer...yay...happy days!

2143 days ago


His behavior was not ok, but remember that he is a person who seems to react firt and then think about what he has done. He has been through a lot this past year.

2143 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

Kanye is a turd. I hope he takes some Vaseline with him to the jail, he's gonna get a little penetration.

2143 days ago

Michael C    

Yay for Kanye, now he can be processed like the criminal he is. Cant wait to see the crybaby's mugshot.

HORRAY FOR KANYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2143 days ago


Oh! To those people who are blaming the papparazi for this should look at your own job and see how many people you screw over on a daily basis. You say "i understand filming them at hollywood parties or big events but following them around when they go to the market, walk outside their house, at the airport??!! " Guess what?! They wouldn't follow him around if they didn't think there was something worth shooting, like I don't know...a stunt like this!

Kanye fans are as idiotic as he is. Do I sound bitter? I'm really not...I just really really really dislike him. Plus, I'm at work so I'm a little bitter 'cause of that.

2143 days ago


LMAO...THIS VIDEO IS HILARIOUS!!! Kanye did overreact but the Paps really are PATHETIC...And to that person below who said Kanye is a Racist...Get over yourself, this situation has nothing to do with Racism...

2143 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Paparazzi should respect the rights of all people. Look what they did to Princess Di.

2143 days ago


All you Paps are pathetic!

2143 days ago

Kim Rocks    

Soon or later the artist are going to take action. The papz have to stop being up their asses 24/7. I don't blame K West at all do your thing K west. These papz are all losers...

2143 days ago


Kayne West is a stupid ass dude. The paps come with the lifestyle...if he dont like it then he can do us all a favor and quit makin music.

2143 days ago


I dont think kanye did anything wrong...True he is famous...But that does not mean stick a camera is my face..if the man says go away...You should listen!! LUV YOU KANYE...IF YOU DONT AGREE WITH ME ...MAINO MADE A SONG FOR YOU...ITS CALLED "HI HATER"

2143 days ago
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