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Celine Dion: My Fans Will Go On and On ... and On

9/16/2008 9:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unlike her music, Celine Dion doesn't suck.
Celine Dion: Click to watch
There must have been about 200 fans outside her hotel in NYC yesterday, and even the "Greatest Singer in the World" made time to sign for as many as possible. Take that, Daniel Radcliffe!


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Greatest singer in the world? You've been seriously misled.

2227 days ago

Spellcheck King    

I just saw her on Long Island this past Saturday and she was amazing.......!!!!
Who knew......

2227 days ago


We love you Celine!

2227 days ago

Fear of the Lord    

Hmmm, 10 years later and I still won't ever buy another album or download a song, give her page a hit etc...she made fans in kansas wait outside in a lightening storm with tornado warnings galore while she took precious shelter for an hour after coming on stage and having one of her speakers blow over from the force of the wind. She refused to postpone the concert and protect her fans. There was no shelter and the rain came down in sheets, She's a whore! Money-whore! $300 per ticket and all I got was 2 minutes of a song and soaked! She'll never see another dime from this fan and I'll live to tell the story of her crappy diva ways for the rest of my life! Don't let her fool you into thinking she's a good person...she worked her way on up the scale by shacking up with an old man! Now she acts like she cares?? Ha!

2227 days ago


This is wy our country is going down the drain. Who has time to waste it waiting for this person?

2227 days ago

hell with them all    

Damn bitch is to much into herself. can not stand her and her voice.

2227 days ago


To #4 celine will always suck, wow! That is really terrible. I am not a fan of hers, I don't care for what i call the "catter wailing" type of singing she does. And as for paying $33 for a ticket? Never! I have never paid more than $35 for concert tickets and have always had great seats. Of course i only go to classic rock concerts. If Ms. Dion is really this horrible to her fans, then shame on her!

2227 days ago

northern gypsy    

say what you want about C.D....she has some singing pipes...puts on a mind-boggling show !!! but...the most imortant thing... keeps out of the public drama ...unlike some of her contemporary...

2227 days ago


And as for paying $33 for a ticket? Never! I have never paid more than $35 by Rosie

WTF does that mean???

2227 days ago


To the idot who hold Celine responsible for the f***ing tornado!!! You should point the finger at the concert promoters!! And she didn't marry an older man for his money because he didn't have a dime when they first met. He mortgaged his house for her to record her first album!!! Unlike Mariah who married the top exec at Sony at the time...

I saw Celine's Taking Chances show and I have to say that she is one of the only singers who can actually sing LIVE!! No Madonna or Britney tricks - playback, etc.! What you see is what you get. As for the price of tickets, well compare with other big stars and you will see that's she not charging the most. Check out Barbra, Madonna and company... I'm not saying it's right, but that's the way it is nowadays.

The US Media seems to love to bash Celine for some reason, Not sure if it's because she's Canadian or what but there is a double standard. Celine is not diva-ish for one cent. No crazy demands as mentioned in some articles. What about Mariah? She's probably the biggest and most difficult diva to deal with but for some reason, the US media don't go there...

Celine - keep on the good work!! You're still the best out there after all these years!! LEGEND!

2226 days ago

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