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Jake "The Snake" Implodes

9/15/2008 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget everything you knew about wrestling legend Jake "the Snake" Roberts -- all that appears to remain is Jake the Junkie.
Jake Roberts: Click to view!
TMZ has obtained extremely disturbing footage of the former WWF superstar -- and former substance abuse rehab patient -- self-destructing during a live benefit event in Ohio over the weekend.

The footage shows a stumbling, overweight, rambling Roberts struggling to form a coherent sentence, while addressing the crowd moments before his match in the Firestorm Pro Wrestling league.

But the story behind the scenes is even more tragic. According to several sources, the 53-year-old legend was found passed out backstage moments before he was scheduled to perform. We're told when Snake was woken up, he was aggressive, violent and asking for "an 8-ball."

We're also told nearly two dozen empty airplane bottles of vodka were found by his gear.

During the match, Roberts was clearly unable to perform, barely responding to the barrage of "fake blows" he received from the other wrestler, J.T. Lightning. Around one minute into the match, Roberts' opponent -- clearly frustrated with the situation -- whispers to the ref to end the fight. Afterwards, Lightning grabbed the mic and told Roberts, "I've wrestled drug addicts ... you are a piece of s**t, Snake. You gypped these people. F**k you."

Click to view the gallery!After the verbal assault, Jake pulled down the front of his pants and exposed his penis to the crowd.

Backstage, the madness continued. People close to the situation tell us Snake broke his hand punching a wall, then ran into the street crying. An ambulance and police were called to the scene, but Roberts, who refused medical treatment, was not arrested.

Calls to Jake's rep have not yet been returned.
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This is the saddest thing I've seen in a while. Not gossip or entertaining- it's a horror show. I agree that it should be taken down.

2173 days ago


you know i used to watch Jake Roberts growing up and was really a joy, but he is going down this road of his own choice. the WWE paid for his rehab which he was in not long ago, but it only works for those who want it to. he clearly doesnt want the help so i fear soon he will be another name on the list of those who left before their time then we gotta see reyna mero and marc mero blab more to the media. the WWE did not do this to people, they did it to themselves. they had a choice. they made it and anyone who blames them other than the person themselves is delusional. people make their own choices and live with them. noone told him you must stay. he sold himself for the fame and fortune and wasnt responsible with it and now look at where he is. people always looking for an escape goat instead of taking responsibility.

2173 days ago


No, what is low is that someone booked him. The man is a total train wreck and someone wanted to make a dollar at his expense.

2173 days ago


Below is a statement from Shannon at TeamSnake:

Jake was booked at a show this weekend in Cleveland. He went to this show, doing a live interview earlier in the morning for the promotion, that by all reports went very smoothly. His appearance at the show did not.

Before I tell you what I know about what happened to him at the show, and that knowledge is very limited, I was not there, I will tell you this. Jake’s behavior would normally be construed as completely unacceptible. I understand from the promoter that he spend endless time wandering back and forth to the bar. Jake took his rehab from the WWE very seriously, and has not done such a thing in months, so this behavior made me really scratch my head as to the REASON. My sincere apologies go out to JC, the over the top kind natured promoter who did nothing to deserve this, and has been nothing but kind to Jake, and by association, myself as well. My sincere apologies to the fine fans of Cleveland, you did not deserve this at all.

That for this, again. Jake was given an open container of what he was told was a cold drink. That happened when he got to the venue. He remembers nothing between that time, and the time he woke up the next morning in the motel, alone, beaten, injured. I had a really fun time getting him back on the same page, by phone, to just get him to the airport to try to get back home. It was a constant string of conversation just to get him to MOVE. This is not how he behaves ever. On his worst days, Jake has always had total recall.

Jake was drugged. He has been home since Saturday afternoon about 4:30PM and up until last night about 8:30PM, had not eaten or slept. His standard answer for everything the last two days has been “I don’t know.
That is the other side of the story, folks, believe it or not, it is certainly your choice. I’m dealing with the guy they sent home, and folks, it is frightening to both me, and to him, and really not much fun. To the guy’s that did this, and I say this often when confronted with sub-human behavior, something I see far too often I’m sorry to say, God’s a funny guy. You’ll get yours, I have no doubt at all.

Thank you for reading.

Shannon, Jake’s assistant
Team Snake~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:>~

2173 days ago


It's former WWE wrestler, not WWF.

2173 days ago

Red Bull 420    

lol TMZ insteed of editing my comments maybe you could edit some of you work first...lol Weak

2173 days ago

Audrina HOT    

C'mon, I can wrestle JT Lightning. Jake was out of it. Prolly Zanex and Vodka. Not good

2173 days ago


This is what the Whitehouse will look like if McCain/Palin wins... PWT!!!

2173 days ago


I am glad someone had the brain to post his assistant's letter to the public. I'm very sad to see this-and instead of making fun of him-we need to be praying that he can recover from this mess. Just like Amy Winehouse-everyone want's to judge and make fun-it is not funny-it is a human life. I think this is news. I think it goes to show that all these young boys who want to skip school and go straight to the big time leagues-you do have to have a back up plan. You have to know what you are going to do with the rest of your life after the fame is gone. I hope and pray that those close to him can lift him up and help him get back to being a great wrestling legend we grew up watching. God Bless You Jake!

2173 days ago


Why did the guy at the end come out and try to fight him? He looked like the bigger idiot than Snake. SAY NO TO PWT (aka McCain/Palin-it's their base that you just watched).

2173 days ago


Feel bad for Sam his son

2173 days ago


I'm puzzled on this one folks, help me out. Is J.T. Lightning Palin? Is Jake "The Snake" Roberts McCain? Reason being, Palin seems like the type to fall to her knees and pull a penis out. McLies arms are to short to even reach his penis, let alone find it. Oops, did I say that!!! This is what will happen on Election Day, once Palin's lies & cover-ups are exposed and McLies is forced to go back home and be his wife's bitch again!!!!!

2173 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

The whole thing is a stunt. Get a clue

2173 days ago


Look I found a date for Amy Winehouse, they go together like crack and smack!

2173 days ago


This is the saddest thing I've ever seen. What a waste.

2173 days ago
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