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Hulk and Linda -- Officially Screwed

9/18/2008 4:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Linda and Hulk Hogan have been battling over a Vegas condo she wants and he doesn't. Now, they both lose.

Before Linda filed for divorce, they plunked down $840,000 as a downpayment on a $4.2 million condo. When she filed, Hulk wanted out of the deal but Linda wanted to seal it.

The divorce judge sided with Hulk, but we're told the seller will only return around $200,000. The rest is being kept as a penalty for not closing -- it's called liquidated damages.

We're not sure if the Hogans will fight to get some of the forfeited money back. We're hearing Linda and Hulk each wants the other to absorb any loss.

Bottom line -- the lawyers, as always, are gonna win.


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artie help    


2194 days ago


Wow, Linda and Hogan are getting some of htere own medicine.

2194 days ago


No apostrophe needed for lawyers. You all really need better editors.

2194 days ago


If she wanted the condo so bad, she should have sealed it with her own money then.

2194 days ago

Bubba Mark    

Hulk has said time and time again that he would gladly lose that whole down payment not to have to close, so I think he will see it as a win. he gets 50% of that $200,000.00 so in the end he will walk away with something.

Congrats Terry!

2194 days ago


Hahahahaha - couldn't happen to more deserving people!

2194 days ago


Linda is such a bitch!! How the hell many houses does that whore NEED anyway, and SHE didn't WORK a day in her life for ANY of it/them!!! What a user she is....get a job you freaken loser whore baby raper!!!!! TO HELL WITH ALL HOGANS....THROW BROOKE OFF VH1!!!!THROW BROOKE OFF VH1!!!!THROW BROOKE OFF VH1!!!!THROW BROOKE OFF VH1!!!!THROW BROOKE OFF VH1!!!!THROW BROOKE OFF VH1!!!!THROW BROOKE OFF VH1!!!!THROW BROOKE OFF VH1!!!!THROW BROOKE OFF VH1!!!!THROW BROOKE OFF VH1!!!!THROW BROOKE OFF VH1!!!!THROW BROOKE OFF VH1!!!!THROW BROOKE OFF VH1!!!!THROW BROOKE OFF VH1!!!!THROW BROOKE OFF VH1!!!!THROW BROOKE OFF VH1!!!!

2194 days ago


Oh well! You play with fire, you will get burned! Keep on workn' Hulkster, because Linda isnt the only one YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY OFF! Grazianos....remember them!!????

2194 days ago


This is what happens when two people, who supposedly used to love each other, don't put their differences aside and work together so each can get what they want and be on their merry way. Instead, with all of this acrimony, they are not only going to lose a lot of money, and end up hating each other for a long time. Its sad.

2194 days ago


I think this whole divorce thing is a big fat LIE! They are only doing it so that the family of the guy that their son practically killed can't get that much money from them. Watch, after that family settles, the hulk and his she hulk will magically "reconcile".

2194 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

..well of tht $200,000, half would go to each..but at the end of the day, the lawyers should continue with their clients du jour, cause they will have at least 50% of it, if not more, bon apetite , must be good to be a lawyer !

2194 days ago

artie help    

at #9 what are you trying to say??

2194 days ago


$640K down the drain. Simply because these 2 are such white trash idiots. I bet that money could have really made a difference had it gone to John Graziano's medical care. Or any charity for that matter. The Bolleas are the biggest losers around. I wish them nothing but continued loss of revenue for years to come.

2194 days ago

Bubba Mark    

#12.... What you are missing is that the condo was worth sooo much less than asking price. The loss of some kind was going to happen either way. That is why Terry didn't care if he lost the whole amount. The market crashed after they signed contract, it would have been a greater loss if he had stayed in the deal. I know he thinks of John's family daily and is trying to get this divorce over with as easily and cheaply as possible. It is Linda who is making it cost so much and take so long.

2194 days ago


wow who cares?

2194 days ago
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