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Obama to LiLo -- Oh, Hell No

9/17/2008 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan apparently wants to help get Barack Obama get elected: B-O is telling her thanks, but no thanks.

Lindz was so hyped to help Barack, she offered to host "a series of events" for younger voters, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. But, according to a source, the rehabbing freckled freak "is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us."

Unlike Barbra Streisand, of course, who just helped Obama raise $9 mil ... in one night.

Palin –- The Pig Wears Valentino

Sarah Palin's just your average hockey mom –- in silk shantung Valentino.

The Veep-seeker splurged for a $2,500 jacket from Saks designed by the fashion legend for her big RNC speech, reports the New York Post. It was at the urging of a team of stylists Palin's peeps have been trying to keep under the radar, so as not to confuse her hockey-mom, moose-hunting image.

The Gov's running mate's wife Cindy McCain recently took some flak for wearing big bling on stage.

Jamie -– Foxx Hunting in Vegas

Jamie Foxx, as we've pointed out before, does two things: He wins Oscars, and macks on chicks. That's it.

More evidence? He spent the weekend with pretty much every hot blonde in Sin City. First, Stacy Keibler, who was "bent over his lap" at Lavo, with a full massage in effect, according to Rush & Molloy. Stacy wasn't overly impressed – she "wandered off, leaving Foxx alone."

Jamie then went after Ashley Scott -– no dice. And finally, a non-famous blonde back at Lavo was Jamie's prize after a serious grind on her bumper.


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Did Obama tell you it was OK to call Sarah Palin a pig? We ALL KNOW HE DID. Not funny, TMZ.

Actually, I'm surprised about Lohan. I thought Obama would take ANYBODY. We know he's got buses lined up at the projects signing up black voters, and will probably bus them to the polls on election day. Then, after they vote (the ones who aren't felons, I mean), he'll probably leave them in the street to find their own way home. The man is a Joke!

Kick some A$$ Sarah Palin!!!!!

2225 days ago


By accepting the nomination Palin put herself and her f*ckedup family out there.
Examining the pig before we're buying is every citizens's right and sacred duty.
I actually almost voted for McCain. But I will not vote for this mess.

2225 days ago


Posted at 10:27AM on Sep 17th 2008 by Kansas "Michelle Obama buys off the rack. The Obama family is the best example I've seen of "family values." A man who abandons his disfigured wife for a booze heiress who is worth 100 million dollars does not represent a regular person like myself."

Excuse me, But they do not buy off the rack. She wears designer clothes all the time. but the liberal media won't tell you that. She wore what she did on the view to make people think "She is a regular person." She is a elected official's wife. Do you honestly think she'll be wearing clothes from Wal-Mart? Hell NO! Yes family values, I guess that's why Obama married her. After all those anti white letters she wrote in school. They both attended that racist church for years. But that's ok since they no longer go. Such a strong muslim... Christian family. Who doesn't celebrate any of the christian holidays.

2225 days ago


The fact that TMZ keeps reporting on the presidential candidates should tell y'allz something about the face of politics in the US of A...

2225 days ago


Posted at 10:51AM on Sep 17th 2008 by Bret "By accepting the nomination Palin put herself and her f*ckedup family out there.Examining the pig before we're buying is every citizens's right and sacred duty.
I actually almost voted for McCain. But I will not vote for this mess."

Yes what you say might be true, but the why is the media hiding everything about Obama? You heard everything about all the other candidates. But, he is continues to hide his past. Hiding the facts about much of his life. And when it does come out. Oh it's republican propaganda. But let the Democrats do it and it's the truth! Especially from the media!

2225 days ago


No one thinks a child is worthless.

But the decision to have a child should be between the couple, their god,and their doctor.

Government needs to stay out of people's bedrooms.

We don't need Palin to tell us how to run our lives.

2225 days ago


Jamie Fox. Someone hooked up with this fool? Wow! And such an obvious womanizer, it's amazing how some people throw away their values for money and popularity. All he needs to do now is show up at one of Misty May's BVB games and she'll call him no doubt.

2225 days ago

Rich Black Man    

Palin the Pig, I like!!!!!!

2225 days ago


Posted at 10:42AM on Sep 17th 2008 by The Palinator

That was great! LMAO!!!!!

2225 days ago




Let God fight His own battles if He choses to do so !

2225 days ago


the over the top mega extravaganza billions of dollars spent at the democratic convention was so insane. the money spent there could help so many people.but of course the liberals are self absorbed crazy loons.

2225 days ago


#50 if you would have listened she does not want to do away with abortion, that is just her personal belief. She has stated many times that she just wants it to be in the hands of each state. And I would hope that everyone would agree that there are too many abortions being done. I know of several people that have numerous abortions that still have sex without protection. they consider that thier protection. There should at least be some sort of regulation. It is such a shame so many out there that can't have kids would love and provide for these children no matter they were born by accident (sorry no one is an accident) (just my beliefs) or by rape or anyting else. .

2225 days ago


Sara Palin is hot with valentino or without.

2225 days ago


Palin is a pathological liar!
When her lips move she LIES!

2225 days ago


The media seems to have forgotten that palin is not running for president. McCain seems to be in good health, he has just as much chance of anyone of dying today or tomorrow. Plenty of people live into their 90 with all their faculties. If you look at sarah's plan for what she is going to do in the white house she is not in charge of the economy or foreign policy. please just look at all the facts before making a decision. We are blessed to have a chance to do so. Many lives have been lost so you have that right, do not let them down.

2225 days ago
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